1. PREMIUM Muriithi: Homa Bay conference – quite an impressive show

    At the HoBIIC II, nine memoranda of understanding were signed.

  2. PREMIUM Ng'eno: Kenya is a decolonised state

    It is no longer feasible or sustainable for the state to represent or enforce interests contrary to the people's wishes.

    Jamhuri Day
  3. PREMIUM Oguda: Muranga farmers must cooperate with KRA if they want to be State shareholders

    An agitated section of avocado farmers in Muranga County almost lynched dedicated workers from the Kenya Revenue Authority.

    Avocado farming
  4. PREMIUM Mathiu: How to get Kenya out of the rut

    We must transition to mature politics based on clear national objective of rebuilding this land.

    President William Ruto
  5. PREMIUM Onyango-Obbo: To a brave new African world!

    The festival was revealing for the peek into the political, social and transition realities of Kenya and Africa.

    National Museum
  6. PREMIUM Kisero: Grey area in ‘wash-wash’ grey-listing

    Kenya has the strongest anti-money laundering framework in the region.

  7. PREMIUM Gaitho: Don’t ignore Mountain rumblings

    The Mountain is shifting back, and one cannot miss the signs of regret and a sense of betrayal.

    William Ruto
  8. PREMIUM Guyo: Local brews can end illicit liquors

    The trend will not be reversed by weaponisation of the war on local brews.

  9. PREMIUM Kagwanja: Kenya must put forward its best and ablest for AU Commission

    Certainly, Kenya has no shortage of able and experienced candidates for the powerful AU seat.

    African Union
  10. PREMIUM Bindra: Why supporting literature enriches lives, contributes to the greater good

    Books give us a place to understand others, and to think for ourselves.

    A librarian at the Kenya National Library Services