1. Visit Uhuru Park if you haven’t done so yet

    Once through the imposing gates, the paved walkways will lead you past fountains and sculptured animals.

    Uhuru Park
  2. Stop unnecessary harassment at Lake Magadi checkpoint

    I was surprised to read in Trip Adviser several reports from tourists that they have been badly hassled at the checkpoint.

    Lake Magadi
  3. Kenya-Japan ties: A walk down memory lane

    In 1963, Kenya and Japan established diplomatic relations shortly after Kenya declared her independence.

    Ken Okaniwa
  4. Up for some Coffee Heist?

    Here, freshly brewed coffee blends with the fun of watching the waiters dressed as "Money Heist" actors.

    Coffee Heist Café
  5. Africa through the eyes of a cyclist

    Florence Ryan has found landscapes in the Sahara amazing, and camping under the stars a dream.

    Florence Ryan
  6. Sushi lovers take YouTube lessons on chopstick use

    Eating the Japanese dish is a challenge for first-timers seeking training on internet.

  7. Backpackers’ hostels: Where low-budget travellers meet

    For those who want to keep the costs low as they travel, hostels with shared amenities are a great option.

    Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers
  8. A treat for the palate at a horse themed restaurant

    I followed the “stables” sign, only to discover a restaurant, complete with immaculate white-clad wait staff.

  9. 5th Avenue Café, village market: A hideout perfect for a low-key third date

    The menu has a nice selection and variety.

  10. The place to see all endangered species

    By the time we reach the lodge, we’ve seen four of the Big Five and plenty of plains game.

  11. I run marathons across countries; here are my lessons about weight and diets

    I got into marathons after I became a mother because I had put on a lot of baby weight

  12. What are those lumpy under bonnet carpets for?

    The insulating qualities of the mats are positive; you would almost certainly notice the difference if they were not there.

  13. Exploring Victoria Falls' majesty in Zambia

    Zambia will amaze you at every turn, from the roaring Victoria Falls to the untamed wildness of national parks.

  14. Why Kenyans are craving Thai food

    Thai happens to be one of the most popular Southeast Asian cuisines because of its bold flavours that are sweet and spicy, the use of fresh herbs and spices, and its aesthetic presentation

  15. The highlights from Concours d’Elegance 2023

    As usual, it had a full house of 70 competing cars and 40 competing motorcycles.

  16. Motoring: Do rough roads cause more wear and tear?

    Rough roads might marginally increase the wear and tear factors, but what will make them excessive are neglect and abuse.

  17. Bob Dewar and the Africa Concours d’Elegance

    In the early years of the Concours in Kenya, the officials, competitors and spectators were mainly Europeans; these days, they are all mainly Africans

    Bob Dewar.
  18. Increasing ground clearance for rough road conditions

    Whatever you do, do it moderately.

  19. Will AI reshape the trucking industry?

    Computerisation is already a well-advanced component of trucking. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an increasing part of that.

  20. PREMIUM What you should modify on that foreign used car

    Here are the most important modifications you should do once you import a car.

  21. The 24-hour tourist to Watamu, Mida Creek

    Located on the south side of Mida Creek in Watamu, Kenya, the getaway sits on a small beach