1. What are those lumpy under bonnet carpets for?

    The insulating qualities of the mats are positive; you would almost certainly notice the difference if they were not there.

  2. Exploring Victoria Falls' majesty in Zambia

    Zambia will amaze you at every turn, from the roaring Victoria Falls to the untamed wildness of national parks.

  3. Why Kenyans are craving Thai food

    Thai happens to be one of the most popular Southeast Asian cuisines because of its bold flavours that are sweet and spicy, the use of fresh herbs and spices, and its aesthetic presentation

  4. The highlights from Concours d’Elegance 2023

    As usual, it had a full house of 70 competing cars and 40 competing motorcycles.

  5. Motoring: Do rough roads cause more wear and tear?

    Rough roads might marginally increase the wear and tear factors, but what will make them excessive are neglect and abuse.

  6. Bob Dewar and the Africa Concours d’Elegance

    In the early years of the Concours in Kenya, the officials, competitors and spectators were mainly Europeans; these days, they are all mainly Africans

    Bob Dewar.
  7. Increasing ground clearance for rough road conditions

    Whatever you do, do it moderately.

  8. Will AI reshape the trucking industry?

    Computerisation is already a well-advanced component of trucking. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an increasing part of that.

  9. PREMIUM What you should modify on that foreign used car

    Here are the most important modifications you should do once you import a car.

  10. The 24-hour tourist to Watamu, Mida Creek

    Located on the south side of Mida Creek in Watamu, Kenya, the getaway sits on a small beach

  11. PREMIUM Cycling across nine countries in 40 days

    Atop Hybrid cross-Brand TDS bicycle, Ben Onyango started a daring journey to celebrate his 40th birthday, completing it after 40 days and 40 puncture repairs.

    Ben Haggai
  12. Artificial Intelligence and travel writing

    There should be touches of humour, too – the writer having an eye for the bizarre and the extraordinary.

  13. The family Sunday Brunch experience at Ole-Sereni

    Apart from the swimming pool, children can enjoy a variety of activities—bouncing castle, face painting, building blocks—for free.

  14. Dining and wine tasting at Cave à Manger

    With each dish, they offer two options of wines to pick from per glass.

  15. Meeting Ruka and Rafiki, the cheetah brothers in the Mara Triangle

    There’s everything here in the Garden of Eden – elephants, buffaloes, zebra, antelopes, gazelles, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos and black-maned lions.

    Ruka and Rafiki gorging on their impala kill in Mara Triangle.
  16. PREMIUM Must-have tools in your car when driving off the beaten track

    The absolute bare essentials are, of course, a jack and a wheel brace.

  17. Karen Kitchen, the place where art and appetite meet

    From the moment I stepped into this haven of culinary and artistic delights, I knew I was in for a memorable adventure.

  18. I want a roof hatch, will it affect value of my vehicle?

    Design and technical competence are important.

  19. What’s all the fuss about pressure washing cars?

    Pressure washers are extremely good at removing all kinds of dirt, especially in places that ordinary washing with cloths and brushes cannot reach.

    Car wash
  20. What to do in Rwanda's capital? Hike Mount Kigali

    Atop Mount Kigali, you get amazing views of the city’s buildings and its neighbourhoods. This was like nothing I had seen before.

    Mount Kigali
  21. Learning about wellness at Chez Mahmadi

    When I went to Chez Mahmadi’s lovely house at 3.2B Kitisuru Road, Nairobi, I was immediately impressed by the comfort, style and serenity of the place.

    Chez Mahmadi wellness centr