1. PREMIUM Kisero: CS-PS feuds reveal policy gap

    These perennial feuds between Cabinet Secretaries and civil servants escalated after the 2010 Constitution.

    Alice Wahome
  2. PREMIUM Gaitho: ‘Kenya Co. Ltd’ boardroom on fire

    Now it looks like Kenya Kwanza is in the throes of shareholder wars.

    Rigathi Gachagua
  3. PREMIUM Guyo: A better police will build Kenya

    Giving a huge responsibility to the corrupt police is putting the lives of Kenyans on hold.

    Police Recruits
  4. PREMIUM Mutua: David Ndii: Firefighter or arsonist?

    The economic guru of this public callousness is none other than my fellow intellectual, the brilliant Dr Ndii.

    President William Ruto’s economic advisor Dr David Ndii
  5. PREMIUM Loughran: Phoney comparisons undermine the threat of climate change

    Scientists have been warning of the need for decarbonisation for 30 years but their warnings have been mostly ignored.

    Libya floods
  6. PREMIUM Kang'ata: Govt spending needs to be pro-people

    Government expenditure is connected directly to the level of taxation: the more a government spends, the higher the likelihood of high taxes and vice versa.

    Njuguna Ndung'u
  7. PREMIUM Kagwanja: Manage Atmis transition to thwart Shabaab’s Taliban-like takeover

    The Taliban takeover raised concerns that it could encourage similar heists by other Islamist militant groups.

  8. PREMIUM Bindra: The tragedy of a culture that chooses ‘fru-fru’ over substance

    Fru-fru is a superficially frilly, misleading appearance.

  9. PREMIUM Muriithi: Why populism produces poor economic results

    Populist governments have a tendency to become brutal and repressive in response to criticism of policy failure.

    Political rally
  10. PREMIUM Ng'eno: Shareholding, accountability and why ‘nusu mkate’ is dangerous

    Grand coalitions and the accountability arising from the integrity of a governing mandate are mutually exclusive.

     ODM Raila Odinga