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  1. Maureen Mutisya: Why I talk about sex on social media

    Without opinions, there are no conversations. I keep my conversations respectful and stick to my own values as Mollage.

    Maureen Mutisya
  2. PRIME Austin Bukenya: Cultural planning and new language of ‘Sipangwingi’

    Singer Exray’s Sipangwingi is the latest of Kenyan pop blockbusters with a challenging “rebellious” tone to them.

  3. Leakey's lifetime dedication to justice for man and nature

    Dr Richard Leakey's death at the age of 77 has no doubt dealt a major blow to conservation efforts and work in this country.

    Richard Leakey
  4. PRIME Money lessons from the fall or rise of prominent businesses personalities

    Apart from the fall of Holmes, there are lessons you can also learn from entrepreneurs who broke the glass ceiling.

    Elizabeth Holmes
  5. No man should kill for a politician

    Before a man kills for a politician, the man should ask the politician to put his own neck on the chopping block.

  6. Art from Lewa community on exhibition in London 

    Proceeds from the exhibition will be shared with the community around Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

    Pie Herring
  7. Renowned folk music teacher adds another feather in his cap

    Dr Shitubi is an expert educationist in traditional Luhya music and an authority on composition, choreography and criticism.

    Dr Isaac Waswa Shitubi
  8. Christmas: ‘Tis the season of sharing and nostalgic returns

    As we celebrate Christmas and the New Year, let’s remember to be generous to others who are less fortunate.

    Christmas gifts
  9. Christmas can be a time to instil life skills, living values in children

    The combination of indiscipline, children being at home and merry making will be a challenge to both the parents and the community.

    Children playing
  10. DadaSoko: Transforming the lives of women

    DadaSoko, which loosely translates to "sister market", is the brainchild of two Kenyans, Moses Kusasira and Pete Munyasia.

  11. PRIME Raising the bar: What it takes to be an alcohol ambassador

    Victoria Munywoki, Shirleen Muita and Williams Magunga are some of the personalities who live off the glass, literally.

    Shirleen Muita
  12. Caroline Njunge: Of city children out of touch with reality

    I wouldn’t be surprised that the only chicken some children have ever laid their eyes on is the cooked one their mother serves them at home.

  13. PRIME EU envoy’s love affair with Kenya

    Geiger Henriette's love relationship with the country dates back to when she worked at the horn of Africa in 2007.

    Geiger Henriette
  14. Staffroom Diary: Why my school will close on the eve of Christmas

    As Deputy HM, I made many pro-student and pro-teacher decisions, most of which did not go down well with Bensouda.

    Mwalimu Andrew
  15. Chris Hart: Stages of career growth and how to thrive in each

    Somewhere in your midlife you should rebalance your career objectives with your goals for your family.

  16. Austin Bukenya: In the beginning was the word; it lived among us

    Rediscover the joy of life by sharing with your people the positive, encouraging words that raise your spirits.

  17. Kash Kaaria: Being a female musician not easy

    Fresh from releasing a new EP, titled Strings Attached, Kash Kaaria talks music and her future plans.

    Kash Kaaria
  18. Mukala Koko Kanyinda to be buried next week

    Kanyinda, a founding member of the legendary Nairobi-based Orch Les Mangelepa band, was a versatile kongas player and composer.

    Mukala Koko Kanyinda
  19. All set for Mbosso’s live performance in Mombasa

    Tanzania artiste to perform on Saturday night at the Great Lakes Butterfly Pavillion in Mombasa.

  20. PRIME How Congolese rumba became a national identity

    Unesco has designated Congolese rumba as an intangible cultural heritage.

    Tabu Ley
  21. PRIME Moving in together? How to merge your décor styles

    Moving in with a partner can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.

    Moving in together
  22. PRIME Sonnie and I broke up a longtime ago

    Comedian Kendrick Mulamwa opens up about his break up with actress Carol Sonnie, his new girlfriend and his future plans.

  23. Caroline Njunge: The true essence of giving

    Why do many of us wait until this time of the year to give? Shouldn’t giving be an everyday affair?

  24. Nasreen Ali: Champion of women entrepreneurs’ growth

    Social entrepreneur says her mission is to give disadvantaged women and youth a voice through business growth.

    Nasreen Ali
  25. Staffroom Diary: How Fiolina ruined my homecoming plans

    Fiolina has sworn that her home will not host 'such a primitive function' like homecoming.

    Mwalimu Andrew and Fiolina
  26. Chris Hart: Dealing with conflict at your place of work 

    Start by hearing everyone out. When people are upset about something, they need to get their story out.

  27. PRIME How Migisi ‘Echambioni’ is championing Gusii music

    Echambioni's cocktail of singing, modelling, emceeing and deejaying has won him a legion of fans at home and abroad.

    MC Bunney and MC Naftal Omari Migisi
  28. PRIME Austin Bukenya: Uhuru 58 and a book about Kenya’s great sporting history

    Our sportspeople have brought Kenya more glory and recognition than any other cadre of performers has in our national effort.

    Kipchoge Keino
  29. Why grouping of students according to ability is unfair

    Whatever its merits, ability grouping creates unintended consequences that hurt students.

  30. PRIME David Karuri: Super surgeon and biker

    Dr David Karuri Maina’s Midas Touch has seen him excel in most things he has ventured into, right from primary school.

    Dr David Karuri
  31. PRIME Shanah stuns parents with lyrical prowess

    Shanah broke into stardom a fortnight ago, when she won the tag of the Best African Female Artiste in Inspirational Music.

    Shanah Manjeru
  32. Emma Jalamo show at Samba bar in Bamburi

    The show dubbed ‘Saturday Special Show’ is part of a number of Jamhuri Day eve shows lined up at various spots across the country.

    Emma Jalamo
  33. Palm Breeze to host Jamhuri Day shows

    The shows will feature performances by Solomon Kombo, Freshley Mwamburi and Joe Mopero.

    Freshley Mwamburi
  34. PRIME Shanah stuns parents with lyrical prowess

    Shanah broke into stardom a fortnight ago, when she won the tag of the Best African Female Artiste in Inspirational Music.

