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  1. Jan Fox: Lunch at the house of peace

    As a small, converted home surrounded by towering office blocks and residences, beit é selam is an oasis.

    Beit é selam
  2. Dinner at Red Ginger eatery

    There aren't enough words to describe the food. It was exceptionally scrumptious

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  3. A day with the Maasai Mara manes and big cats

    The Mara is without doubt ‘big cat’ country

  4. John Fox: Bends in the Mara River

    Fairmont Mara Safari Club has a magnificent position, where the Mara River bends and bends back on itself.

    Mara River
  5. PRIME JM Baraza: Which will take the 2021 Motoring Press Agency Car of The Year Award?

    Here’s how it’s done to qualify, the vehicle nominated must first be officially on sale in Kenya, brand new, from a recognised franchise. Out-of-production models do not qualify

  6. PRIME The hidden getaways to spend your holiday this festive season

    Are you tired of going to the same places? Sit back and relax, as we unearth for you the destinations that you should be planning for instead

  7. Dinner at Diani: Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant

    Al Fresco dining taken to magical dimensions

  8. Why Amboseli is bursting with colours of the wild

    Today, lions are increasingly seen in Amboseli compared to a few years ago when they were killed in retaliation for raiding livestock

  9. A fantasy drive to Thomson’s Falls

    It was raining when we set off and there was little talk between us as I had to negotiate the roadwork diversions along the Nakuru Road.

    Thomson’s Falls
  10. Specialty coffee café thrives with vegetarian menu

    The Barista & Co. is a family-owned business with the simple mission of serving coffee at events.

  11. How it’s like to club in Dubai nightclubs

    Dubai is a love song. The amazing landscapes, buildings architecture, theme parks, souks, and display of different cultures all mash up into a beautiful melody. At least for me. For a long...

  12. Wilderness camping in Kenya

    There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the wild than under canvas, surrounded by animals, with no humans around.

    Robin Hurt’s campsite
  13. Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant along Kijabe street

    The star-studded seafood extravaganza at Mawimbi Seafood restaurant

  14. Birds, elephants and fossil prints in Baringo historic sites

    Lung’ok Community Prehistoric Site, is where footprints of our ancestors were discovered, dating back to two million and 250,000 years ago

  15. Travel: Tastes of Lebanon at Hob House

    Lebanon has had a turbulent history – ruled in turn by Egyptians, Persians, Romans and French.

     shrubbery nook.
  16. Why this all-inclusive hotel in Malindi is way up on the ratings

    In the recently concluded World Travel Awards, Diamonds Dream of Africa won Africa's leading all-inclusive resort title

  17. Lake Natron: The famed waterhole that turns animals into stone

    At a distance, we could also see a huge number of flamingoes which we later came to find out are known as the “Lesser Flamingoes”

  18. John Fox: A fantasy drive to the Blue Post Hotel

    I was prompted to take a drive to the Blue Post myself – and my fantasy was I had the ghost of Elspeth Huxley for company.

  19. My first Fine Dining Experience at Serena Hotel

    This is where I was to have my very first fine dining experience in one of their three restaurants known as the Madhari Fine Dining Restaurant.

  20. At last, here’s a resort that is built out of nature

    Olepangi Farm is Timau’s little secret

  21. You can take a dip at the hot water spring at Lake Bogoria, but not swim

    It’s a picturesque drive setting off from Nairobi at the crack of dawn to reach the flamingo-filled Bogoria by mid-morning.

  22. Jan Fox: A lovely afternoon at the Brown’s Farm

    When I visited the farm last Saturday with friends, the tour was at capacity with groups of tourists and young families.

    Gouda cave
  23. Raw deal at Artcaffe’ Coffee and Bakery

    The service was slow, and the fruit salad was a rip-off

  24. A luxury lakeside weekend

    For too long, Lake Elmenteita had simply been a scenic section of our journeys to Nakuru and beyond.

    Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp
  25. My visit to Goma after the Volcano

    I wanted to visit the town for years to hike up Mt Nyiragongo and check out the crater lake at the top

  26. A tour of the place where life originally started

    It is here in Turkana that human-kind first emerged with the fossil of the Turkana Boy’s skeleton who lived 1.5 million years ago

  27. Huge, tasty portions at an amazing low price

    For a total of just Sh910, we ate two full meals, drunk two very large cups of tea masala and had takeaways

  28. John Fox: Celebrating three Ukambani heroes

    The Kioko sculptures are superbly set in a very refreshing Wote recreational park, with its tree-lined pathways.

    Syokimau sculpture
  29. Searching for the real queens of Shaba

    We hear of leopard sightings and at dawn we’re watching the ethereal sunrise in the vast drylands of Samburu

  30. The adventure is worth it, but the food not so much

    The quad bike rides and archery were a delight, the food was too pricey

  31. Travel: A working retreat at Reata

    Guests have access to a range of amenities including two good quality restaurants, a swimming pool and a gym.

    Reata Apartment Hotel
  32. What's new at this freshly opened Galitos?

    I wondered what's different from the rest of its stores littered in almost every part of the city

  33. A visit to an all-female camp at the Serengeti

    Christened ‘Ladies Camp’, Dunia Camp is the only entirely female run safari camp in East Africa, due to cultural reasons

  34. Inside the Kesho Kutwa art exhibition

    The art history story is written up on a wall

  35. A veggie burger so good even meat lovers would enjoy

    Coming out of a 21-day fast where I only ate fruits and vegetables, I had been worried about finding wellness menus

  36. Hiking in Samburu Ndoto Mountains

    Exploring mountains in Kenya’s arid north

  37. Kenya is home to world’s best hotel

    Mahali Mzuri is a 12-tent luxury safari camp located in the private Olare Motorogi Conservancy.

    Mahali Mzuri
  38. A journey through Tsavo East

    Tsavo’s rust-red earth and gnarly vegetation is unmistakable.

    Tsavo East National Park
  39. A beautiful bowl of Japanese ramen to warm you up

    If you’re looking for something to warm you up in these cold Nairobi winter days, you won’t’ go wrong with Chekafe Ramen bowls

  40. Have you been to Lamu? Here is your chance for some fun

    With introduction of direct flights, you should not miss the opportunity to experience a relaxed and less crowded Kenya beach experience

  41. PRIME Baraza, what is your problem with the Nissan?

    You seem to have a deep-rooted and peculiar disdain for anything Nissan.

    Nissan Patrol
  42. Jan Fox: Dining in a rotating ‘rooftop’

    If I was a traveller and new to Nairobi, The View would be an ideal spot to learn the lie of the land.

    The View Restaurant
  43. Jan Fox: Our staycation at The Social House

    Lavington has transformed over the past few decades, and The Social House is one of the few welcome additions to its landscape.

    Social House
  44. PRIME The man who cycled from Morocco to South Africa

    Othmane Zaloti left home with Sh8,000; to survive in the course of his journey he did menial jobs.

    Othmane Zolati
  45. Revisiting the Kentmere Club

    The Kentmere is no longer the exclusive club it must have been in the 1920s when it first opened.

    Kentmere Club
  46. Travel: A restaurant, art gallery and catering school

    Born on a farm in Australia, the CEO is good at practical work and business.

    Wama Restaurant
  47. Jan Fox: Farm-to-table dining experience

    At the heart of the property is the Greenhouse Restaurant, where I had a coffee with Cultiva’s Ecuadorian founder.

    Greenhouse Restaurant
  48. Travel: Swahili style and sea turtles

    Tiny, frantically flapping green turtles made a mad dash for the water, stumbling awkwardly on clumps of seaweed and ridges in the sand

    Sokoni Plaza
  49. Up in the trees in Samburuland

    Tucked into a grove of newtonia and diospyros trees, Sarara Camp is raised on tall platforms at the canopy level.

