1. Royal literature and Kenyans’ fascination with Kenyattas

    Beth Mugo has done well to document the grand but mostly unchronicled story of Kenyatta family.

  2. Kenyan wins the Afrika Redefined Indie Book Prize

    Ms Marete's book Echoes of Military Souls won with over 800 votes, representing 81.84 per cent of the votes cast.

    Jerusha Kananu Marete
  3. Binyavanga’s spirit lives on in new collection of his essays

    If there is a single memory that should always be associated with Binyavanga, it has to be that spirit to dare.

    Binyavanga Wainaina
  4. Bukenya: Season of asserting the book and all matters reading and writing

    We have to equip ourselves and our world to listen to the joyful tidings of the future cyber-time.

    Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor
  5. PREMIUM The new Kenyan designers defining our fashion trends

    ‘What is our style as Kenyans?’ A number of emerging designers are asking this question and offering a solution

  6. Beauty and climate: Eco-aesthetics and environmental responsibility

    Not only are climatic events globally linked, as we are getting increasingly aware, but their effects are felt with a startling immediacy in our highly interconnected ‘global village’ community.

     Camila Nyenze
  7. Climate change: Lessons from oral narratives

    How people were expected to use and co-exist with nature was delivered to young people through stories, songs, sayings or riddles.

    Africa Climate Summit 2023. 
  8. Twists and turns for Kenya: Why Ruto should read Homer’s ‘Odyssey’

    President Ruto is on an impossible quest… wading into uncharted territory of late.

  9. Essy Mosa: When it comes to fashion, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

    Esther Mosa is the CEO and Lead Designer of Essy Mosa, a clothing line launched in Nairobi in 2019. Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, she always had a passion for fashion that led her to pursue...

  10. 'Baby Pendo' film nominated for Atlanta Film Festival awards 2023

    "Bangarang" is inspired by true events that led to the death of Baby Pendo in 2017.

  11. PREMIUM Sipping words: Where wine and book lovers meet for a perfect pairing

    There is an undeniable magic in flipping through the pages of a book, savouring the mastery of words, while sipping wine.

    Books and Wine Club
  12. Michieka’s life journey, treatise on nationhood

    Michieka's Walking the Promise calls for re-engineering of university education to make it globally competitive.

    Prof Ratemo Michieka
  13. Jennifer Nansubuga to chair 2024 Commonwealth Short Story Prize judging panel

    The Ugandan-British award winning author was the overall prize winner in 2014.

    Award winning author Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi
  14. Through my art, I’ve been able to dine with presidents

    Maxwell is a fine artist who owns an arts shop by the name Kahawa Creations. He started drawing at a young age, and remained focused despite discouragement from others.

  15. PREMIUM Meet Amira, a school dropout behind the success of Swahili scholars

    Scholars from various universities acknowledge that Ms Msellem is a force to be reckoned with.

  16. ‘Mashariki 6’ conference asserted necessary literary, cultural power

    The conference is where literature and culture scholars, writers, artists, publishers and activists get together and share their latest experiences.

    Makerere University
  17. On the edge of eternity: Book delves into plight of soldiers

    ‘Echoes of Military Souls’ by Jerusha Kananu recently won the Afrika Redefined Indie Book Prize

    The cover of ‘Echoes of Military Souls’ by Jerusha Kananu.
  18. Austin Bukenya: China pings in Kiswahili, and not a French word from me in 2 days

    Recognition by a country like China is no mean development. Nor is it a random or accidental happening.

    The cover of Xi Jinping’s ‘Utawala wa China’.
  19. PREMIUM Of Kenyan politicians leveraging TikTok in readiness for 2027 elections

    TikTok is arguably the most popular social media platform for young people in the country.

    Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu
  20. The overlooked storyteller: Of Gachagua, Kenyan politics and Simple Narratives

    The Deputy President’s simple narratives have been resonating with his supporters.

  21. Our new Open University and the open-minded scholarship in Konza Technopolis

    Establishment of departments, centres and schools of gender and women studies was one of the most progressive development.