1. Stem huge risk of HIV

    PrEP should be used to prevent HIV/Aids in mainly emergency situations but, alarmingly, they are now being used casually in lieu of condoms.

  2. Stop needlessly fighting governors and deputies

    To curb such fallouts and bitter fights, perhaps the Constitution should be amended to outline the duties and responsibilities of DGs.

  3. Don’t let criminal gangs to rear their ugly heads

    Kenya cannot afford a return to mayhem.

  4. Consult to save sugar sector

    Farmers are owed money for their sugarcane deliveries while employees of once-profitable firms have not been paid for a long time

  5. Back women’s football

    Women’s football has come of age by virtue of attracting attention and excitement with 12 teams competing in the KWPL yet winner’s reward remains meagre Sh1 million.

  6. Leaders should avert divisive confrontations

    The looming confrontation between the govt and opposition during Madaraka Day celebrations is a step in the wrong direction.

  7. Vet top spy nominee diligently

    The vetting of public officials was introduced so that the various panels could interrogate candidates to establish their suitability and competence.

  8. Seek genuine talks to resolve political crisis 

    We appeal to the leaders to soften their hardline stances for the sake of peace and unity.

  9. Rid KRA of graft and enhance tax compliance

    Tax collection is the key mandate of the KRA, but the President is concerned that not all the revenue due is being brought in.

  10. Use pacts to grow sports

    Let’s make full use of these partnerships to grow Kenyan sport.


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