1. Theatre legend hosts free workshop for students in Kakamega

    Schools such as Bunyore Girls, Rangala Girls, Kisumu Boys, Mudasa Academy and St. Mathias Mwitoti Mixed attended the workshop.

    Oliver Minishi
  2. Human-wildlife conflict highlighted at Kamtonga School Festival

    At least five adults have been killed by marauding elephants on their way to fetch water from Manoa Dam.

    Kamtonga Primary School
  3. Les Wanyika makes nostalgic return to Garden Square

    The band was formed in 1978 at the famous eatery in Nairobi by break away members of Simba Wanyika.

    Les Wanyika
  4. Congolese guitarist Rigo Star buried in France

    Rigo Star’funeral was a low-key private ceremony, with no colleagues or relatives in attendance.

    Rigo Star
  5. Bukenya: November memories of sad and dubious histories

    Humanity should be educated to understand and accept the absurdity and unnecessariness of armed conflict.

    Remembrance Sunday
  6. Kenyatta University shines at varsity performing arts battle

    The Kenyatta University team under the stewardship of Prof John Mugubi won with the historical play Wangu wa Makeri.

     Technical University of Kenya
  7. Congolese gospel singer Pammy Ramz’s is back with a new song

    The new single is part of her efforts to enhance gospel music with spiritual messages.

    Pammy Ramz
  8. African fashion icon sets base in Kenya

    Joan Okorodudu, the founder of Isis Models, describes her business as Africa’s biggest modelling agency.

    Joan Okorodudu
  9. ‘Artist the healer’: Music therapy, trauma healing

    ‘We played the nyatiti to entertain people, calm them down and sooth their emotions’

    Nyatiti music player Onyango Rapasa.
  10. PREMIUM Everett Standa: Death has muted voice for the bush

    After his remains are interred in Mahanda Village, Prof Standa will remain immortalised in his evergreen poetry.

    Prof Everest Standa,
  11. PREMIUM Models with disabilities find spot on fashion runways

    Grace, 22 and partially blind started modeling in 2019 while at Kenyatta University.

  12. I will not help Mwisho wa Lami teachers fight Kuya’s iron fist!

    If any of the teachers thought that I was going to make noise for them, I am sorry, they are on their own!

    Mwalimu Andrew
  13. PREMIUM Young smokers ditch shisha, cigarettes for cigars. Are they aware of risks?

    There is lots of misinformation about cigars which is deliberate says experts.

  14. Trisha Khalid: My curves are genetic, you should see my mum

    Famous actress and TikToker speaks about her family, career, fame and where she got her curvaceous body.

    Trisha Khalid
  15. Mr Survivor: Alcohol on the go – Wambu's mobile bar takes root in Happy Valley

    She has been aggressively marketing her new business, the 'instant delivery moving pub', on all social media platforms.

  16. Covid-19 and the strange relationship between tea flasks and bars...

    Everyone else, apart from us, was visiting the washrooms with unusual regularity even for tea.

  17. PREMIUM Free studio: Senator Sifuna's gift to upcoming artistes

    Nairobi Senator says he is in the process of setting up a public recording studio for upcoming artistes in the city.

    Edwin Sifuna
  18. Spanish Foods and Wines Festival set for October 26 in Nairobi

    The open day is aimed at giving Kenyans in Nairobi and its environs an opportunity to sample various Spanish foods and wines.

    Victoria Mulu-Munywoki
  19. PREMIUM Graduate dancers and photographers on Kenyan streets

    Hundreds of young Kenyans flood Nairobi’s CBD to create content for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

    Content creators
  20. Three Kenyan podcasts make it into Spotify's top 10 in Africa

    Global online streaming platform made the announcement on its Spotify Africa page on X to mark this year's International Podcasting Day.

  21. ACCES 2023 music conference returns to Dar es Salaam

    ACCES 2023 is taking place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, from November 9 to 11.

    Sho Madjozi