    Sarara Treehouses
  50. What more to see at the Safari Rally weekend in Naivasha

    Spectator stages are set up at Loldia, Kasarani, Kedong (Chui Lodge), Soysambu, Sleeping Warrior Hills and Hell’s Gate near the iconic Fischer’s Tower

    WRC Safari Rally fans
  51. Perfect place to shed weight as you enjoy nature

    We got there early in the morning to the heavenly sounds of chirping birds, howling monkeys and buzzing insects.

    Matembezi trail
  52. A walk in the Arboretum

    There were small devotional meetings, a group enjoying team-building exercises, and another having a barbecue.

    Nairobi Arboretum
  53. Travel: A post-lockdown safari to Lewa

    On one of our days there, we had a bush breakfast on a high point. For the full 360 degrees the scenery was vast and so magnificent.

    Elewana Lewa Safari Camp
  54. Travel: A memorable meal at Matteo’s

    Our pizzas eventually arrived, and I couldn’t wait to tuck in. I was hooked from the first slice. It was truly delicious.

  55. PRIME Bogani House, the home once occupied by Karen Blixen

    A look at the life and times of celebrated Belgian author who made Kenya her home.

    Karen Blixen Museum
  56. Travel: Lunch at the Ballpoint Social Club

    Ballpoint is a really fun, creatively-designed space with a bar and all manner of pub and arcade games.

    Ballpoint Social Club
  57. Travel: A return to the Fisherman’s Camp

    There was a lively buzz about the place, and we sat around our campfire late into the night.

    Fisherman’s Camp
  58. Want a quick getaway from Nairobi? Try Waterfalls Inn

    The picnic site is set on a hill overlooking the Nairobi skyline and the Highlands of Limuru.

     Waterfalls Inn
  59. Getaways in the locked down zone

    I was pleasantly surprised by the size of Kajiado County, stretching southeast past Amboseli to edge of Tsavo West.

    Kimana House
  60. Reflections of an outsider in Venezuela

    ‘Reality is a strange thing. It shoots you back to a time when dreams must meet reality and for the first time in 20 years, I feel like an outsider’

  61. In the land of dragons

    The range is full of extraordinary volcanic rock structures, created around six million years ago.

    Northern Moorlands
  62. PRIME We sold everything to travel the world with our children

    For two years husband and wife Dale and Damiana Trimble have visited 20 countries with their three young children.

  63. Travel: A walk in the city

    My wife, always encouraging me to get more exercise, persuaded me to go to Jaffrey Sports Club last Sunday.

    Jaffrey Sports Club
  64. Travel: Perfect date with nature

    I was generally quite impressed by Oloolua Forest.

  65. Coronacation: Here is a quick getaway

    Get rid of cabin fever with a staycation in Nanyuki.

  66. Baraza JM: Which of these 4x4s would you advise me to get?

    Land Rovers can go anywhere. Land Cruisers will come back from anywhere.

  67. At Christmas, Bethlehem says denied full gifts of tourism

    Town of nativity struggles to attract tourists all-year round

  68. Baraza JM: How would you rate Skoda Yeti?

    The Skoda has passable ground clearance for a non-SUV.

  69. A charming 100-year-old house

    Vacations are all about location, right?

  70. Eating and Outing: When East meets West Africa flavour

    Madame Connoisseuse orders in from this eatery and she is delighted at the serving.

  71. The Dish: Delectable Sunday brunch at Pallet Café

    My favourite thing about it is that it is disability friendly

  72. Eating & Out : Tips for buying wine at a supermarket

    Wendy Watta gives you the ultimate guide to selecting your celebratory drink.

  73. Dye workshop a colourful dip into old Cairo craft

    The craft has been going strong for almost 120 years

  74. Eating&Out: Are we taking social distancing too far?

    Madame Connoissuese is delighted at the chicken offering, but wonders why they can’t share a table with her live-in sister.


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