2024 WRC Safari Rally

Njenga: 2025 WRC Safari Rally could be held outside Easter holidays

Major concern for Kenyan fans is the quality and numbers of local participants in the WRC Safari Rally.

  1. Motorsports needs help

    Cancellation of most competitions in the KNRC series should be cause for worry.

  2. Why local rally championship is painfully grinding to a halt

    Budgetary constraints, low entries and disagreements over competition rules are to blame.

    Anwar Hamza
  3. PREMIUM Motor Clinic: Don’t ignore flickering warning lights

    Flickering warning lights may be caused by a faulty connection, a worn-out coil spring, or a sensor malfunction.

  4. PREMIUM Motor Clinic: How well do you know your car?

    Most motorists seem to think their headlights are okay as long as both bulbs work.

  5. Njenga: Dramatic photo finish at Sardinia Rally just what WRC ordered

    Results confirm how evenly matched the current generation of WRC drivers have become.

    Sebastien Ogier
  6. PREMIUM Adrenaline, thrills as Rhino Charge kicks off in Kajiado

    Scrutineering is the process of inspecting rally vehicles to ensure that they comply with the rules of the event.

    Participants during the Rhino Charge Offroad Competition inspection in Torosei, Kajiado Prefecture, on May 31, 2024.
  7. PREMIUM Motor Clinic: Teething problems in digital transition

    Red tape and tech glitches hurt the bid to adopt automation and efficient service delivery.

  8. PREMIUM When rumble strips turn into a driver’s nightmare

    If any vehicle can't cross rumble strips safely and comfortably at ambient speed, either the design is wrong or the car's suspension is defective.

  9. PREMIUM Why we can't let go our old cars yet they're costly to maintain

    For car owners, it is the memories the cars hold that have made it hard to let go of them.

    Toyota Corolla AE103
  10. PREMIUM Phone aside! Driving demands full attention

    Driving is a full-time job, especially for the eyes.

  11. Njenga: Government must invest in Talanta Rally Academy

    Last weekend's RX attracted a healthy field of 34 drivers of all ages and experience.

    Esapekka Lappi navigated by Janne Ferm
  12. PREMIUM Motor Clinic: Is speed the main cause of road accidents?

    It is assumed that 'excessive' speed is the main culprit, but scientific evidence paints a different picture.

  13. Peter Njenga: Time to rethink as Kenya lose seat in powerful WRC Commission

    It is indeed a tough call for Kenya.

    Phineas Kimathi and Ababu Namwamba
  14. PREMIUM Motor Clinic: How vehicles pollute the air

    The huge volumes of toxic gases produced change the natural balance of air in the atmosphere, causing global warming.

    Air pollution
  15. Peter Njenga: Neuville chases glory in Croatia as Safari Rally dust settles

    Neuville has been unlucky in Kenya.

    2024 WRC Safari Rally
  16. Helicopter route opener: Keeping man, animal safe

    Fans marvelled at the daredevil chopper pilots controlling the nippy aircraft as it seemed to escort the speeding Safari rally cars at this year’s WRC Safari Rally.

  17. Cellestine Olilo: Let's not give away our revered Safari Rally to foreigners 

    No Kenyan or African got to within the top 10 positions.

    Team Toyota Gazoo
  18. PREMIUM Onyango-Obbo: How they ‘stole’ our Safari Rally

    As a marathon and endurance race, the Safari Rally played to our strengths.

    2024 WRC Safari Rally
  19. Ronny Lusigi: Why WRC Safari Rally should add esports to their portfolio

    Esports has the potential to showcase Kenya's stunning landscapes to a global audience,

    Esports at WRC
  20. Peter Njenga: Safari Rally organisers must not get complacent amidst success

    The FIA requires a WRC event to remain in one location for at least three years.

    President William Ruto flags off the WRC Safari Rally
  21. PREMIUM How and why Yellow Line Laws are used and abused

    You are entitled to cross that central line (whether it is solid or broken) only if it is “safe” and “necessary.

    Yellow line
  22. Crews take stock of performance as the dust settles on Safari Rally

    Top drivers visited the Masai Mara and shared their experiences with millions of fans.

    Team Toyota Gazoo
  23. Why Rovanpera will not earn prize money for Safari Rally win

    Motorsport at highest level is like any profession where workers are paid a monthly salary.

    Kalle Rovanpera celebrates with his navigator Jonne Haltunnen
  24. Traffic controls ensure easy passage for fans

    Those who dared test the nerve of the uncompromising officers had a rough time being ordered off the road.

    Kalle Rovanpera, navigated by Jonne Halttunen on a Toyota Yaris
  25. Tundo, Anwar battle big boys to give Safari Rally local flavour

    Tundo has had a limited rally programme since his semi-retirement in 2021.

    Carl Tundo (left) and his navigator Tim Jessop
  26. Kalle Rovanpera wins WRC Safari Rally

    It's his second Safari Rally crown after winning in 2022.

    Kalle Rovanpera celebrates with his navigator Jonne Haltunnen
  27. Rebuilding a car in 29 minutes, 30 seconds: First class engineering skills at play in Naivasha

    Belgian Neuville’s Hyundai back on the road after dramatic puncture, accident.

    Thierry Neuville
  28. STD cases rise in Naivasha as Safari Rally raves on

    Dr. Masha emphasised that decisions made today by young people could have long-term consequences, extending beyond immediate risks like pregnancies and HIV.

  29. Young fans mingle with rally stars at Naivasha

    Children as young as five gathered at the Buffalo Mall for photo opportunities with the drivers.