1. Quorum hitch in House is an abdication of duty

    MPs are among the most-well-paid Kenyans and should give value for that money by doing their work.

  2. Stop health fund theft

    The culprits must be pursued, punished and the loot recovered, as reforms are implemented.

  3. Stop rising drug abuse fuelling HIV infections

    The World Aids Day marked yesterday provided a perfect opportunity to reflect on the strides made in preventing infections

  4. Sports pensions critical

    If managed well, the two initiatives will benefit both active and retired athletes and the AK family generally.

  5. Rescue students’ health insurance cover scheme

    If the exclusion of the EduAfya scheme was an oversight, it should be urgently addressed and the services assured and improved.

  6. Explain Saudi oil claim

    There’s a need to enhance global environmental protection.

  7. Why new healthcare plan is ruffling feathers

    The SHIF deductions will deepen the pain for those earning higher salaries as there is no upper cap for premiums.

  8. Give teachers healthy deal

    It is important that the lawmakers get to the bottom of this matter quickly.

  9. Major legal setbacks for Ruto food for thought

    Court has also slammed brakes on plans to privatise Mombasa and Lamu ports

  10. Victory for professionalism

    Coercing doctors into violating the Hippocratic Oath is the worst violation of their profession.