1. Why musicians die in poverty - study

    What we found confirms what has been understood anecdotally for a long time.

  2. Vivian: I got trolled for taking a selfie with Steve Harvey

    Kenyans can be bullies but I am no longer affected by trolls.

    Vivian Wambui
  3. New evidence emerges in Alec Baldwin's shooting case

    Baldwin faces 18 months in prison if found guilty.

    US actor Alec Baldwin
  4. PREMIUM What it's like to celebrate your birthday once every four years

    There is something special about the way people born on February 29 age.

    Birthday cake
  5. Ruai Gardens to host Kenya Cane pack launch show

    Alex Katombi has lined up some of his popular Kamba Benga songs like Kisinga, Tusimu and Sherehe.

    Savara Mudigi
  6. Rhumba lovers set for Busia 2024 Sibuor Live Show

    The show will be hosted by DJ Stand.

    Rhumba DJ Marto Sibuor.
  7. Fiolina is serving me love with a big spoon

    Just seeing the effort I made to get her something for Valentine's Day greatly impressed Fiolina.

    Mwalimu Andrew
  8. All set for Lokassa ya Mbongo’s first death anniversary

    Fans are expected to celebrate his music online.

    Lokassa ya Mbongo
  9. Njunge: This weather demands that we embrace our natural looks, by force

    This is the time to give make-up a wide berth because this heat will surely melt it away.

  10. Johnny Junior lines up rhumba shows in Nairobi

    The King Lion Sounds reggae group will on Saturday and every Saturday host “Mature Reggae” shows at the Blue Hut Hotel on Park Road

    Johnny Junior.
  11. Zari Hassan: I’ve been in too many relationships to advise anyone about love

    I would be lying to say I do.

    socialite Zari Hassan
  12. Meet the medical student who has found fame as rhumba singer

    Serah Nyaboke is studying medicine but she sending waves on Tiktok as a Rhumba songbird.

  13. How Fiolina and I celebrated Valentine’s

    Fiolina would have wished that we celebrate it at Golf Hotel Kakamega, but she knows we can't afford it.

    Mwalimu Andrew and Fiolina
  14. Caroline Njunge: Please don’t ask me what to cook for supper…

    There is nothing as maddening and exasperating as figuring out what to feed your family every day,

    Cooking woman
  15. Nairobi's Club Vibro to host weekend rhumba shows

    Elsewhere, Lesasa Jocker and his 12-member Bilenge Musica International perform at the Alaska Lounge in Nairobi West.

    Elvis Lola Tondo
  16. Kanda Junior lines up live shows

    During live shows, he is backed by his queen dancers alongside disco music by DJ Gib.

     Kanda Junior.
  17. Caroline Njunge: So, what do you wear to bed? 

    How would you do the things you do in private if you thought others would find out about it?

    Sleeping woman
  18. Congolese guitarist Papa Noel's moving appeal to fans

    The ailing star has been off the music stage due to his poor health.

    Papa Noel Nedule.
  19. PREMIUM 'Luovolution': The rising popularity of Luo music

    Current shifts in trend show wider receptibility towards Luo music especially amongst the young urban population.

  20. PREMIUM Derick Shimoli: The blind DJ wowing Nairobi crowds

    Derick Shimoli, 50, was not born blind, he had a condition called glaucoma conjunctivitis.

    Deric Shimoli alias DJ Deric
  21. Maquis Original band to hold reunion show in Dar

    The show organised by Mama Akudo Special Entertainment will be held at the NDC BreakPoint, Kunduchi.

    Nguza Viking