1. PREMIUM Onyango-Obbo: They feed the children, let them also lick their fingers

    African youth are asking for their share of the national cake and opportunities.

    Anti-government protesters
  2. PREMIUM Kisero: Mr President, get rid of advisers

    First, get rid of that cadre of political appointees known as ‘advisers’.

    William Ruto
  3. PREMIUM Gaitho: Raila’s KICC speech that never was

    There comes a time when we must put past recriminations behind us, and move on.

    Raila Odinga
  4. PREMIUM Guyo: Dissolve Parliament to reset country

    Voters have similarly no trust or confidence in the current Parliament whose members are of ill-repute.

    Parliament Buildings
  5. PREMIUM Kagwanja: Promote value-based leadership and society through education in Kenya

    A value-based education is a means or a pathway to an ethical end

     Nginda Girls High School
  6. PREMIUM Mutua: Here is the truth about power

    Influence and power to shape destinies of self and others.

    Shujaaz Memorial concert
  7. PREMIUM Kang’ata: Generation Zs and youth unemployment

    Government internships can offer fully paid temporary relief.

    Finance Bill 2024
  8. PREMIUM Oguda: We just want to talk to State House intercessors

    The Kenyan church has been doing other things in the pretext of restoring Kenya back to the body of Christ.

    William Ruto
  9. PREMIUM Muriithi: Youth protests and the GenZification of the economy

    Businesses rely heavily on trust and confidence.

    Anti-Finance Bill protests
  10. What happened to Mwalimu Andrew's staffroom Diary in the Sunday Nation?

    The column has taken a short break but will be back soon.