    Shanah Manjeru
  35. Caroline Njunge: The monotony of ugali and githeri in high school

    The food we were given was never enough, and every mealtime, I gobbled up every morsel in my plate, stopping short of licking my plate

    Naromoru Township Primary School
  36. Staffroom Diary: My bold plan to transform Mwisho wa Lami Primary

    For the first time since the school was established, it now has someone who is actively thinking about it.

    Mwisho wa Lami Primary
  37. Koffi Olomide Nairobi concert cancelled

    The Koffi Olomide concert was to be held on December 11 at the Waterfront Mall Karen Nairobi

    Koffi Olomide
  38. PRIME The grass is not all that green out there in Europe

    How young Kenyan woman's search for a better life abroad did not quite end up the way she had thought it would.

    From Kenya to Europe: My Story
  39. Austin Bukenya: Culture and the challenge of the grasshopper ‘dudupreneur’

    We have to argue seriously about tastes and the whole way we live our lives in the modern world.

  40. Exray: ‘Sipangwingwi’ is just a feel-good song

    Singer says song that has acquired political life is to tell off those trying to plan his life.

  41. How comedy duo grew unique brand to worldwide status

    Their journey dates back to 2012, when they were acting various roles in set-books for secondary schools.

    Cyprian Osoro and Victor Nyaata
  42. How my four-year high school experience prepared me for life

    My secondary school life adequately prepared me for further education, work and the responsibilities of citizenship.

  43. Kanda Junior resumes live shows

    The artiste is fresh from releasing a new single titled Shopkeeper, which he says is available on his YouTube channel.

    Kanda Junior
  44. Caroline Njunge: Day I got a rude awakening on how unfit I was

    That unfortunate incident practically showed me how important it is to keep fit as one gets older.

    Weighing scale
  45. Staffroom Diary: Hurray! I am HM after Bensouda’s forced retirement

    The outgoing school head has issued me threats but I no doubt have to stay put.

    Mwalimu Andrew
  46. PRIME Spoken word album dwells on living on the margins

    The album ‘From the Margins’ reminds us of the daily struggles poor Kenyans go through in a bid to survive the tough times.

    From the Margins
  47. Austin Bukenya: Kiswahili World Day a Thanksgiving present for me 

    That designation of July 7, for example, as the Kiswahili World Day, struck me with a peculiar significance.

    Mwalimu Julius Nyerere
  48. Rhumba fans to mark Tabu Ley's 8th anniversary

    Tabu Ley is best remembered for compositions such as Muzina, Sorozo, Maze, Nakei Nairobi and Ibrahim.

    Tabu Ley
  49. Great show in store for revellers at Golden Palm Hotel

    Some of the artiste who will grace the occasion include Joe Mopero, Freshley Mwamburi and Solomon Kombo

    Joe Mopero
  50. Theatre: Nutcracker brings ballet back on stage

    The show opens on Friday, December 3 at the Kenya National Theatre.

  51. Mr Survivor: In praise of my Queen

    An elephant is never burdened by its own trunk.

  52. Mugithi extravaganza lined up for Golden Palm Breeze Hotel in Kenol

    The show will feature performances by Freshley Mwamburi , Solomon Kombo and Joe Mopero of the Heri Nyumbani song fame

    Freshley Mwamburi
  53. Koffi Olomide set for Nairobi concert

    Koffi Olomide will perform at a special concert dubbed The Legend Tour on December 11 at the Waterfront Mall in Karen, Nairobi.

    Koffi Olomide
  54. Revellers say event safety is a joke to organisers, and they’re right

    Kenyans question whether event organisers are taking their security seriously.

    etana concert
  55. The Reel: The harder they fall

    I love a story where the villain is just trying to make a better life.

  56. My boyfriend has reconciled with his wife, I'm lost and bitter

    He told me he separated from his wife. I confirmed it was the truth because I would visit his house.

  57. Why I deserve to win the Miss Universe title for Kenya

    Roshanara Ebrahim is a model and the newly crowned Miss Universe Kenya 2021. She beat ten contestants and will be representing the country at the global competition in Israel next month

  58. I’m out to promote health and wellbeing of Kenyans

    Dr Elizabeth Kimani-Murage, is a senior research scientist at the The African Population and Health Research Center (APHR).

    Elizabeth Kimani-Murage
  59. Staffroom Diary: How I instigated Kuya-Alex enmity

    I wish Kuya knew how happy I was to see the two of them fight, and how delighted I was to see him frustrated.

    Dre & Kuya
  60. PRIME Why we all need to care about journalists

    Despite being harassed, exiled or jailed in some countries, journalists often soldier on, determined to fulfil their duties.

  61. PRIME Why renting a home in Kenya is better than taking a mortgage

    Before you take that home loan think about whether you can earn more by investing your money elsewhere

  62. Of metaverse, literature and the changing face of modern storytelling

    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, recently announced that Meta would be the new name for the parent company.

    Mark Zuckerberg
  63. Saving via Mpesa gave me easy access but pushed up my spending

    Maureen Abwao is an entrepreneur based in Kakamega County. She runs a motorcycle and power saws spare parts business, a transportation, and building materials supplies businesses.

  64. Founder member of reggae pop giants UB40 dies

    His former band confirmed the news, saying Wilson had died after "a short illness".

    Terence Wilson
  65. Is that dream telling you something? Astrologers interpret the most common visions for you

    Dream experts interpret what your subconscious is really trying to tell you

  66. Birth control pill: The impacts and how to reduce its effects on your body

    the synthetic hormones in the daily pill prevent ovulation.

  67. My journey from a street child to a beautician

    Mary Njoki, 27, grew up on the streets and Mathare slums. The mother of two is now a beauty graduate courtesy of a scholarship from Linton's Foundation and Zero Street Child Initiative. She...

  68. The emerging media narrative on Gen Z is very wrong and misguided

    If we did a social experiment where our workplaces were simulated into high schools, most of us will walk away or do worse

  69. The F-word is not a dirty word

    Feminism is seen as a Western concept and most people support gender inequity, especially married women who benefit from the protection of patriarchy; among other things

  70. Should I tell my sister that her husband is cheating on her?

    One time, he was tightly hugging a woman I had heard them fight about, and another time, it was an overture kiss with one of his employees.

  71. PRIME Kenyans are ready to party again, vaccinated or not

    After many months of being locked in, many Kenyans let their hair loose and put on their dancing shoes, ready to release pent up tensions.

