1. One dead, 6 missing as boat capsizes in Lake Baringo

    Twelve people have been rescued.

  2. ‘We’ve lost a generous person’, says family of late Col Keitany

    Colonel Duncan Keitany made an impromptu visit to his rural home in Eldama Ravine sub-County on April 11.

    Vincent Keitany
  3. Bandits raid village 2km from Gen Ogolla crash site

    The daring raid has raised tension, with residents now calling on the government to take decisive action to tackle insecurity.

    A scene where a KDF helicopter carrying Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Ogolla and 11 others crashed
  4. Family killed in mudslide was weeks away from ‘safer’ house

    They were buried on Thursday in an emotional ceremony attended by local leaders and residents.

  5. Why man jailed for murder while ‘insane’ could be freed

    Bor has been serving an indefinite prison sentence since July 1989.

  6. Tearful sendoff for seven relatives who died in Salama crash

    Tears flow freely as grisly road crash survivor buries seven family members.

    Salama road crash
  7. PREMIUM How one man's folly led to capture of Confirm Gang members

    Michori confessed to manslaughter and provided intricate details of the gang's modus operandi.

  8. Salama accident victims buried in Nakuru

    The emotional send-off is attended by friends, family, prison officers and hundreds of mourners.

    The coffins carrying the bodies of seven family members who died in a road accident
  9. Boda boda rider flees after accident with Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok

    Professor Barchok is said to have escaped unhurt in the incident.

    Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok's vehicle
  10. PREMIUM Burial headache: What it takes to bury a banditry victim in Baringo villages

    Burying loved ones is a nightmare for families in Baringo.

    Centre-One trading centre in Mochongoi, Baringo County has been frequently attacked by bandits who hide in the Korokoron hills
  11. Nakuru estate where baboons 'call the shots'

    From rooftop races to garden raids, every day is a battle that has left Free Area residents fearing for their safety.

  12. Seven gang rape suspects arraigned in Bomet

    Suspects to be held for 14 days before they take a plea.

    Gang rape
  13. Eight buffaloes electrocuted in Lake Nakuru Park

    The animals died after contact with a low-lying high-voltage power line.

    Aberdare National Park
  14. How doctors’ strike is affecting court cases

    Victims of sexual offences are also suffering since there are no doctors to examine them.

    Sexual violence
  15. PREMIUM How group's fallout led to release of Bomet rape video

    The main suspect is on the run for another recent crime.

    crime scene