Austrian teacher sacked over 'Orgasm-pope' love coach side gig


On TikTok and Facebook, "Orgasm-pope" advertises her love coach services aimed at achieving an explosive sex life.

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Vienna, Austria

An Austrian school board on Wednesday defended its sacking of an elementary school teacher over her side hustle as an online love coach known as the "Orgasm-pope".

The education authority of the province of Upper Austria "immediately took the necessary steps to assess" the teacher's side gig after being alerted to it, according to a statement sent to AFP.

On TikTok and Facebook, "Orgasm-pope" -- in reality a 47-year-old teacher -- advertises her love coach services aimed at achieving an "explosive sex life with multiple orgasms", regional daily Oberoesterreichische Nachrichten said.

Paying customers could access her motivational sessions via Zoom, the report said.

The teacher, who taught gym class and provided learning support at the elementary school since 2016, said she was fired with immediate effect just before Christmas, with the board asking her to choose between her offline and online occupations.

The decision to dismiss the teacher was made "after careful consideration", the school board's statement said, deeming that there was no longer public confidence in the teacher's ability to carry out her official duties.

"This decision was made after involving all the relevant parties, conducting the necessary investigations and after careful consideration," head of the school board Alfred Klampfer was quoted as saying.

Insisting that she had done nothing wrong and had never appeared nude online, the teacher has hired a lawyer to challenge her dismissal in court.

"I would have thought that a school board in the 21st century would be a bit more enlightened," local media quoted her lawyer as saying.