  72. Congolese musician Bopol Mansiamina to be buried on Tuesday

    Bopol Mansiamina is due to be buried next Tuesday in his home town, Evreux, France.

     Bopol Mansiamina
  73. Johnny Junior’s rhumba shows set for Maxy’s Lounge

    Johnny Junior will next Friday be the highlight during a Rhumba extravaganza at the Maxy’s Lounge along Enterprise Road.

    Johnny Junior.
  74. Sauti Sol: How we made Sh10m during pandemic

    Sauti Sol made Sh10 million from virtual concerts during Covid-19 pandemic.

    Sauti Sol
  75. Congolese music star Bopol Mansiamina dies

    The 72-year-old musician died on Sunday morning at a hospital in Evreux, France.

     Bopol Mansiamina
  76. Caroline Njunge: When life doesn’t turn out the way you want 

    It is funny how, sometimes, our best laid plans don’t turn out the way we had envisioned.

    Sad woman
  77. Staffroom Diary: Why I don’t want Mr Kuya to come back to school

    Clearly, Kuya had no problem with the office of the deputy headteacher; he had a problem with me.

    Dre and Kuya
  78. Bikozulu’s moving tales return to theatre 

    The latest Back to Basics Kenya production, Breathe 3, is the third instalment of excerpts of Biko’s work.

  79. Legendary rhumba guitarist Gege Mangaya mourned

    Gege, who succumbed to a long ailment at his home in Kinshasa, was among the few survivors of TP OK Jazz band.

    Gege Yoka Mangaya
  80. King Lion Sounds reggae show in Nairobi

    DJ Papa Chally said the show, dubbed 'Reggae is Back', will welcome reggae fans back to live performances.

    Papa Chally
  81. PRIME Alisha’s big break as she competes in ‘The Voice’

    Kenyan singer beats over 10,000 candidates to earn slot in the German version of popular music competition.

    Alisha Popat
  82. PRIME The man who popularised benga music

    If we seek to fully understand Collela Mazee’s music, it's helpful to divide his 30-year career into four phases.

    Collela Mazee
  83. Austin Bukenya: A ban on natives eating Nile perch, and the crucial ‘indaba’ in Glasgow

    Foreign investors’ attempts to influence legislation on what we can and cannot eat, from our own lakes and rivers, smack rather loudly of economic neo-colonialism.

    Nile perch
  84. Honouring legendary Kikuyu benga musician Joseph Kamaru

    A mausoleum built in honour of Joseph Kamaru will be held today at his home in Kaharati, Kigumo, Murang’a County.

     Joseph Kamaru
  85. Rhumba fans to enjoy Lesasa Jocker's shows on Saturday

    Every Sunday Lesasa and his group performs at the Pitstop Grills at the Carnivore Junction along Langata road.

    Lesasa Jocker
  86. Founding Mangelepa band member dies

    The veteran percussionist and composer collapsed and died at his home in Barking East London, England, on Friday morning

    Mukala Koko Kanyinda
  87. Netflix launches competition for young filmmakers

    The innovative short film competition aims at discovering young filmmakers between the age of 18 to 35 years old.

  88. I don’t date celebrities

    Nyambura Gitonga is a Commercial model based in Nairobi. She is also a student pursuing Public Relations

  89. Station Fiesta to launch latest album

    The album launch is set for at Maxy’s Lounge along Enterprise Road.

    Evala Mbuta
  90. Linet Pamba receives national honours

    Other artistes also honoured were gospel musicians Fenny Kerubo and Douglas Otiso.

     Linet Aluoch Pamba.
  91. Famous: TV series on the journey in music industry

    The film tracks the musical lives of Nyota Ndogo, Magic and Nikita as they work to be famous in the showbiz industry.

    Brianna Wanjiku
  92. Lilys Njeru: Animals, too, have the right to live without pain

    Have you ever heard a human having a self talk because their pet was driving them crazy? I did. Many times

    Pet cat
  93. Staffroom Diary: Austerity measures that Fiolina must take to stay afloat

    When I committed to take a Sacco development loan of Sh293,000 so as to safeguard Fiolina’s job, I overestimated how much I was eligible for. I must have thought I had some off-shore money that...

    Mwalimu Andrew and Fiolina
  94. PRIME Pandemic baking craze catches on

    A number of young people have taken to baking for fun, some turning the hobby into business as they showcase their skills.

  95. Nyboma, Faya Tess in Mexico City for special performance

    The two arrived in Mexico City on Friday for a guest performance at a wedding of the son of their music producer Vincent Gomes.

    Nyboma Mwandido
  96. Station Japan Fiesta to entertain fans at Maxy's Lounge

    Rhumba band to entertain fans with tracks from their latest album as well as some of their earlier songs.

    Evala Mbuta
  97. 5 things to consider when home styling

    Buying the items you need now for cheap seems like a smart option but it actually costs more money in the long run.

    Living room
  98. Caroline Njunge: If they can do it, you too can. Even better

    Here are lessons from the story of Rose Kones, who overcame alcoholism and gathered courage to start a business.

    Rose Kones
  99. What Eric Wainaina has been up to 

    The singer has been shining the spotlight on a new generation of artistes while sharing what he has learnt over the years.

    Eric Wainaina
  100. ‘Alone Together’: Is this the end of Sauti Sol?

    The group, in an open letter to their fans, has announced that they want to pursue solo careers.

    Sauti Sol
  101. Staffroom Diary: How Fiolina’s spending habits dug me a debt hole

    When I visited Kakamega last week, part of what was on my mind was how we would use Fiolina's Credit Card.

    Dre and Fiolina
  102. Chris Hart: Want to improve your conversation skills?

    Focus on the person you’re talking to. Be genuinely curious about them. Ask questions and give sincere compliments.

    Talking couple
  103. PRIME The critical things you need to note before buying life and medical insurance

    Are you considering buying life or health insurance? Read this first.

  104. Women in politics are just that, politicians

    The only place where patriarchy and feminism are achieving parallel gains is in parliament

  105. PRIME Just what culture will we mark on Utamaduni Day?

    Now that this day has been officially inaugurated this year what can the government tell Kenyans about ‘cultural diversity?

