1. PREMIUM I like to pay for sex. Should I ask my girlfriend for permission?

    There is a likelihood and a danger that your self-discovery is purely lust and it could lead to you becoming a sex addict.

  2. What kind of husband are you?

    No woman leaves a marriage without having put in blood, sweat, and rivers of tears.

  3. PREMIUM Kitoto: I am unable to date due to childhood trauma

    There is a need for a recognition that your father’s abuse has no place in your future.

    Stressed woman
  4. My wife is putting stuff in my food to tame me. Should I divorce her?

    Her pastor has poisoned her mind that I have many girlfriends, and even prescribed medicinal concoctions to put in my food.

  5. It’s no betrayal unless you both had set limits

    Discuss your expectations, and establish limits you can agree on around intimacy, confidentiality and finances.

  6. I’m 35 and desperately looking for a spouse

    It has reached a point where I am willing to settle for any man who is God-fearing and lonely so we can comfort each other.

  7. Mantalk: Why marriage works only in the village

    Unlike the city where everything is a fight, the social order in the village is respected by all.

  8. It’s true that in life, you get what you expect

    Maintain a neutral tone of voice, so you’re seen as resolute but not aggressive. In other words, teach them how to treat you.

  9. He cheated, had two children and now doesn't feel me...

    The reason he gave for cheating was, "it began like a joke and the children were accidents".

  10. I fear he will leave me for a fresher...

    As elders of the school, we cannot look as fresh and tantalising as the incoming first years. You can’t be glowing after enduring four years of hunger, assignments, missing marks and broken hearts.

  11. My girlfriend is pregnant and we are both jobless, what should we do?

    I am not ready to bear the responsibilities of being a dad. I am ashamed of myself for ruining this girl’s life.

  12. When did women give up personal hygiene?

    Nairobi relationships are now a reflection of Nairobi County: filthy, littered, and people doing each other dirty.

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  13. Spoilers we often ignore in our relationships

    Couples tend to assume they already know all there is to know about each other, and so they pay less attention to what’s being said.

    Intimate relationships
  14. PREMIUM Why we chose to have a small wedding ceremony

    In the world today, grandiose celebrations and extravagant displays of love take centre stage.

  15. I have a positive outlook on life, but can’t find a partner...

    I am this ever happy and energetic soul but I've never been in a romantic relationship.

  16. PREMIUM Situationships: When no rules apply

    How come so many young adults are averse to commitment, and why are ‘situationships’ becoming so popular?

  17. Why is my girlfriend avoiding me?

    Great relationships require honesty in setting priorities and communicating them.

  18. Mama is always right, except when she isn’t...

    A time comes when you have to confront your mother, cut the umbilical cord that shackles you and be your own man.

  19. So, what did your spouse get you for your birthday last year?

    So each year, she gives the oblivious man a wide fake smile and a lukewarm hug when he proudly hands her yet another box of necklace

  20. Man, with this baggage, you’ve already lost her

    Maybe you believe that your girlfriend could never ever leave you. Well, you’re wrong.

  21. What does it take to build a healthy relationship?

    Building friendships that communicate lasting values of trust, respect, endurance and faithfulness is not easy.