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  1. Help! My ex-girlfriend has leaked my nudes online, how can I get justice?

    Two lawyers give legal advice to a man who is being cyber bullied by an ex-girlfriend in Kenya

  2. What happens to men who stay bachelors for a lifetime?

    Men who never marry or have children might not be as lonely as they seem

  3. Holiday flings are doomed, but they are so worth it

    December is here, and it is time to welcome summer bunnies and upgrade our dating life—for a while

  4. We worked hard, got rich but my husband now despises and controls me

    I have been married for the last six years, and we have two kids. My husband doesn't respect me at all.

  5. Why men need space in a relationship and why it shouldn't bother you

    Four men share their experiences on needing time off

  6. I am happy I broke up with my boyfriend, but I miss him so much

    We had had a duel about us not communicating frequently, just a few days to his trip but we managed to solve it.

  7. Should women pay their exes spousal support?

    A certain celebrity has taken his baby mama to court asking for child support, and social media is on fire

  8. Considering a prenup? Here's everything you need to know

    Use this checklist to make sure you and your spouse have everything you need for a strong and valid agreement

  9. The woman cheating with my husband will not stop, despite me warning her

    My marriage of 10 years is almost going under. My husband is intimately involved with another woman and it is driving me crazy.

  10. Dating your friend's ex: Yay or nay?

    Stay clear of your friends' exes but if you must date their former flames, there are guidelines

  11. PRIME More high-achieving women seek male companions over love

    The question many successful women today ask is, "What value do you bring to my life?"

  12. Women belong in the kitchen and so do men, for food knows no gender

    Knowing your way around the kitchen should be compulsory for everyone, and the concept of men getting married to have a live in maid should be retired

  13. My husband is now doing all the things he said he hated

    The man who couldn't stand men wearing sagging trousers now wears tight ones and has pierced one of his ears. Is this a phase or I'm I losing him?

  14. Stop dragging women names when former flames are caught pants down

    We saw it in the insults to Gladys Shollei and Lilian Ng'ang'a, and now with the former partners of two men caught behaving badly

  15. The woman cheating with my husband will not stop, despite me warning her

    My marriage of 10 years is almost going under. My husband is intimately involved with another woman and it is driving me crazy.

  16. Why do some women make so much noise during intimacy?

    According to a 2019 survey, two in five women feel pretty self-conscious about the sounds they make in bed

  17. My wife cheated with a neighbour and lied about it, I’m heartbroken but afraid of divorce

    It's been three weeks now since I discovered that my dear wife has been sleeping with our next-door neighbour who is also a married man. His wife is our close family friend.

  18. Signs you're a toxic person, from a psychologist

    Counsellors say self-awareness is the first step for identifying behaviour that those around you may find repelling.

  19. No one believes I have reformed after being an alcoholic, it hurts

    I'm 32 and I just came out of rehabilitation after alcohol addiction. I'm stressed because I lost my job and I have a family

  20. PRIME The secret to desire in long-term unions lays in your willpower

    While earlier on in marriage the drive to be intimate is strong, later the spark has to be nurtured

  21. Are you his Plan B? You may be in a backburner relationship and you should read this

    This kind of relationship only benefits one person and are almost always one-sided

  22. PRIME How the pursuit of the Soft Life is defining a generation

    In this popular lifestyle trend the end justifies the means, but at what cost?

  23. Star gaze: Phidelia: Colourism, rogue money-minded agencies and prejudice are a pain for models

    Phidelia Mutunga is the reigning Miss Supranational Africa. She was crowned last month during the World finals in Poland after emerging 1st runners Up in Africa. Kenya placed 24th overall

  24. Heart Advice: My boyfriend of four years wants us to live together before we wed

    My boyfriend wants to have a three-month live-in trial with me before deciding to marry me. Should I leave him?

