1. Austin Bukenya: Parallel festivals and a Ugandan queen of many nationalities

    Today marks the eighth anniversary of the departure to the “promised land” of our literary matriarchal ancestor, Mama Grace Emily Akinyi Ogot Nya’Asembo.

    Mama Grace Emily Akinyi Ogot
  2. Style: Dressing for unpredictable weather

    Wear something you can take off when it grows too warm, or carry something you can add should it get too cool.

  3. Unveiling the other Kibwana: Social activism through poetry

    What many don’t know about Prof, is that he is a prolific writer, publisher and poet, with numerous published works to his name.

    Former Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana during an interview
  4. Tyranny of language and discourse on CBC

    What the promoters of CBC are calling values are just fuzzy extrapolations.

    Pupils of Mboto Sunrise primary school do their CBC assignment
  5. Female artists shine in art exhibitions

    Alliance and the Karakana Initiative sent callouts to female artists to show their best works to curators.

  6. Syrian castle among quake-hit UNESCO heritage sites at risk

    The Fortress of Saladin is an architectural treasure with Byzantine roots in the 10th century rebuilt by Frankish Crusaders in the 12th century.

    Fortress of Saladin
  7. Hire her, narrate your story and see it become a book

    Trained in business, Wanjiru Waithaka has found a niche in writing and she writes biographies as well as fiction.

     Wanjiru Waithaka
  8. Peperuka, the brand that tells African stories

    The brand tells African stories through unique products with powerful symbolic representation and language.

    Wangari Nyanjui
  9. Kimtai Cherongis: Let’s inspire students to pursue writing careers

    Writing needs fervent practice coupled with persistence and passion.

  10. Africa Kills Her Sun: Hopes of youth dashed in Nigeria

    The youth and other Nigerians looking for change had pinned their hopes on Mr Obi, but those aspirations have now been dashed.

    Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi
  11. With a background in IT, she now writes about feminism

    Lyna Dommie Namasaka, 26, has a professional background in IT and finance. She wears many hats, but today she wears that of author and activist.

  12. Austin Bukenya: Departed East African colossi leave me gasping with respect

    Mama Grace Onyango of Kisumu was the first female Mayor of Kisumu, and later the first elected female Member of the Kenyan Parliament.

  13. The rise and rise of sustainable fashion

    Such fashion allows us to enjoy our relationship to and with our clothes.

    Sustainable fashion
  14. Austin Bukenya: Keep your love, says the woman, give me respect and I’ll be fine

    International Women’s Day cannot be a one-day affair. It is a continuous and permanent struggle.

    International Women's Day
  15. Marjorie Macgoye: Fighter for women empowerment

    Synoptically, Marjorie’s literary works sought to help amplify — and push to the foreground of public discourse.

    Novelist and poet Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye
  16. Will the rise of AI take over my writing job?

    Writing stories is an art: it’s as old as human existence, I don’t think that machines can ever learn how to tell stories the way humans can.

    Artificial Intelligence
  17. Mount Kenya University to host mega staging of plays

    The university’s amphitheatre will be the venue for three productions namely Blossoms of the Savannah, Chozi la Heri and Bembea ya Maisha

    Everyn Nanzala
  18. The untold story of General Nkaissery

    The no-nonsense disciplinarian had served in the Kenya Defence Forces for 30 years.

    Helen Pilale Nkaissery
  19. Book calls for action before environmental apocalypse

    Usoni is a fictional concept about a woman and her daughter trying to make it across the ocean back to Africa after Europe becomes uninhabitable.

    Dr Marc Rigaudis during the launch of his book ‘Usoni’. 
  20. Why Rwanda genocide story should be told and retold

    Such stories need to be told and retold even if it is just to remind humanity of where the road to annihilation can lead to.

    A picture taken on March 22, 2019, shows skulls of victims of Rwanda’s 1994 genocide at the Ntarama Genocide Memorial
  21. Nairobians have a good reading culture, study reveals

    Older people — aged above 45 years — were found to be more frequent readers than younger ones.

    Reading culture


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