1. Relationships: Starting to date again after a bad breakup

    Don’t get pressured into anything that might create long term problems, like moving in together too soon, lending money, or getting married or pregnant before you’re ready.

  2. Mantalk: Men, if you want to sink your career, go ahead and date a colleague

    Flirting with office spouses (whatever that means) probably gets a lump in your pants but my brother in Christ, it’s not always peaches and cream

  3. I cheated, she moved out, and now won’t come back home

    I never enjoyed that motherly love, so I always feel like she is a mother to me. She has used my love to her advantage and she always fights me

  4. I have lost interest in life, what should I do?

    My life is stressful, and I hate every day. Sometimes I feel like I can just end it.

  5. Just A Man: When a man’s soul departs a relationship

    Once a man’s soul is gone, it is only a matter of time before his body follows suit.

    Stressed man
  6. Philip Kitoto: Conflicts are normal; but fight fair

    Setting unrealistic expectations for your partner is setting your partner to fail.

    Disagreeing couple
  7. Attention span: Why we struggle to concentrate

    Your brain’s attention system selects what seems important from all the noise and clutter around you. And what it doesn’t select is completely ignored and discarded.

  8. I found out she is married, but she wants to get pregnant by me

    She told me she wants me to make her pregnant and I'm not willing to do it. What should I do?

  9. Mantalk; My proposal to men: Don’t dare ask her to marry you in public

    See, when you put someone on trial, the question you are asking is not just: “Will you marry me?”; but also “Will you refuse to marry me in front of all these strangers?”

  10. My husband has taken a second wife, what should I do?

    When I confronted him he just said that he didn’t want to hurt me. What should I do?

  11. No one really prepares you for (collapse of) marriage

    Muthoni wonders how society could spend time preparing young people for “successful careers but not for successful lives and relationships.

    Couple dinner
  12. Here’s how to leave your employer without burning bridges

    We live in the famed ‘global village’ where a decision you made while working for a company in Ireland might follow you to Kenya.

  13. Kitoto: My parents rejected my girlfriend because of her tribe. Help!

    Many young people are still being confronted by parents who still are of the view that intermarriage defiles the family line.

    parent quarrel
  14. I’m loyal but my wife rejects me in bed

    This rejection has mentally affected me and I'm not able to control my feelings. It’s also sad that I always have to initiate sex and if I don’t, we can stay up to a month without her saying...

  15. Mantalk: The rise and rise of the Kenyan hobosexual man

    Men used to go to war with nothing but ego and a well-sharpened toothpick. Now we are rewinding couple-goals videos

  16. ‘I’m always breaking men’s hearts because most are playboys’ Twitter Influencer Rachel Sintamei

    Rachel Sintamei is a Florist and founder of Sintamei Flowers. Before the flower business, she was a Twitter Influencer

  17. 5 ways to nourish your relationship

    Embracing a culture of doing random acts of kindness is like little deposits made into your bank account.

  18. I have told the other woman to stop seeing my husband, but she carries on with affair

    Sometimes when she calls him I pick up the phone and fight her making her know that she is dealing with a married man with children.

  19. Fret not if you missed it; here’s my speech at the men's conference

    ‘The life of a sufferer is a game of chess: the poor King can only make one move while his wife can do whatever she likes.’

  20. Mantalk: I went to a speed dating event. Where were all the men?

    I didn’t feel quite like I was hunting. I felt like the prey, in a box, like it was all a game, like I was a puppet, and there was a puppeteer pulling strings behind the scenes

  21. My hubby cheated and I have lost all intimate feelings for him

    In 2020 I confirmed my fears, I confronted my husband and released the girl but now my worry is I lost every feeling with my husband.


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