1. Handling a partner with anger issues

    Stay calm, or at least pretend to. Because the more attention you give to anger outbursts, the more likely they are to happen again.

  2. 'I’m a born-again divorcee and can't find a good wife'

    My heart desires a partner who is educated to graduate level.

  3. My wife is a nag; I’m forced to escape to alcohol

    She does not allow me to talk, and when I try she shouts at me. I feel frustrated.

  4. Just A Man: Characteristics of a human Chihuahua

    The human Chihuahua is an accessory. It can be dressed up – mostly emotionally - in any item its owner pleases.

    Human Chihuaha
  5. Dear Goat wife: Mistresses pen letters to their lovers' wives

    You asked, we listened and complied. Here is the mistresses’ Right of Reply to their lovers’ wives

  6. 'I suspect my wife is cheating, but when I bring up the topic she feigns sickness'

    Every time I start a discussion, my wife gets sick, convulses and I end up taking her to the hospital.

  7. Overcoming the fear of taking new risks

    Start by asking yourself what’s the best and worst that could happen, whether or not you make the change.

  8. JUST BRENDA: Help! Stories on failing marriages make me fear having a partner

    I have seen many social media posts about people wanting out of marriages due to unfaithful partners or money issues.

  9. Learning to handle rejection

    While sometimes rejection from a love interest is largely harmless for some, it can be a big challenge for others.

  10. Legal Clinic: No, you don’t need a big wedding to be legally married

    With or without law, there is no threshold for an acceptable standard of a wedding.

    Newly married couple
  11. OFF MY CHEST: How do I forgive my husband's betrayal?

    My philandering husband has another family.

  12. Just A Man: Call a bro and say, “I love you”

    It is hard to hear a man saying the three little words – “I love you” - to another man.

    Bro love
  13. Why women kill their husbands

    When pushed to the wall, ladies strike with deadly consequences. Here is what to look out for.

  14. I want to marry both of my baby mamas, but one is against it

    The two ladies are both working and financially stable. I floated the idea of marrying both of them but only one was comfortable with it.

  15. 'I’m unable to conceive, I’m afraid my husband may take in another woman'

    These days we don’t talk about this issue as I end up crying making him avoid the topic.

  16. Dear Mistress: An open letter to my husband’s sidechick

    Four brave women pen heartfelt letters to their cheating husband’s side women asking the hard questions.

  17. JUST BRENDA: I’m unlucky in love. Is there hope for me?

    I won't lie to you relationships are hard. It isn't just you.

    lonely woman
  18. Mantalk: What’s Kenyan speed dating really like? I tried it, here’s a surprising lesson

    These were accomplished women, their dating pool getting smaller and finer; while the men in here looked like they could barely tell apart a sidiria from a kamisi

  19. Heart Advice: I’m stuck between two men, an age mate and one who’s older

    I still haven't called it quits with my boyfriend though it makes me feel a little bit guilty.

  20. I was made ‘CS for food’ without my knowledge!

    I was frustrated. The ends were refusing to meet. The tough economy was truly messing up my Helb net worth.

  21. JUST BRENDA: I want a partner but I am shy

    Unless you’re planning to date the people you already know and see every day, you simply have to broaden your circle.


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