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  1. Coronacation: Here is a quick getaway

    Get rid of cabin fever with a staycation in Nanyuki.

  2. Baraza JM: Which of these 4x4s would you advise me to get?

    Land Rovers can go anywhere. Land Cruisers will come back from anywhere.

  3. At Christmas, Bethlehem says denied full gifts of tourism

    Town of nativity struggles to attract tourists all-year round

  4. Baraza JM: How would you rate Skoda Yeti?

    The Skoda has passable ground clearance for a non-SUV.

  5. A charming 100-year-old house

    Vacations are all about location, right?

  6. Eating and Outing: When East meets West Africa flavour

    Madame Connoisseuse orders in from this eatery and she is delighted at the serving.

  7. The Dish: Delectable Sunday brunch at Pallet Café

    My favourite thing about it is that it is disability friendly

  8. Eating & Out : Tips for buying wine at a supermarket

    Wendy Watta gives you the ultimate guide to selecting your celebratory drink.

  9. Dye workshop a colourful dip into old Cairo craft

    The craft has been going strong for almost 120 years

  10. Eating&Out: Are we taking social distancing too far?

    Madame Connoissuese is delighted at the chicken offering, but wonders why they can’t share a table with her live-in sister.

  11. Travel: A magical drive through city’s national park

    We skirted the forest for a while and then headed across Songora Ridge towards Mokoyeti Gorge.