    Najib Balala
  106. PRIME Teachers Day feast and woman who took miti shamba to Karen

    Harriet Chebet's successful venture in herbal medicine illustrates how flexible and adaptable a well-educated person can be.

    Harriet Chebet Ng’ok
  107. Eastlands youth unite to form new dance group

    Members of Zamaleo Afriq Dance Group were all part of different dance outfits before they came together in 2018.

    Zamaleo Afriq
  108. Mengele’s long journey to recognition in gospel music

    Gospel singer's profile continues rising high despite the many challenges she has encountered in her long career.

    Stellar Mengele Onyango
  109. Rhumba fans to mark 32nd anniversary of Franco's death

    Franco is remembered for having groomed many singers, guitarists and composers through his legendary TP OK Jazz band.

    Franco Luambo Luanzo Makiadi
  110. Madanji Perimeter to stage live show in Nairobi

    Luo Rhumba musician to stage a special performance show at Q-Lounge Bee Centre.

    Madanji Perimeter
  111. PRIME Nonini and Nameless: From music to fashion

    The two Kenyan artistes recently launched individual clothing brands.

  112. Climate change and construction: What if wood is our saving grace?

    Once upon a time, Kenya was dotted with houses made from wood, but these are slowly being replaced with stones obtained from quarrying.

    Wooden building
  113. PRIME Terence Creative, street boy who became star comedian

    Creator of viral Kemikal skit speaks about his troubled early life, his breakthrough as a creative and his family life.

    Terence Creative
  114. Daniel Craig bows out in style as James Bond

    Craig’s fifth and final outing as 007, No Time to Die, premiered worldwide on Thursday.

    James Bond, Daniel Craig
  115. PRIME Just Ivy: A vlogger's rising star

    The story of one vlogger's humbling beginnings and how she turned a simple concept into a thriving full-time business.

    Ivy Mugo
  116. Caroline Njunge: Long, boring speeches should be made illegal

    I have been known to doze off in the midst of a particularly lengthy speech.

    Sleeping woman
  117. Staffroom Diary: I deserted school for Fiolina, only to get a rude shock 

    After travelling all the way to Kakamega to visit my love, she was nowhere to be seen.

  118. DJ Le Grand Marto Sibuor to host live show in Busia

    During tonight’s show he will team up with DJ Qriss.

  119. Woman of Passion: My passion for fashion design is paying off

    I am inspired by the rich culture and diversity in Africa

  120. Kanda Bongo Man unveils new English hit

    Kanda says the new track, titled I Will Sing, was inspired by the return of live performances after a long break due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Kanda Bongo Man
  121. Just a Man: A letter from one common man to another - I see you

    Sometimes life hits us hard and forces us to jump to conclusions based on life's experiences.

    Common man
  122. Caroline Njunge: When your child abandons a course you’ve paid for   

    Stories abound of young adults that are studying courses they are not interested in one bit; courses that have been thrust at them by parents.

    Unhappy young man
  123. Juliani, Lillian exponential love lights up the net

    Ms Ng’ang’a’s post capped an eventful week that had seen Juliani record a statement with police over death threats he had allegedly received.

    Juliani and Lilian Ng'ang'a
  124. Staffroom Diary: Kuya refuses to be away while on sick leave

    It all started the other Friday, when I was at Hitler’s for the usual evening classes.

    Mwalimu Andrew
  125. Austin Bukenya: Memories and dreams of an East African literary paradise 

    I have benefited immensely from my association with East African literati working in both English and Kiswahili.

    Cyprian Fernandes
  126. Ethiopian music legend Alemayehu Eshete dies

    The musician died of a heart attack shortly after he was admitted to hospital on Thursday.

    Alemayehu Eshete
  127. Gospel singer Ayuma ‘dares’ Africa with heart of worship

    Beginning next month, Ayuma will lead worship, every first Saturday of every month.

    Ayuma Omufulukhani
  128. Dancer Caroline Akinyi ups her game

    Akinyi 'Mabiaba' has been part of dance troupes for top Congolese music stars during tours to Kenya

    Caroline Akinyi
  129. Club Touch On to officially opens its doors

    Prior to the opening ceremony, on Friday revelers had a chance to sample what the new club has in store for them in a pre-launch session.

    Club Touch On
  130. Mr Survivor: When Queen turned Palace into demonstration farm

    My Queen is untameably and unapologetically ambitious.

  131. New Miss World Kenya crowned

    Ms Sharon Obara beat 15 other contestants to take over the crown from Ms Maria Wavinya.

     Sharon Obara.
  132. Caroline Njunge: When chapati and first slice of bread were worshipped

    Looking back, the obsession with these foods that some of us take for granted today had to do with scarcity.

  133. Surgeon's Diary: Why it pays to be naughty — sometimes!

    There are instances when diagnosis of disease might arise out of a romantic interaction with a partner.

  134. Staffroom Diary: Wanted - House help much shorter than me

    I couldn't wait for half term so that I could visit Fiolina, and enjoy a real meal, a clean house and some human warmth.

    Mwalimu Andrew and Fiolina
  135. PRIME Ssebaggala: Restore theatre going culture in East Africa

    Ugandan thespian Ssebaggala Andrew speaks about theatre as storytelling and returning to production after a year away.

    Ssebaggala Andrew
  136. PRIME Greedy Kenyan professors failing the academy

    Professors are more to blame for the mess in the higher education sector because of their sins of commission or omission.

  137. Kenyan wins Miss Supranational Africa 2021

    Kenyan beauty crowned Miss Supranational Africa 2021 at the Miss Supranational World Finals in Poland.

    Phidelia Mutunga
  138. Cool Ever: Gospel music is my life

    Gospel musician Cool Ever, who is also a flight attendant, an interior designer and a teacher speaks about her expedition and future ambitions.

    Cool Ever
  139. Sean Paul: Kenya visit inspired my music

    Jamaican dancehall sensation speaks about his first visit to Kenya and his latest album ‘Live N Livin’ .

    Sean Paul
  140. ‘Tete’ film pays homage to a great scholar

    Tete is a story that is scripted and narrated in poetic Swahili language, accompanied by Arabic and English subtitles.

    Riyadha Mosque and Islamic Centre
  141. Staffroom Diary: I’m now the boss after Kuya’s ‘miraculous’ injury

    Kuya will be away for some time, and with Bensouda away, just like that, I was back in charge.

