Words that get you thinking.
  1. Kaltum Guyo: Kenya’s poverty created by leaders

    Delayed salaries and poverty appear to be a creation of human beings running government institutions and not voodoo.

    Dollar sack
  2. Sunny Bindra: Hey, do you know why your little neighbourhood shop is thriving?

    Local neighbourhood shops have grown fast all over Nairobi in recent months.

  3. Augustine Sang: Cut tax on electric vehicles to achieve net zero emissions

    Electric vehicles, on the other hand, do not have any tailpipe emissions.

    Electric car
  4. Sam Wambugu: Technology boon for broken health systems

    Hackers covet health data due to its high value.

    A medical worker at the US Department of Veterans Affairs
  5. Makau Mutua: How to pick a running mate

    The requirement of preparedness to lead the country should be the most important consideration.

    Uhuruto Ticket
  6. Peter Kagwanja: Failure to secure convictions fuelling political intolerance in pre-poll Kenya

    Incitement ahead of the crucial August 9 election risks sparking a new wave of violence.

    2022 Elections
  7. Gitau Warigi: Azimio loading as Uhuru meets MPs

    Everywhere except in Jubilee, campaigns are in full swing.

    State House Luncheon
  8. Tom Mshindi: Stop profiling and hate speech or revisit horrors of the past

    The stakes get really high during presidential transitions.

    Mithika Linturi
  9. Scheaffer Okore: Let’s all fight reckless words for a safe 2022

    Hate speech is part of daily life and should be discussed out of elections and prosecuted more.

    Hate speech
  10. Magesha Ngwiri: Omicron is here; go get a jab

    Omicron is highly transmissible and there is a grave danger of it mutating to more deadly variants unless everyone is immunised.

    Covid jab


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