1. ‘My ideal man must be very considerate, romantic and spoil me’ content creator Kim Kardicey

    25-year-old Kimberly Otieno or Kim Kardicey, is a Lifestyle digital content creator and Youtuber. Spotify, Jumia, Mango are some of the brands she has worked with

  2. My wife's phone addiction is killing our great marriage

    She is heavily influenced by strangers online that our shared interests have gradually faded.

  3. Wifespeak: Ditch your entitlement and embrace gratitude

    Be careful to embrace gratitude towards your spouse and watch them gladly serve you.

  4. When mothers become their daughter's enemy

    Husbands do not want to fight their wives and mothers-in-laws.

  5. Secret to a fulfilling life

    Working efficiently also means that you will have time to enjoy with your family, and to develop new skills.

  6. Heart advice: I love my mpango wa kando more than my husband, what should I do?

    I gave birth to a child with him yet my husband doesn't have a clue.

  7. ‘Men are such a hot topic’ content creator Zarily Zonroe

    Zarily Zonroe just turned 25. She is a full-time digital content creator with a bias for make-up. That’s what pays her bills

  8. Philip Kitoto: I feel trapped in this sexless marriage

    Since your wife is unwilling, it may be key to look for ways of showing her the importance of going to a counselling session.

    Sexless couple
  9. Just A Man: Peace brings out the best in a man

    An atmosphere of peace turns around a man’s health.

    Happy man
  10. Tahidi High actress opens up about cancelling wedding to ‘man of God’

    Carol Mwaura says she was deeply hurt and spent two years healing from the heartbreak.

    Carol Mwaura
  11. Why many modern-day relationships don’t last

    You also need to constantly reassure each other. Because being faithful isn’t just not sleeping with someone else. It’s continually re-affirming your love...

  12. I’m 25 dating a 45-year-old married man. He won’t commit or provide for me

    I have insisted on quitting the relationship but he still insists that he'll change and make everything formal.

  13. ‘A guy should take me to a different city or country on our second date’ digital entrepreneur Norah Geoffrey

    Bubbly 26-year-old Norah Geoffrey is a full-time digital entrepreneur

  14. Mantalk: Why men are not believed when they turn down sex offer

    Men are socialised to believe that they should always want sex and that their masculinity depends on it

  15. What's in a ring? How young people today view weddings

    With more than a third of marriages ending up in divorce globally, young adults are reinventing the general worldview of marriages and weddings.

  16. Philip Kitoto: Will my husband ever stop chasing other women?

    When it comes to sex in marriage, both spouses have to agree on what works well for each of them

    Sad woman
  17. The real reason you’re not getting promoted

    You should seek to personalise your interactions with colleagues as much as possible.

  18. My wife is a serial cheater, what do I end our marriage?

    Recently, I have been suspecting her of having an affair with my cousin. I am tired of the relationship, and I don't know how to end it.

  19. Here is why you performed poorly in that interview

    You should let a salary scale be proposed to you first before negotiating for more than what is being offered.

  20. Where will we end up by Monday, court or exam room?

    As he listened to the caller on the other side of the line, his face became bright, so bright that it looked as if he had been using Dr Rashel’s Vitamin C serum.

  21. Can a man be judged by he handles his car?

    Before we run to judge a man by the state of his car, let us watch, observe, and listen to his views about women.


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