    Mwalimu Andrew and Kuya
  142. Mau From Nowhere: This is where I get inspiration from

    Kamau Wainaina aka Mau From Nowhere talks about growing up abroad and his music career at home.

    Kamau Wainaina
  143. PRIME Cowrie of Hope: Reality for new Zambia president

    The plight of most Zambians is captured best in the novel, A Cowrie of Hope by Zambian writer Binwell Sinyangwe.

    Hakainde Hichilema
  144. All set for Ruff Endz Kenya tour

    Dubbed ‘Wakanda 2 Wakanda’, the tour will see the duo performing in Nairobi and Mombasa.

    Ruff Endz
  145. Kanda Junior resumes live shows

    Kanda Junior will be performing with his backup group at the Muthiga Inn Country Club every Friday.

    Kanda Junior
  146. Caroline Njunge: Why sell to others a product you don’t use?

    Many manufacturers are guilty of selling products they have never tested.

    Distressed woman
  147. Staffroom Diary: Armed with my oil, I’ll let God fight my battles

    The Apostle was right. When I arrived at school on Thursday, the school felt different.

    Mwalimu Andrew and Apostle Reverend Elkana
  148. PRIME Kipchoge’s documentary and the need to tell stories of our athletes

    It is encouraging that Kipchoge’s life story is being retold and will be immortalized in a documentary.

    Eliud Kipchoge
  149. PRIME Austin Bukenya: Olympic orature and poisoned chalice of sporting success

    As we fete our Olympians, we should reflect, again, on how we treat our sportspeople and other cultural workers.

    Simone Biles
  150. PRIME Comedy was not my career choice: Jaymo Ule Msee

    Muirani says that despite taking almost a decade to be what he is now, he is happy that he finally got to do what he loves.

    Comedian Jaymo Ule Msee.
  151. Why creation of Kiswahili council will take forever

    There is need for a multipronged approach to ensure that the National Kiswahili Council is eventually established.

    Kimani Njogu
  152. Nasty C all praises for Kenyans as 3-week vacation ends 

    South African rapper praises Kenyans for their friendly nature.

    Nasty C
  153. East African beats resume in Sweden

    Dekula, an accomplished guitarist, composer, singer and producer, is currently based at Little Nairobi Club in Stockholm.

     Dekula Kahanga Vumbi .
  154. Remembering legendary reggae DJ Papa Lefty

    During his heyday, DJ Papa Lefty was a household name in the local reggae fraternity.

    DJ Papa Lefty
  155. Censorship: Filmmakers’ Catch-22 over Cap 222

    Laws change with the times but the one governing film production in Kenya has remained mostly intact for five decades.

    Wanuri Kahiu
  156. Jean Ojiro: I don’t take ‘no’ for an answer

    It takes more than just ambition and good connections to make it; for this girl with the looks and the grooves, attitude is key.

    Jean Ojiro
  157. Austin Bukenya: Amina Mohamed’s call that made my Olympic Games

    Ambassador Amina Mohamed’s call underlines the importance of cultural and academic exchanges.

    Amina Mohamed
  158. Dr Bosire: Ezekiel Mutua’s woes were painfully predictable 

    Art expresses the aspirations and current realities of our society. He chose to mute and censor these aspirations by staying stuck in the medieval view of art and creativity.

  159. KNT welcomes public back with new musical ‘Subira’ 

    The superb musical is inspired by the 1982 coup attempt and features an international cast.

    Kenya National Theatre
  160. Sauti Sol: How we are surviving the pandemic

    Multiple award-winning afro-pop band shares what they applied during the Covid period to remain upbeat.

    Sauti Sol
  161. Remembering Rhumba legend Madilu System

    Fans of Rhumba maestro will on Wednesday mark his 14th death anniversary.

    Madilu System
  162. New Kikuyu Benga Princess Kamson emerges

    Kamson has lately proved to be one to watch out for during live shows.

    Kikuyu Benga Princess Kamson.
  163. Sultan Agodi lines up live show for Ohangla fans in Nairobi

    Sultan Agodi Konyango is currently putting the finishing touches to his new video which is schedule for launch mid next month.

  164. Ambro Lamusica's weekend shows in Mombasa

    On Sunday, the Ambro Djeni-led band will perform at the Divas Lounge in Bamburi in Mombasa.

    Ambro Djeni
  165. Bukenya: Dr Lamwaka bags billions for Covid-19 research

    Dr Lamwaka was this week awarded a Sh3.7 billion research grant to carry out immediate clinical trials for her Covalyce-1 herbal formula.

    Covid-19 vaccine
  166. PRIME Violence and literature in South Africa

    A look at Can Themba’s depiction of his country in ‘Requiem for Sophiatown’.

    South African police
  167. Ayuma: Why my songs are loaded with uplifting spiritual messages

    Gospel music singers speaks about her inspiration to spread the gospel through uplifting music.

    Ayuma Omufulukhani
  168. Khaligraph launches OdiNare rap challenge

    The OdiNare rap challenge aims at motivating upcoming artistes to continue pushing for their dreams.

    Khaligraph Jones
  169. PRIME Kenyan man of music gets French honours

    The French government has feted Tabu Osusa with the ‘Order of Arts and Letters’ for his outstanding contribution to the promotion of Kenyan music.

    Tabu Osusa
  170. Nyboma's song to feature in Obama's Summer Playlist

    The Paris-based Congolese singer said he is elated to have his song included in the former US president’s 18 -track playlist.

    Nyboma Mwandido
  171. Coast theatre mourns two legendary thespians

    Thespians at the Little Theatre Club in Mombasa still coming to terms with the deaths of renowned playwrights Kuldip Sondhi and Gilbert Owino.

    Kuldip Sondhi
  172. Remembering Ohangla sensation Lady Maureen

    Lady Maureen, who died in July last year, is best remembered for songs such as Safari ya Canaan and Raila Jakom.

    Lady Maureen
  173. Mr Survivor: See no evil, speak no evil 

    The stability of his marriage depends on me.

  174. PRIME Joe Kinyua opens up on life as ‘Njoro wa Uba’

    Lead character in Njoro wa Uba says comedy-drama has stood the test of time as it continues to push the limits of his role.

