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  1. The woman who has broken the glass ceiling in the fine arts market

    Linda Daisy Indakwa, 31 is an artist who ekes out a living in the male-dominated profession of fine arts, while raising three children

  2. Wealth must never shut our eyes

    The indigenous tale cautions against cruelty and selfishness.

  3. Civil society and crucial role it plays in governance

    Irungu Houghton's book, Dialogue & Dissent, paints civil society activists as ordinary men and women with extraordinary vision.

    Irungu Houghton
  4. Henry Chakava to chair global book organisation

    Dr Chakava is reputed for setting up African book associations and encouraging international partnership and collaborations in the book industry.

    Henry Chakava
  5. M-funza book club

    My mother catalysed my reading nature and curiosity for books by bringing a newspaper home and making sure I read all the interesting stories.

  6. PRIME Why this lawyer wants you to edit your Bible

    Author Joseph Hannington Musomba believes there is a secret code in the Bible that he has cracked in his book.

    Joseph Hannington Musomba
  7. PRIME Austin Bukenya: Becoming a “yes-man” and sweet cadences of our beloved tongue 

    My “yes-manship” started with the realisation that I was turning down a lot of offers, requests and invitations from my friends and associates.

    The Yes Man
  8. 150 years of journalism in East Africa: Pioneers tell their tales

    The book focuses on telling individual stories of journalists surrounded by different circumstances.

    Journalism in Eastern Africa
  9. Sarah Hassan toast of the day as Kalasha Awards nominees unveiled

    The nominees were unveiled in Nairobi.

    Sarah Hassan
  10. Despite being married, I still do get hit on constantly

    Viola Karuri is a recording artiste and a music producer having studied at the Berklee College of Music. She is the first and only female producer to have ever been featured at Coke Studio.

  11. Why Wyre, Naiboi didn't perform at Etana's Pamoja Concert

    The super-hyped event which went down at the Ngong Racecourse was a cocktail of disappointments.

  12. Positively African book club

    There is a big age difference between my siblings and me so since I could not play with them, books were my refuge and reading is now my best hobby.

  13. The ‘50 Memos to Men’ that women, too, should read

    This is not necessarily a book of advice, in the strictest sense of the word. It is not a how-to-live-your-life manual.

    50 Memos to Men
  14. Tales of defiance in the face of a colonial power

    Pheroze Nowrojee paints an intimate portrait of the colonialism experienced in Kenya through the eyes of ordinary men and women.

  15. The runaway granny who opened doors for women

    Nyanga is Rhoda’s tribute to and commemorating the grandmother she describes as a runaway.

  16. PRIME Translation giving minor literatures a global voice

    Although the translation of English literary works to Kiswahili has dominated the scene for a long time, the trajectory is slowly changing

    Ken Walibora
  17. By the Book: Catherine Wanjiru

    Catherine Wanjiru is a pharmaceutical scientist and a writer.

  18. Artist’s magical realism paints River Nile in new light

    Miska Mohmmed was not just the only woman whose art was in the show. She was also the youngest artist among them.

  19. Gurnah’s surprise Nobel win: A stranger in a strange land

    Having lost his homeland of Zanzibar, the running theme of Gurnah’s literary works seemed to suggest that he never really felt at home anywhere.

    Abdulrazak Gurnah
  20. Media personality Elizabeth Musyimi: I have a big crush on Wizkid

    Media personality Elizabeth Musyimi has carved a niche as an entertainment journalist

  21. Wordlove Book club

    The best book I have read is Tuesdays with Morrie

  22. PRIME Austin Bukenya: Nobel Literature glory comes to Uswahilini but not to Kiswahili

    We have reason to rejoice that, for the first time in its more than 120-year history, the Nobel Prize for Literature has come to our shores.

    Abdulrazak Gurnah nobel prize
  23. Gurna’s Nobel win shines bright light on Tanzania’s neglected writing in English

    Who is this old man said to have been born among us and won a literature gold prize in retirement without as much a mention in our daily gossip?

  24. Did the social media outage have you on edge? You need to unplug

    This week many of us took a forced social break, but maybe it's something we should adopt

  25. My boyfriend Mulamwah made me famous

    Caroline Muthoni popularly known as Carrol Sonie is an actress and content creator. She is the fiancée to comedian funny man Kendricks Mulamwah

  26. Coffee, Books and More (CBM)

    I got a long reading list from my then class teacher, Mr Thuo. His list included My life in Crime, My Life with a Criminal and The River Between.

