Words that get you thinking.
  1. Charles Onyango-Obbo: The way Kenya dies is how it lives

    Maraga had thrown a cat amongst the pigeons with his letter to President Kenyatta.

  2. Njeri Rugene: Expand social protection to cushion vulnerable groups of post-Covid-19

    It is important that both levels of government seriously address the issue of SGBV.

  3. Abigail Arunga: We run marathons in the name of women but they still give birth by the roadside

    The incident at Pumwani shows that access to maternal healthcare is still a big challenge in the country.

  4. Jaindi Kisero: Landless KMC is a dead duck

    The KMC saga is but the latest illustration of the corporate governance mess in which our parastatals find themselves.

  5. Kaltum Guyo: Sonko-Badi ‘truce’ is just hot air

    Legally, Sonko is charged with corruption and cannot perform his duties.

  6. Is Africa learning any lessons from this pandemic?

    The experiences of 2020 can teach the continent to be more prepared for similar attacks in the future.

  7. Macharia Gaitho: ‘Reggae’, ‘Tangatanga’ virus pots

    The legal notices banning such public gatherings have not been repealed.

  8. Kennedy Chesoli: Is Jubilee’s second-term agenda to fight Deputy President Ruto?

    One does not have to like the DP to see the ridiculousness of mobilising state institutions to fight him.

  9. Bitange Ndemo: Africa must support women in tech

    A number of women run organisations that leverage technology to provide access to mentoring, networking and learning.

  10. Sekou Owino: How the unforeseen corona pandemic impacts contracts

    In South Africa it was workers who have mainly borne the brunt of force majeure instigated by the Covid-19 pandemic.