    Joe Kinyua
  175. Jabali Afrika’s Asikoye lands lucrative Grammy Awards role

    Asikoye is one of the founding members of Jabali Afrika Band, and also doubles up as the band’s producer.

    Joseck Asikoye
  176. Caroline Njunge: We’ve been left at the mercy of daring thieves

    No one is safe as thieves, robbers and their cousins continue having a field day.

  177. Staffroom Diary: Traitors - How Nyayo, Alfayo helped Kuya return to school

    You all remember that I visited Kakamega last week. Despite not being welcome, I had promised to stay put and only leave when my work could no longer allow me to be in Kakamega. Although Fiolina...

  178. Chris Hart: Attitudes and values to help you make money

    Real business relationships are only ever formed in person, so only use the internet to make contact.

  179. Austin Bukenya: My herbalist dies as Ugandans celebrate Ruto, Covidex drug

    Uganda's National Drugs Authority (NDA) has allowed the use of a local herbal preparation in the treatment and management of viral infections, including Covid-19.

    Yoweri Museveni and William Ruto
  180. Congolese musicians to hold charity show for volcanic eruptions victims

    Friends of the Congo and Yole! Africa have teamed up with Tabilulu Productions to raise funds for the affected families in Eastern DRC.

    Lokua Kanza
  181. Musa Jakadala, Dola Kabarry to star in Queens of the Nile show

    According to visiting US-based artiste, Jean Ayacko, Mama Ida Odinga is among the dignitaries expected to grace the event.

    Musa Jakadala
  182. PRIME Ngina Kirori's long tough journey to journalism

    Having carried the burden of failure through the years, NTV reporter Ngina Kirori is now proud of who she has become.

    Ngina Kirori
  183. Décor for cold weather

    Raise your spirits this cold season with these tips.

    Cold weather decor
  184. South African group Hush bags Amazing Voices crown

    All-male choir from Johannesburg walks away with Sh10 million prize money after winning competition's second season.

  185. PRIME Austin Bukenya: Feting Mwalimu Kawooya - A humble but great teacher

    At KU, I reconnected with Vincent F. Kawooya, and taught with him for the better part of the 20 years that I taught there.

    Kenyatta University
  186. Hypocrisy of some men and women is sickening

    Some people are mean and abusive towards their spouses and children yet extremely generous, caring and considerate of friends.

    Women toasting
  187. Surgeons Diary: A look into amusing experiences of patients

    If surgeons did not share some light moments in the course of their work, they would be driven to early graves.

  188. Staffroom Diary: Fiolina wants me out of her house, but I’m staying put

    In short, Fiolina was telling that I needed to go back to the village as soon as possible.

  189. Reverend who went back to African religious roots

    Rev Kamau Macharia has unkind words for major religions for they way they have treated Africans over the centuries.

    Rev Kamau wa Macharia
  190. PRIME Why rapper Fena is rooting for girl power

    Alongside fellow rappers Vallerie Muthoni and Maandy Kabaya, Fena has released new song that seeks to push women to develop themselves.

    Fena Gitu
  191. Why I opted to have a water birth as a first-time mother

    Loi Awat, 31, is a married mother with one biological child and a creative and business writer. She had a water birth in September 2019

    Loi Awat
  192. Staffroom Diary: Trouble as my new timetable takes effect

    If Alex and Nzomo do not like the timetable, they can follow Kuya to wherever he went to.

    Mwalimu Andrew
  193. Why you should treat relationships the same way you would a get-rich money scam

    You can’t put everything in one basket, unless one particular basket has proven to have long term productivity and profit

  194. Why I opted to have a water birth as a first-time mother

    Loi Awat, 31, is a married mother with one biological child and a creative and business writer. She had a water birth in September 2019

    Loi Awat
  195. Why you should treat relationships the same way you would a get-rich money scam

    You can’t put everything in one basket, unless one particular basket has proven to have long term productivity and profit

  196. PRIME Austin Bukenya: What is a fair medical bill?

    Have we reached a point where some people do not care whether their fellow human beings suffer and die so long as they make money?

    Mulago Referral Hospital
  197. Ohangla sensation Musa Jakadala to stage special live show

    Musa Jakadala to treat his fans to a live show at Leisure Place in Nairobi's Komarock estate.

    Musa Jakadala
  198. Kenyan artistes get tax exemption

    Parliament exempts local artistes from the 25% excise duty that had been proposed in the Finance Bill 2021.

  199. African Night Fever hits England

    UK-based Tanzanian musician Saidi Tumba Kanda to host ‘African Night Fever’ in Brighton City.

    Saidi Tumba Kanda
  200. Take 5 with Nyacomba Githu

    Currently, I am enjoying sketching and painting my quirky fashion illustrations online.

  201. Papa Shirandula actor Njoro appointed 'Bwana Senator'

    Njoro will spearhead a three-month promotion campaign dubbed ‘Shikisha Form Na Senator’ to popularise Senator Keg.

    Kenneth Gichoya
  202. PRIME Austin Bukenya: Hashimoto Olympic flame dilemma

    Those who are opposed to holding the games feel and argue that they may easily turn into a Covid-19 “super-spreader” event.

    Olympic torch
  203. Papa Eliakim: My engineer father never stifled my music

    A chat with the teacher who also believes he has a special calling as a rhumba musician.

    Papa Eliakim Rogo
  204. PRIME Poets laud return of Kwani Open Mic event

    Poetry nights now being held at Wasanii Restaurant at the Kenya National Theatre after the return of sponsorship.

    Tony Mochama
  205. Samba Mapangala releases new album

    Samba Mapangala said the album featuring the track Mapenzi Yetu will be launched online on Tuesday.

    Samba Mapangala
  206. Top bartender to represent Kenya in global competition

    Apart from representing Kenya at the Global Finals in Madrid, Kevin will also tour the Ketel One Distillery in Holland.

    Kelvin Thairu
  207. Austin Bukenya: Saudi Arabia’s call for quieter prayers

    Muezzins, especially the young ones, from neighbouring rival mosques tend to try to outdo one another in their delivery of the adhana.

    Grand Mosque
  208. PRIME Maqbul Mohammed's battle with depression

    How fame, cash and pressure led radio host and actor to attempt suicide.

