Words that get you thinking.
  1. Kaltum Guyo: Can BBI instil trust in government?

    Dishonesty has always been the undoing of our leadership.

  2. Makau Mutua: Expanded executive will relieve post-election woes

    Democracy is an experiment, a project that at its best seeks a higher and ethical human intelligence.

  3. Kivutha Kibwana: Hurdles to clear before BBI proposals become a reality

    A minimum of 24 counties must approve the constitutional bill from the popular initiative.

  4. Gerry Loughran: The Covid crisis and our actions put UK’s future in danger

    Deaths apart, Covid has plunged more than half the population into lockdown.

  5. Otieno Otieno: Where is the peace BBI promised us?

    My honest view is that it has fallen short of guaranteeing us peace in future elections.

  6. Sunny Bindra: Two viruses that are worse than corona: Stupidity and selfishness

    They lie latent in all of us; they are easily transmitted; and they are often fatal.

  7. Kwendo Opanga: BBI proposals purpose-built for the 2022 Kenyatta II succession

    This BBI change, initiated by President Kenyatta and his foe-turned-fan Raila Odinga, fits this pattern.

  8. Sam Wambugu: How to steer business in turbulent times

    They must adapt to relentless changes now compounded by the pandemic.

  9. Tom Mshindi: Contest to change the law misses the point

    The burden that ultimately stymies every initiative, however well intended, is corruption.

  10. Scheaffer Okore: Sharing the burden and cost of change

    Fear is one of the greatest tools used to galvanise and move people.