1. Kitoto: My husband does not support me, what am I still doing here?

    The lack of support from your husband could be due to his upbringing or lack of a clear path towards resolving issues.

  2. Mantalk: Dear men, whoever said you have a right over a woman’s body, lied

    These are the consequences of a virtue-signalling society that celebrates and rewards victimhood.

  3. Here's what you need to know before you steal a married person

    Rose pulled her husband, Tom, out of another marriage where he had been for seven years and with three children.

  4. Mantalk: Men, quit complaining, it’s time to take personal responsibility

    This advice is tax exempt and works whether you work at Sabina J or State House, whether you are a resident or a president.

  5. Austrian teacher sacked over 'Orgasm-pope' love coach side gig

    On TikTok and Facebook, the teacher advertises her love coach services aimed at achieving an "explosive sex life with multiple orgasms"

  6. Dear Pastor Kitoto: I’m dating a married man. Should I bear him a child?

    He made me terminate a pregnancy in the past.

  7. Spare your partner the silent treatment this festive season

    This is the only form of intimate partner violence in which the offender also suffers.

    Silent couple
  8. Why are men loyal to their barbers...but easily cheat on their partners?

    They provide a form of intimacy that is lasting but non-invasive with unrivalled chit-chat.

  9. Just a man: Every man needs a good bad friend

    Brocode notwithstanding!

  10. PREMIUM Gentlemen: When your woman goes silent, be very very afraid

    You are better off when she still screams at you.

  11. Pastor Kitoto: How has your relationship grown this year?

    You either matured or retrogressed.

  12. Dilemma: A VIP’s wife asked me to be her co-wife? Should I smell a rat?

    She says I should ensure her husband marries me.

  13. Mantalk: Why men should learn to enjoy solitude

    Loneliness is there to make us think, to question our opinions.

  14. PREMIUM We took sex off the table until we got married

    Would you wait if your love interest told you to keep off any kind of sexual intimacy in the relationship until after marriage?

    Sad couple
  15. Am I a fool for sticking with my cheating wife?

    Taking time to discover the real need driving her behaviour is a great place to start.

    Cheating wife
  16. Mantalk: Sometimes men just want to feel like they matter in the world

    Male sadness is everyone thinking you have the world at your feet, when it’s actually on your shoulders

  17. Pastor Kitoto: Why aren’t single men interested in having a relationship with me?

    Only married men want to have a relationship with me.

  18. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to win over girls...could I be having a problem?

    I have been trying to win over five girls

  19. Planning to get married? Ask each other these questions first

    Do you share similar values and goals?

  20. Help! I am addicted to sex...

    I have slept with over 600 women in the last 10 years.

  21. Three secrets to keep your marriage thriving...

    Couples who realise that a marriage is a gift to each other put in the work to make it worth their while.