     Maqul Mohammed
  209. Eugene Mbugua ventures into Tanzanian showbiz market

    TV producer currently in Tanzania where he is seeking partnerships with the country’s showbiz gurus.

    Eugene Mbugua
  210. Music fans gear up for 'African Night Fever' in England

    The show dedicated to African music fans will feature UK-based Tanzanian musician Saidi Tumba Kanda.

    Saidi Tumba Kanda
  211. Just a Man: The kind of man this nation needs

    This nation doesn't need a man who's appointed by elders. It needs a man who's anointed by God.

    Political rally
  212. How Polish priest designed Sh300m Subukia shrine

    Father Kazimierz Szulc says the construction of the 5,000-seater church will be completed in 2023.

    Father Kazimierz Szulc
  213. PRIME Don’t blame Sheng for poor Kiswahili results

    The use of slang among young people is common all over the world and does not affect performance in languages.

    Sheng anthem
  214. PRIME Austin Bukenya: Do you believe Oriomra and other compulsive modern liars?

    I had my second dose of the anti-covid vaccine earlier this week and the experience has taught me quite a few important lessons.

    Covid-19 vaccine
  215. Idris Elba hosts Africa Day concert

    Big names in the entertainment arena took part in this year’s virtual concert.

    Idris Elba
  216. New book on rhumba music launched

    The book is authored by George “Jojo” Ndege, a US- based Kenyan promoter living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Ben Hinga
  217. Content creators set to reap from Baze

    Creatives will take home 60 per cent of the revenue Safaricom will collect from consumers who purchase content.

    Sylvia Mulinge
  218. Tony Ndiema's Ohangla Rhumba fusion show in Nairobi

    Tony Ndiema is among the innovators of the new generation Ohangla-Rhumba fusion beat.

    Tony Ndiema
  219. Gidi Kocha's unique blend of music and fitness

    Gidi Kocha (Gideon Onoka) specialises in contemporary urban music.

    Gidi Kocha
  220. PRIME From gospel to secular: Life on the other side

    A number of artistes who began in the “narrow” route have since switched to the broader one by turning into secular artistes.

    Willy Paul
  221. PRIME Nameless and Wahu on love, life, scandals and music

    Now in their 40s, the Mathenges say life has just begun, and boy doesn’t it look colourful!

    Nameless and Wahu
  222. Robert Khula lands new brand ambassadorial role

    The actor, who is also a brand and fitness model, will now be the face of Fletna Kenya beauty products.

    Robert Khula Budi
  223. Nameless, Wahu love documentary to premiere

    Nameless and Wahu have been together for 23 years now, 16 of them as a married couple.

    Nameless and Wahu
  224. Remembering Congolese singer Pepe Ndombe Opetum

    The event is expected to be marked online with no major live concerts due to Covid-19 pandemic.

    Pepe Ndombe Opetum
  225. Remembering benga great D.O Misiani

    The band leader of the D.O 7 Shirati Jazz Band moved to Kenya in the mid-1960s .

    Daniel Owino (D.O) Misiani.
  226. Austin Bukenya: After 7 years, give me Rachael, and a faith of love and respect

    The Saturday Nation and NMG should give us our beloved Rachael to hold and to keep, for we have laboured, in love, a perfect seven years to earn her hand.

  227. The Dish: It’s all about whisky this week 

    I usually drink this particular whisky most often with my brothers; they favour its peaty, smoky essence, and its smoothness, and I’ve come to appreciate it too; whether it’s the 10 Years Old or...

  228. Malkeeya Kenya's only hope in Amazing Voices

    Kenyan girl band now stands a chance of walking away with Sh10 million, should they emerge victorious in the continental singing competition.

    Malkeeya Band
  229. Taming Nairobians’ rage on film

    Kenyans have just a few more days in which to watch one of the best films recently made about the lives and struggles of ordinary Nairobians.

  230. Forty years on, Bob Marley's rich legacy thrives

    His rich anthems of peace and struggle, hope and discontent, still reverberate globally and especially in his native Jamaica

    Bob Marley
  231. PRIME Humble professor who rose to greatness

    Environmental law professor who rose from humble village to become leading voice at the University of Nairobi

    Prof Charles Odidi Okidi,
  232. Dr Achola Pala: Empowered and empowering mentor for country

    By way of celebrating Mother’s Day, I wish to share with you a brief sketch of the career of a close friend of mine.

    Achola Pala Okeyo
  233. Purity Gitonga is back with a new worship song 

    The singer has dedicated her new song to her online fans.

    Purity Gitonga
  234. End of an era as omutibo producer exits the scene

    Manasseh Omwona was the founder of the Diploma label and a pioneer River Road music producer

    Manasseh Omwoma
  235. Fans mourn Ugandan music star Sammy Kasule  

    The guitarist was traveling from Kampala to Sweden when he collapsed and died at the Amsterdam Airport.

    Sammy Kasule
  236. Remembering Mose Fan Fan of ‘Papa Lolo’ hit song

    The Congolese legendary guitarist and composer collapsed and died in Nairobi on May 3, 2019.

    Mose Fan Fan
  237. Kenyan traditional music to benefit from a UK project

    The project seeks to replace drum kits, electric and bass guitars with African traditional instruments.

    Fiston Lusambo
  238. Men need sex education more than ever

    Most males learn about sex through childhood scare-tactics and pornography. They end up ignorant

  239. Congolese singer DPretty launches new Afro-pop beat in the US

    Dpretty has been working on a new single “Boom Keke” which was launched virtually online two weeks ago.

     Jpink, Dpretty.
  240. Homeboyz suspends morning show hosts

    Radio station send three morning show hosts on a two-week suspension for their crass comments on air

    Shaffie Weru DJ Joe Mfalme homeboyz
  241. Homeboyz Radio forced to apologise for victim blaming woman

    The misogynistic comments made during the station's morning show have elicited outrage.

    Shaffie Weru DJ Joe Mfalme homeboyz
  242. PRIME Young gamers putting Kenya on global spotlight

    Currently worth an estimated Sh13.9 billion, Kenya’s video gaming industry is expected to grow to about Sh16.8bn by 2023.

  243. Nawal El Saadawi: Egypt’s grand novelist and global activist

    El Saadawi was a global iconoclast in the best sense of the phrase.

