1. Planning to get married? Ask each other these questions first

    Do you share similar values and goals?

  2. Help! I am addicted to sex...

    I have slept with over 600 women in the last 10 years.

  3. Three secrets to keep your marriage thriving...

    Couples who realise that a marriage is a gift to each other put in the work to make it worth their while.

  4. PREMIUM Kitoto: Can a Christian man cheat if his wife withholds sex?

    My wife has lost interest in sex. She has stopped showering before bed

  5. I’m a graduate, married to an illiterate wife. I want out as she’s not at my level

    I'm a university graduate. She's not on my level. She has a lot of weaknesses. Ni mjinga excess

  6. Planning to get married? Ask each other these questions first

    Do you share similar values and goals?

  7. Men I lied. I actually want to get married. I think

    I have been sleeping alone for a major part of my adult life, but the days I woke up to someone’s daughter were my favourite

  8. How Kenyan children are learning about sex

    The porn industry is growing fast and filling the gap in sexual education, especially here where sex is not talked about loudly.

    cellphone era, porn
  9. PREMIUM My wife cheated, can I compel her to reveal the lover?

    You have no powers to cause such compulsion, and this may only be awarded by a court of law and only when the merits presented before it justifies.

    Cheating wife
  10. Why it is important to grieve the end of your marriage

    You grieve the end of a marriage, however bad it was, because you are also dealing with yourself and questioning your life choices.

    Breakup couple
  11. PREMIUM Kitoto: Why won’t his baby mama leave us alone?

    If your desire is to move your relationship forward, you will need to recommit the relationship to a culture of open disclosure.

    Dating couple
  12. A happy marriage is all that your children need

    The best way to ensure their success is actually by devoting less time to your children and more to your spouse.

  13. PREMIUM Surge in use of dating apps

    As millennials and Gen Zs bear the brunt of negative characterisation due to their weird dating preferences, four young adults explain how they navigate this.

    Eugene Kaptway, Maxwell Kamau, Silvia Njue, Patience Omondi
  14. What kind of wife are you?

    While there are broken men out there, there are also women who are impossible to live with.

  15. Kitoto: Is she pregnant or faking it?

    Some women have been known to place the pregnancy on a man for a particular reason known to them.

    Pregnant woman
  16. Mantalk: Why Kenyan men no longer need women

    Dating now is like applying for a passport in the government office: if it works, that’s because you don’t need it.

  17. PREMIUM I like to pay for sex. Should I ask my girlfriend for permission?

    There is a likelihood and a danger that your self-discovery is purely lust and it could lead to you becoming a sex addict.

  18. What kind of husband are you?

    No woman leaves a marriage without having put in blood, sweat, and rivers of tears.

  19. PREMIUM Kitoto: I am unable to date due to childhood trauma

    There is a need for a recognition that your father’s abuse has no place in your future.

    Stressed woman
  20. My wife is putting stuff in my food to tame me. Should I divorce her?

    Her pastor has poisoned her mind that I have many girlfriends, and even prescribed medicinal concoctions to put in my food.

  21. It’s no betrayal unless you both had set limits

    Discuss your expectations, and establish limits you can agree on around intimacy, confidentiality and finances.