  27. PRIME How the country can heal wounds of 1982 failed coup

    Today, in Kenyan history, the month of August is associated with the failed attempted coup of August 1, 1982.

    Police officers
  28. Author wants radical shift to honour rights of children and mothers in jail

    A look at the book ‘Rights of the Child, Mothers and sentencing: The Case of Kenya’.

  29. Austin Bukenya: How Peter Nazareth tried to literalise Amin and Elvis Presley

    Nazareth is best-known for dragging the rock-n-roll idol, Elvis Presley, into the lecture rooms of American universities.

    Elvis Presley
  30. Tom Mboya era revisited in ‘The Airlift Orphan’ 

    Marjory Kimani’s latest novel, 'The Airlift Orphan' is inspired by Tom Mboya's airlifts of the 1960s.

    The Airlift Orphan
  31. PRIME Austin Bukenya: Dr Masakhwe’s stormy sailing a unique challenge to us

    Dr Masakhwe's autobiography narrates his adventurous and arduous journey from abject poverty to the top of academic echelons.

    Sailing in Storms
  32. Sailing in Storms: My Story as a person living with disability

    A story of overcoming incredible obstacles placed in the way of a person by the society just because he is physically disabled.

    Phitalis Were Masakhwe
  33. PRIME Vital leadership lessons from trail-blazing prisons reformist

    Leadership Through the Eyes of a Prisons Officer is a veritable manual on management and leadership.

    Wanini Kireri
  34. Art installation explores concepts of beauty

    Wambui Kamiru Collymore calls into question both the concept of beauty and its practice by African women.

  35. Art as a way of moving up in the world

    He’s a self-confessed former pickpocket and ex-con who only fell into crime when the going got rough, and his poverty led to his believing he had no other choice but crime.

  36. PRIME This is the story of the University of Nairobi

    A look at the book 'Fountain of Knowledge: A History of the University of Nairobi'.

    University of Nairobi
  37. PRIME Leonard Mambo: My scary clash with coup plotters

    Veteran broadcaster captures his harrowing experience of failed coup of 1982 in an autobiography titled Je, huu ni Uungwana?

    Leonard Mambo Mbotela
  38. PRIME Austin Bukenya: ‘King’ John Sibi-Okumu wields his sceptre with ‘Collected Plays’

    The central theme of Sibi-Okumu’s Collected Plays is who we are, where we are and where we are going.

    John Sibi-Okumu
  39. Flight attendant: My 39 years working for Kenya Airways

    Retired flight attendant, packs a riveting account of his life working for Kenya Airways for 39 years.

    Life in the Sky
  40. Learn to do things at your own pace

    A look at ‘In Praise of Slowness’ by Carl Honore.

    In Praise of Slowness
  41. Publishers should allow young achievers to pen their memoirs

    Stories abound of authors who opted for mainstream publishing and had to endure long waits to have their books roll off the press.

  42. Austin Bukenya: About being mixed race, and what Khaminwa told Senghor

    The cancer of racism continues to rage unabated, to the detriment of so-called “people of colour” everywhere, and the whole of decent humanity.

    John Khaminwa
  43. Matu Wamae: How we defeated Kanu in 2002

    Veteran politician’s memoirs detail how Raila Odinga’s famous ‘Kibaki Tosha’ helped turn the tide against Daniel arap Moi.

    Matu Wamae
  44. New KICD rules leave book publishers, authors in a bind

    Selection rules required publishers to submit typed manuscripts without the names of the author.

    Prof Charles Ochieng’ Ong’ondo
  45. PRIME Tom Mboya: The man Kenya can never forget

    Tom Mboya will always remain as that leader who provokes us to always think of what could have been.

    Tom Mboya
  46. PRIME For politicians looking for survival, read Bibi biography

    Netanyahu may no longer be calling shots in Tel Aviv right now but his legacy will shadow Israel for some time to come.

    Benjamin Netanyahu
  47. PRIME Has Ngugi wa Thiong’o turned his back on Kiswahili?

    Literature don’s ideology on African languages seems to give more favour to Gikuyu than Swahili.

    Ngugi wa Thiong'o
  48. Book Club: Sunday Brunch Book Club

    I started a book club in March 2019. It was from a place of “I have read so much and it would be wonderful if I could connect with others who have read similar books and together draw lessons and...