    Nawal El Saadawi
  244. Remembering Afro-jazz icon Manu Dibango

    Musicians Dibango and Mabélé succumbed to Covid-19 in March 2020 in France.

    Manu Dibango
  245. Josky tribute show in Nairobi today

    Late Congolese musician to be remembered by his fans in Nairobi in a show dubbed 'Hommage Josky Kiambukuta'.

    Congolese musician Josky Kiambukuta
  246. PRIME Josky Kiambukuta: One more TPOK Jazz voice goes silent

    Josky, who died at 72, was one of the most prolific rumba singers who, during his long career, teamed with up with such greats as Lola Checain, Djo Mpoyi and Ntesa Dalienst.

    Congolese musician Josky Kiambukuta
  247. The quest to identify Fela Kuti's successor: why it’s time to end it

    It’s nearly a quarter of a century since Fela Kuti passed away. Yet, the influence of his music and pan-Africanist thoughts hasn’t stopped.

  248. PRIME African Heritage House: The making of an architectural marvel

    Alan Donovan talks about the inspiration behind the national monument which boasts the title “Most Photographed House in Africa”.

    African Heritage House
  249. The Reel: Why Bridgerton swept the nation

    The Duke was looking for a convenient way to get through the summer, and he ended up in a marriage.

  250. PRIME Baraza JM: I have just the car for you...

    I have to ask: with 100km of city driving... do you really need an SUV?

    Toyota Fortuner
  251. PRIME Eric Omondi: The fuss, the fun and the funk

    The controversial ‘Wife Material’ project, saw some corporates withdraw endorsement deals with the comedian.

    Eric Omondi
  252. The secret of being confident without the arrogance

    To be self-assured is to strive to be the best version of yourself while arrogance has you competing with everybody with an air of self-importance

  253. PRIME Austin Bukenya: For our fish, misfortunes never come singly but in battalions

    We have cause to be alarmed at reports that fish in our lakes are dying and washing on to our shores in large numbers.

    Koginga beach
  254. Kenyan DJ out to conquer tricky US music market

    DJ Cutts, says he wants to develop his talent to reach the level of DJ Puff, a native of Barbados, South America.

     DJ Cutts
  255. Congolese singer Fiston Lusambo releases Kenyan tribute song

    Fiston has in the last few years has been incorporating Kenyan and Congolese musicians in his recordings.

    Fiston Lusambo
  256. Rhumba Japan live at Alaska Lounge

    The group is currently working on new recordings for their next production later in the year.

    Goby Makabi Manenga
  257. PRIME The rise and rise of Mbogi Genje

    You have listened to their music, whether you liked it or not, and tried to figure out what they are saying.

    Mbogi Genje
  258. Staffroom Diary: Fiolina refuses to become a Mwisho wa Lami teacher

    I hope she fails the interview, and comes back to me begging.

  259. Surgeon's Diary: Day Marie and I got vaccinated for Covid

    I and Mama Marie received a letter from the NHS inviting us for our Covid vaccination a week ago.

    Covid vaccination
  260. Caroline Njunge: Growing up, what was your alcohol story?

    There are many other versions of such stories that revolve around alcohol.

    Man drinking beer
  261. Gospel musician Purity Gitonga marks 20 years in ministry

    The gospel musician has expressed optimism as she enters another milestone of her career.

    Purity Gitonga
  262. Veteran Congolese singer Jean Papy Ramazani dies in USA

    Ramazani's counterpart Mekanisi Modero, who also lives in Seattle, confirmed his death after a long ailment.

    Jean Papy Ramazani
  263. Amanda Gorman redeemed belief in the power of poetry

    Miss Gorman proved that art can be that middle ground that can be a launching pad for a more equitable, peaceful and just society.

    Amanda Gorman
  264. Upheaval at premier museum echoes racial turmoil in America

    Smithsonian forced to apologise for race guideline that said rational thinking, hard work are ‘white values’

  265. Bukenya: Enjoying a Christmas party and a literary chat with Ndugu Mkapa

    Mkapa may have had his failings, but they were not for lack of trying.

  266. Sunday Sermon: Freedom goes hand in hand with restraint

    Many biblical texts encourage us to take freedom seriously

  267. Staffroom Diary: Trouble brewing as Branton and Electina rebel

    The children have disappeared from home and vowed never to return.

  268. Style: Regimen for skin under a facemask

    Touching and moving the mask around contaminates your skin

  269. Surgeon's Diary: Of my part-time writing job that finally paid off

    On March 3, 1978, I became a published writer and acquired a new wife, ‘Literary’ to rhyme with Marie, Surgery and Rotary

  270. How Julius Nyerere built state out of disparate nations

    The Tanzanian statesmen was willing to imperil his family economically for his countrymen and women to gain political freedom.

  271. Mr Survivor: My Beetle will save me from poverty

    They call me Survivor, which fits me as well as it suits their hearts.

  272. Johnny Depp libel trial set to start in London

    Depp is suing News Group Newspapers (NGN), publisher of The Sun, and its executive editor Dan Wootton.

  273. 'Safe haven' gold has a rich 3,000-year history

    So, during good times, the investment argument for gold may not glitter.

  274. Azziad vs Femi One: Who owes the other?

    Lawyer Bernard Murunga weighs in on the issues behind #UtawezanaChallenge

  275. Beyonce decries bigotry in message to graduates

    "Your fight for people who may be different from you is beautiful."

    New Content Item (1)
  276. Series Review: Why Issa from ‘Insecure’ shouldn’t take ex back

    'Insecure' is the child of Senegalese American film genius Joissa Rae Diop, better known to you as Issa Rae

  277. Veteran musician John Nzenze in hospital

    He is among the few surviving legends of the Kenya Twist genre.

  278. Diamond Platinumz to pay rent for 500 families

    Tanzania is battling the coronavirus pandemic as cases surge.

  279. Mourning three music megastars

    Three diehard fans of Congolese soukous legend Aurlus Mabele are devastated by the news of his death.

  280. Diamond Platnumz manager Sallam tests Covid-19 positive

    Sallam is believed to have travelled to Europe on March 5 where he visited Switzerland, Denmark and France.

  281. Tom Hanks announces positive test for coronavirus

    Hanks, 63, said he and Wilson came down with a fever while in Australia.


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