1. Artificial Intelligence and travel writing

    There should be touches of humour, too – the writer having an eye for the bizarre and the extraordinary.

  2. The family Sunday Brunch experience at Ole-Sereni

    Apart from the swimming pool, children can enjoy a variety of activities—bouncing castle, face painting, building blocks—for free.

  3. Dining and wine tasting at Cave à Manger

    With each dish, they offer two options of wines to pick from per glass.

  4. Meeting Ruka and Rafiki, the cheetah brothers in the Mara Triangle

    There’s everything here in the Garden of Eden – elephants, buffaloes, zebra, antelopes, gazelles, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos and black-maned lions.

    Ruka and Rafiki gorging on their impala kill in Mara Triangle.
  5. PREMIUM Must-have tools in your car when driving off the beaten track

    The absolute bare essentials are, of course, a jack and a wheel brace.

  6. Karen Kitchen, the place where art and appetite meet

    From the moment I stepped into this haven of culinary and artistic delights, I knew I was in for a memorable adventure.

  7. I want a roof hatch, will it affect value of my vehicle?

    Design and technical competence are important.

  8. What’s all the fuss about pressure washing cars?

    Pressure washers are extremely good at removing all kinds of dirt, especially in places that ordinary washing with cloths and brushes cannot reach.

    Car wash
  9. What to do in Rwanda's capital? Hike Mount Kigali

    Atop Mount Kigali, you get amazing views of the city’s buildings and its neighbourhoods. This was like nothing I had seen before.

    Mount Kigali
  10. Learning about wellness at Chez Mahmadi

    When I went to Chez Mahmadi’s lovely house at 3.2B Kitisuru Road, Nairobi, I was immediately impressed by the comfort, style and serenity of the place.

    Chez Mahmadi wellness centr
  11. Mind the gap when it comes to gear ratios

    The gaps between intermediate gears will depend on the size and power of the engines.

  12. How come Formula One tyres have no treads at all?

    The tyres of Formula One cars are very highly specialised.

  13. Differences between Kenyan and British cultures

    The competitiveness you see in driving styles in Kenya doesn’t fit with the general culture of friendliness and hospitality.

    UK roads
  14. How to remove the stubborn windscreen smear

    Regular fly/mosquito spray seems to work as well as anything else I’ve tried, and it is readily available.

  15. Some do's and don’ts when engine overheats

    I can’t think of any other circumstance where externally dousing a hot engine with cold water could be necessary or helpful.

  16. Morning safari at Nairobi National Park

    You are privileged to be living in Kenya! But have you been patriotic enough to visit any park in your home country as an adult?

    Nairobi National Park
  17. Fine dining at Chophouse restaurant

    I can’t help thinking that maybe the good life is about eating delicious sumptuous meals.

    Chophouse Restaurant
  18. Want to relax? Try Naivasha’s Malu Lodge

    Scattered across the 1,800 acres of the Malu reserve, the accommodation comprises two family villas, four cottages and one tree house.

    A view of Malu Lodge near Naivasha.
  19. How often should I check my truck's tyre pressure?

    Do a pressure check every day! And a visual check of tyre inflation and condition every trip.

  20. Can I use my Kenyan driving licence abroad?

    To be sure that you will be accepted as a licensed driver almost anywhere and everywhere, you should get an International Driving Permit.

    Kenyan driving licence
  21. Minor traffic offences warrant no arrest

    The fact remains that minor variations in sheer speed are rarely the “cause” of an accident.