Words that get you thinking.
  1. Biden has tough task to reclaim USA’s greatness

    It is the end of the country’s most ignominious reign by a cantankerous and disgraced President Donald Trump.

  2. Restore LSK’s lost glory

    The current officials have tended to dwell on ego trips, taking their eyes off the ball that the LSK has been adept at in the past.

  3. Stop the reckless rallies lest Covid-19 ravage us

    The rallies abrogate the safety rules, expose many to infections and depict the political class as reckless and lawless.

  4. Make home safe haven

    Home is the best place where people can find love among family and close relatives.

  5. FKF, media truce good

    Journalists need a conducive environment to work well, without any hindrance, threat or intimidation.

  6. Stop student violence to make schools safe

    Since schools reopened, three incidents of violence by students have been reported.

  7. Hand-picking leaders bodes ill for democracy

    Nairobi deserves better leadership, not ill-equipped handpicked fellows, whose job is to rubberstamp decisions made elsewhere.

  8. Assurance on land vital

    The Lands CS has explained why all the landowners must now apply for new title deeds.

  9. Time to spend wisely and plug budget hole

    Enforce strict controls on expenditures and rein in on wastages.

  10. Hockey union needs cash

    The players need to settle down and concentrate on delivering the qualifications.


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