1. PREMIUM Gaitho: President Ruto, sack inefficient officers; the buck stops with you

    President Ruto can no longer allow himself to be beholden to those unsuited for the jobs he has given them.

    Cabinet meeting
  2. PREMIUM Guyo: Blame politicians’ greed for hardship

    A politician will even show up in a private helicopter to open a straw-built bridge that hardly lasts the next rainy season.

    Parliament Buildings
  3. PREMIUM Kanyinga: Democracy wanes on the back of government failure

    Only 54 percent of Kenyans think the elections they last voted in were free and fair.

  4. PREMIUM Bindra: Bringing humanity to your business in customers race

    Customers don’t just buy products, they buy feelings. The best purchase stirs the right feelings.

  5. PREMIUM Kang'ata: Tilt the scale in favour of workers in gig economy

    Think of the member of parliament who does not contribute in the plenary and is paid notwithstanding.

  6. PREMIUM Mshindi: Governance issues that spell danger for health initiatives

    At the county level, it was crucial to involve other county departments to achieve a common understanding.

  7. PREMIUM Makau Mutua: Why I reject men-only crusades

    Men-only ‘crusades’ and conferences are affairs coming from a dark and hateful place in the human hearts.

  8. PREMIUM Kagwanja: Somalia in EAC? Behold ‘the End of History’ in the Greater Horn

    Entry into EAC brings to a blissful close the age of explosive and competing ideologies.

    Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
  9. PREMIUM Oguda: Governors must stop shouting about El Nino funds, find something else to do

    We hope that El Nino rains have convinced those who did not believe in God to reevaluate their choices in life and start walking in the light.

    El Nino
  10. PREMIUM Ng’eno: Graft agencies need liberation

    Historically, the greatest direct and indirect obstacle to improvements was the church.

    Integrity Centre