Words that get you thinking.
  1. Act quickly and firmly to conclude graft cases

    Many high-profile corruption cases never progress because of deliberate schemes to delay them.

  2. Allow fair trade union polls

    The trouble with the leadership of some trade unions is that, once at the helm, many officials cling to the positions for too long.

  3. Clean up the mess in political party registry

    The country is preparing for crucial elections next year and every effort must be made to clean up the electoral system.

  4. Vaccine donation timely

    Kenya has just got a shot in the arm with a donation from Denmark of 358,700 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

  5. Help nail deadly criminals

    The criminals endanger and sometimes needlessly end up killing innocents

  6. Leaders must set a good example on Covid rules

    Leadership is about order and discipline.

  7. Lower fees but give cash on time, expand schools

    The education sector has been almost devastated by Covid-19.

  8. Safari Rally brings world home

    Safari Rally will begin on Wednesday with the shakedown at Ndulele Conservancy in Naivasha.

  9. Boost vaccination to tame Covid-19 scare

    Today, there is no longer a shadow of a doubt that this scourge is real and its consequences devastating.

  10. Kaunda’s legacy laudable

    Kenneth Kaunda championed the independence struggle in southern Africa, giving support to the freedom movements in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa.


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