  49. A look at Stanley Mwenda’s ‘Chronicles of a Village Surgeon’

    The book offers insight into life in village with themes like alternative medicine and belief in witchcraft

    Aruyaru Stanley Mwenda
  50. Why literary texts are still vital in the Kenyan education system

    Creative writing should be offered as a subject to complement literature if we are to produce serious writers.

    Literature student
  51. Kiswahili poet, writer Haji Gora takes his final bow

    The poet, who was born in 1933 on Tumbatu island in the Zanzibari archipelago, died last week aged 88.

    Haji Gora Haji
  52. PRIME Tough life for budding authors selling their own books

    Self-published authors resort to creative means of distributing their works in order to penetrate the market.

    Book vendors
  53. PRIME Why literature should be taken more seriously

    Downgrading literature means we will end up with graduates who can barely communicate in English.

    Ngugi wa Thiong'o
  54. Writers group fulfills big dream of own bookshop

    Writers Guild Bookshop stock books exclusively by Kenyan and African writers.

    Gabriel Dinda
  55. PRIME When Dad dies: Chimamanda grapples with grief in new book

    In the elegy to her father James Nwoye Adichie, Nigerian writer delves into sorrow and memory.

    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  56. PRIME Daniel Gachukia’s story of belonging to two cultures

    Gachukia’s story of being Kikuyu and Kamba at the same time is a story of the prospects of a postcolonial Kenya.

    Daniel Gachukia
  57. Bukenya: Affirmative action - Makerere women grab majority shares

    Makerere’s motto is “We build for the future”. That future will be glorious if gender equity is part of it.

    Makerere University
  58. Art movement to give Nairobi a facelift through all murals

    Artists to be given a chance to showcase their talent and promote safety and beauty in the city.

    Bomb Squad team
  59. PRIME Sh20,000 for this book? No problem, I’ll buy it

    A look at Kenyans who do not mind buying that very expensive book.

    Book reader
  60. Why Kiraitu has no apologies to make and no songs to fake

    Being a poet, writer and accomplished lawyer, the Governor of Meru, is more nimble with words and imagery than a monkey in a forest.

    Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi
  61. Prophetic poetry and majestic guns of the Chadian liberators

    President Idriss Deby, who had just won a sixth term in a row, goes and gets himself killed in a battle with rebels seeking to overthrow him.

  62. Untold stories of Goan Africans in making of Kenyan nation

    ‘Twilight of the Exiles’ deepens our understanding of how ravages of nationalism, misrule and corruption affected a minority community.

     ‘Twilight of the Exiles’
  63. Our obsession with exam results doesn’t always tally with reality

    One needs more than just good grades or high IQ to be successful in life.

    George Magoha
  64. Austin Bukenya: Why I’m sharing my Christmas tender moments and wonders

    In the case of 2020, one may justifiably wonder whether there is anything worth celebrating in it.

  65. By the Book: Jane Ngunjiri

    I’m currently reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and working on my second book.

  66. Are local publishers on their last chapter?

    With schools closed due to Covid-19, firms are weighing options as stacks of books gather dust in warehouses.

  67. By the Book: Lesalon Kasaine

    I am very observant and I mostly live in my imagination.

  68. By the Book: Glory Abah

    Glory Abah is a Nigerian writer and a creative writing coach.

  69. Book sales soar as French lockdown eases

    Even so, overall, sales were 60 percent down compared the corresponding period in 2019.

  70. By the Book: Jacob Aliet

    Jacob Aliet is the author of Shoreline Origins, Magnolia Flower, First Encounters, The Photographer, and Levant Church which is his latest work of fiction.

  71. Book Review: Who Will Catch Us as We Fall

    Whatever the book lacks in proper Kiswahili phrases, it makes up for in the vivid descriptions of the city.

  72. Mike Mburu: I don’t believe that Kenyans don’t read

    'I have worked at Kwani Trust for 13 years now.'

  73. By the Book: Yidana Waterz

    Waterz Yidana is a 33-year-old award winning Ghanaian playwright, poet and essayist.

  74. By the Book: Misky Nur Abdullahi

    Misky Nur Abdullahi, 19, is a poet from Mandera County.

  75. Kenyan blogger James Murua to judge Caine Prize

    Only five stories will be chosen by the judges.


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