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  1. The quest to identify Fela Kuti's successor: why it’s time to end it

    It’s nearly a quarter of a century since Fela Kuti passed away. Yet, the influence of his music and pan-Africanist thoughts hasn’t stopped.

  2. PRIME African Heritage House: The making of an architectural marvel

    Alan Donovan talks about the inspiration behind the national monument which boasts the title “Most Photographed House in Africa”.

    African Heritage House
  3. The Reel: Why Bridgerton swept the nation

    The Duke was looking for a convenient way to get through the summer, and he ended up in a marriage.

  4. PRIME Baraza JM: I have just the car for you...

    I have to ask: with 100km of city driving... do you really need an SUV?

    Toyota Fortuner
  5. PRIME Eric Omondi: The fuss, the fun and the funk

    The controversial ‘Wife Material’ project, saw some corporates withdraw endorsement deals with the comedian.

    Eric Omondi
  6. The secret of being confident without the arrogance

    To be self-assured is to strive to be the best version of yourself while arrogance has you competing with everybody with an air of self-importance

  7. PRIME Austin Bukenya: For our fish, misfortunes never come singly but in battalions

    We have cause to be alarmed at reports that fish in our lakes are dying and washing on to our shores in large numbers.

    Koginga beach
  8. Kenyan DJ out to conquer tricky US music market

    DJ Cutts, says he wants to develop his talent to reach the level of DJ Puff, a native of Barbados, South America.

     DJ Cutts
  9. Congolese singer Fiston Lusambo releases Kenyan tribute song

    Fiston has in the last few years has been incorporating Kenyan and Congolese musicians in his recordings.

    Fiston Lusambo
  10. Rhumba Japan live at Alaska Lounge

    The group is currently working on new recordings for their next production later in the year.

    Goby Makabi Manenga
  11. PRIME The rise and rise of Mbogi Genje

    You have listened to their music, whether you liked it or not, and tried to figure out what they are saying.

    Mbogi Genje
  12. Staffroom Diary: Fiolina refuses to become a Mwisho wa Lami teacher

    I hope she fails the interview, and comes back to me begging.

  13. Surgeon's Diary: Day Marie and I got vaccinated for Covid

    I and Mama Marie received a letter from the NHS inviting us for our Covid vaccination a week ago.

    Covid vaccination
  14. Caroline Njunge: Growing up, what was your alcohol story?

    There are many other versions of such stories that revolve around alcohol.

    Man drinking beer
  15. Gospel musician Purity Gitonga marks 20 years in ministry

    The gospel musician has expressed optimism as she enters another milestone of her career.

    Purity Gitonga
  16. Veteran Congolese singer Jean Papy Ramazani dies in USA

    Ramazani's counterpart Mekanisi Modero, who also lives in Seattle, confirmed his death after a long ailment.

    Jean Papy Ramazani
  17. Amanda Gorman redeemed belief in the power of poetry

    Miss Gorman proved that art can be that middle ground that can be a launching pad for a more equitable, peaceful and just society.

    Amanda Gorman
  18. Upheaval at premier museum echoes racial turmoil in America

    Smithsonian forced to apologise for race guideline that said rational thinking, hard work are ‘white values’

  19. Bukenya: Enjoying a Christmas party and a literary chat with Ndugu Mkapa

    Mkapa may have had his failings, but they were not for lack of trying.

  20. Sunday Sermon: Freedom goes hand in hand with restraint

    Many biblical texts encourage us to take freedom seriously

  21. Staffroom Diary: Trouble brewing as Branton and Electina rebel

    The children have disappeared from home and vowed never to return.

  22. Style: Regimen for skin under a facemask

    Touching and moving the mask around contaminates your skin

  23. Surgeon's Diary: Of my part-time writing job that finally paid off

    On March 3, 1978, I became a published writer and acquired a new wife, ‘Literary’ to rhyme with Marie, Surgery and Rotary

  24. How Julius Nyerere built state out of disparate nations

    The Tanzanian statesmen was willing to imperil his family economically for his countrymen and women to gain political freedom.

  25. Mr Survivor: My Beetle will save me from poverty

    They call me Survivor, which fits me as well as it suits their hearts.

  26. Johnny Depp libel trial set to start in London

    Depp is suing News Group Newspapers (NGN), publisher of The Sun, and its executive editor Dan Wootton.

  27. 'Safe haven' gold has a rich 3,000-year history

    So, during good times, the investment argument for gold may not glitter.

  28. Azziad vs Femi One: Who owes the other?

    Lawyer Bernard Murunga weighs in on the issues behind #UtawezanaChallenge

  29. Beyonce decries bigotry in message to graduates

    "Your fight for people who may be different from you is beautiful."

    New Content Item (1)
  30. Series Review: Why Issa from ‘Insecure’ shouldn’t take ex back

    'Insecure' is the child of Senegalese American film genius Joissa Rae Diop, better known to you as Issa Rae

  31. Veteran musician John Nzenze in hospital

    He is among the few surviving legends of the Kenya Twist genre.

  32. Diamond Platinumz to pay rent for 500 families

    Tanzania is battling the coronavirus pandemic as cases surge.

  33. Mourning three music megastars

    Three diehard fans of Congolese soukous legend Aurlus Mabele are devastated by the news of his death.

  34. Diamond Platnumz manager Sallam tests Covid-19 positive

    Sallam is believed to have travelled to Europe on March 5 where he visited Switzerland, Denmark and France.

  35. Tom Hanks announces positive test for coronavirus

    Hanks, 63, said he and Wilson came down with a fever while in Australia.


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