  25. Dear Kenyan men: Ghosting is not normal, it’s ballistic

    Basic respect – which Nairobi dating is truly lacking, would kind of dictate that some form of less cowardly communication is required

  26. Women cheat too, but they are better at hiding it

    This Twitter thread revealed that women may be harder to detect when they go astray

  27. PRIME Winter Akoth: Why I got into an early marriage

    Having been neglected by her father because of being a girl, Winter Akoth discovered her passion for giving hope to teenagers.

    Winter Akoth
  28. Chris Hart: How to win the heart of a gorgeous woman

    If you’re nervous around attractive girls, you could do with some practice.

    Dating couple
  29. Chris Hart: How a woman can cope with an ex’s new partner

    The worst “other woman” of them all is definitely your former husband’s new girlfriend.

  30. Relationships: Waning marriage? The cure is talking, touching

    Happily married couples support and look after one another.

  31. Wife Speak: Sharing is not always caring 

    I have recently discovered some other items, not necessarily private, that you should not share with your spouse.

    Sleeping couple
  32. I’m single, successful but very lonely. Help me!

    Don’t date a man who will always be a parasite and never a contributor to the life of the relationship.

    Sad woman
  33. Wife Speak: What to look for in a future husband

    Watch out for a man who makes disparaging remarks about women in general.

    Happy couple
  34. Wife Speak: Stop sending ‘fare’

    Why would I accept a man to pay the cab, or bus for me when I can pay for it?

    Happy couple
  35. Just Brenda: Should I reconcile with my ex?

    You could be proactive, I guess, in this situation, and ask him what exactly he thinks he’s doing.

  36. PRIME How Covid-19 has triggered the dawn of sexless marriages

    41.6 percent of married couples are dissatisfied with their sex lives after Covid-19 says a recent Kenyan study.

  37. Philip Kitoto: My girlfriend is only 19, will this relationship work?

    At your age, you need to make choices that help you determine your future for yourself.

  38. Daddy Diaries: Why you shouldn’t cosy up to the help

    Stick to a professional relationship with the nanny.

  39. Wife Speak: Millennials get it, more so in marriage

    The millennials are game changers whose lives revolve around technology.

  40. Relationships: The danger in saying ‘I can’t live without you’

    That isn’t love, however romantically framed it might be. It’s just desperation.

  41. Men and women can't be friends. The end

    That man offering a shoulder to lean on has deeper motives so be wary , says Mariga Thoithi.

  42. Are you his foster girlfriend?

    The men court you only for them to find another wife. Should you up your game or stop playing?

  43. Plain Truth: Rules on how to own your 'situationship' like a boss

    It’s 2020, you may find yourself entangled, but don’t be caught off-guard writes Joan Thatiah.

  44. Date Tales: Woman about town

    The first few hours flew by without incident, and Zainab borrowed his phone to play a game.

  45. Relationships: These are the signs that your man is not after love but to control you

    Unhealthy and dangerous patterns aren't always obvious.

  46. Heart advice: My feelings for my wife have fizzled out

    This week we advise a man who wants to regain his affection.

  47. Heart Advice: Will this married man wed me as his second wife?

    This week we advise a woman who loves a taken man.

  48. Relationships: Why women love and lust after unavailable men

    On a deeper level, we believe that we don’t deserve the love we really want, or that we can’t have it. Joan Thatiah tells you how to get out of the rut if hooked to the slippery man.

  49. Men & Women: Most crucial trait to help you live longer

    Conscientious people are more likely to live healthy lifestyles and wear seat belts.

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  50. Men & Women: How to improve your self-control, willpower

    Only self-discipline can overcome deadly habits such as greed, laziness and idleness.

  51. Just Brenda: I feel smothered by my in-laws

    This is the time to call in your Facebook investigator friends.

  52. Date Tales: Dressed for drama

    Nowadays, I help people get through their own trauma.

  53. Just Brenda: He calls me a whiner

    He says my problems are too small to been worry about.


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