Words that get you thinking.
  1. Magesha Ngwiri: Voter listing numbers worrying should worry

    At this rate, next year’s election may boast the lowest turnout of any other since the restoration of multipartyism.

    Voter registration
  2. Eric Ng'eno: Tribute to Monari, talented lover of life betrayed by regime he adored

    Evans Nyarong’i Monari packed into his brief life what many would need several lifetimes to accomplish.

    Evans Monari
  3. Gabriel Oguda: Nick, to be president of dead talent, go work in a mortuary

    We wonder why it’s always you being picked on to be the candidate for sleepless nights.

    Nick Mwendwa
  4. Njoki Chege: How to ensure women win in 2022 elections

    The best way to support women leadership is to put our money where our mouths are; fund female candidates.

    Women leaders
  5. Mutuma Mathiu: Somalia and rogue husband card

    The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling is a whole new Pandora’s box, full of horrors for our future.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta, President Mohamed Farmaajo
  6. Peter Mwaura: The sun was not allowed to shine in reporting Somalia v Kenya case

    Some of the media stories were not framed to provide the information the reader needed to understand the case.

    Kenya-Somalia border
  7. Readers' feedback: Pandora Papers and ‘Nation’ coverage

    It is arguable whether the Nation chose to exercise an abundance of caution by not localising the story.

    Pandora Papers
  8. Onyango-Obbo: The ‘death’ of Kenya’s 100-year-old hotels a sign of something

    If you take a very broad view, the Covid-fuelled misfortunes of Treetops and its cousins represent the end of an era.

    Treetops Hotel
  9. Njeri Rugene: Clear the road to 2022 elections for women, as from nominations

    Kenya will have a record number of women elected in next year’s general election.

  10. Jaindi Kisero: Public debt details sorely lacking

    We have debts we don’t know we owe and debts we don’t know that we don’t owe.

    Public debt


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