1. Boost EA region’s fight against climate crisis

    East Africa must stand united in championing climate adaptation for a more resilient future.

  2. Fulfil pledges to Kiptum

    Fulfilling promises is the best honour the government can accord Kiptum.

  3. Solve funding hitch for private varsities’ students

    These challenges should be ironed out to enable the private universities to play their part in boosting higher education.

  4. Make e-Citizen safe

    The much-anticipated gains from the online government payments platform will be compromised unless the shortcomings are identified and plugged.

  5. MPs’ skipping of crucial vote shameless betrayal

    Failure to take part in such a crucial vote smacks of outright negligence and dereliction of duty.

  6. Redesign roads for safety

    All accident black spots should be redesigned to curb accidents while the other causes of the road carnage are also addressed.

  7. Stop electricity exploitation

    It is grossly unfair for consumers to pay higher electricity bills as a result of illegal charges.

  8. Make devolution work for national benefit

    Counties are reeling under huge debts to contractors and suppliers.

  9. Dismiss lazy officials

    Ruto administration should stop making excuses and blaming others for its inability to deliver.

  10. Ease congestion and make schools safer

    Many schools have huge unmanageable enrolments and flout health and safety guidelines