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  1. Austin Bukenya: Prof Wangusa @80 is poetry and scholarship personified

    Prof Wangusa has served with distinction as a government minister, MP, Vice-Chancellor, and a Presidential Adviser, all in addition to his stellar pedagogic, literary and family man roles.

    Prof Timothy Wangusa.
  2. Unlikely story of young rural girl who rose to the top

    The book Of Dreams and Whatever provides a sneak peek into the CAS Nadia Ahmed Abdalla’s life.

    Nadia Abdalla
  3. A thrilling adventure book about youth and terrorism

    Tony Mochama’s new book tell the story of how an innocent young man’s life is ruined by the Dark Web and radicalisation.

    Tony Mochama
  4. Willy Mutunga gifts posterity thoughts on law and society

    'Beacons of Judiciary Transformation' is just the right kind of memorialisation of Mutunga.

    Willy Mutunga
  5. PRIME How to run a confident race despite obstacles faced in life

    Fast-paced memoir traces the story of the boy from the little town of Emali, the challenges he went through and how he overcame them.

    Duke of Emali
  6. From distant land, author goes on a nostalgic journey

    Seldom can an author marry the title of their book with its content than Abdallah in this anthology.

    Cynthia Abdallah
  7. Book Club: Laps & Livres

    Name: Nyambura “Mike” Mutanyi, Communications Consultant & Literary Content Producer Book Reading: Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me by Ellen Forney

  8. Kenya to host books and arts festival

    The MOTO Books and Arts Festival seeks to reignite interest in books, reading, and enhancing the impact of arts and literature in Kenya.

    Nana Darkoa Sekyiama
  9. Of Ngugi winning the PEN award and comparisons with the Russian giant

    Kenyan writer shares many writing similarities with the Russian writer after whom the global award was named.

    Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o
  10. Why Kenya needs literature to advance to the first world

    I am sometimes amused by the reference to literary texts as ‘story books’. This may indicate an underestimation of the serious role that works of literature play in the society. Firstly...

  11. ‘Kenya ni Yangu’ calls for sanity in these electioneering times

    Song by Ketebul Music urges Kenyans to shun divisive politics and embrace peace, love and unity.

    Tabu Osusa
  12. PRIME Kaimenyi’s book takes a candid view of marriage

    Prof Jacob Kaimenyi's new book offers advice on how to maintain a successful family and the pitfalls to avoid.

    Jacob Kaimenyi
  13. PRIME Stubborn Hope: Kivutha Kibwana’s ‘These Words’

    Makueni Governor's anthology of poems captures Kenya’s history as it changed from Daniel Arap Moi’s regime to the current one.

    Kivutha Kibwana
  14. Do not allow construction of noisy kiosks near public library

    I do not see any sense of wisdom in bringing commerce in the vicinity of a major public library.

  15. Dance of the macabre in Soyinka’s latest book

    Wole Soyinka’s latest book reminds readers of the author's previous works in a very seductive sense.

    Wole Soyinka
  16. PRIME Ndegwa book reveals how Moi impoverished Kenyans

    Former CBK Governor's take on Daniel Arap Moi’s kleptocracy and its ramifications in contemporary Kenya a worthwhile read.

    Duncan Ndegwa
  17. Varsity don’s book explores secrets of a great family

    Starting A Healthy Family delves into the unpredictable topic that is a healthy family by offering a guide to the dos and don’ts.

    Starting a Health Family
  18. The Indulgent bibliophile

    I don’t know if I should call myself a late bloomer but I started to take interest in books about eight years ago when I got an internship opportunity that gave me a monthly stipend. Growing up...

  19. Writer explores joys, sorrows of Somalia in debut novel

    The haunting and compelling book with absolutely memorable characters is evidence of Yobby’s emotional reach as a prose writer.

  20. PRIME Season of politics: Why ‘A Man of the People’ is a crucial read

    Chinua Achebe's book has vital lessons for Kenyan voters on cunning politicians ahead of August General Election.

    Raila Odinga
  21. PRIME Our treasured Christmas family tradition

    At Christmas time, there is no script for what your tradition should look like, who you should share it with or how it should grow over time as long as you spread the love


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