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  1. PRIME A young farmer’s lessons on reaping from capsicum

    The 26-year-old farms the crop inside a greenhouse in an agribusiness that’s given her relief after losing her job.

    Jackline Gikonyo
  2. PRIME Demystifying the animal export process

    The supply process may take three to six months or more depending on the availability of suitable animals.

    Galana Ranch
  3. PRIME Know what a cow’s dung says about its health

    Some manure carry diseases or pathogens excreted by animals such as clostridial and coliform bacteria

    Cow and calf
  4. PRIME Man behind the export of chilli from western Kenya

    Balminder Singh, an engineer, grows the crop in Siaya County and his produce was the first to be exported from the region last week

    Balminder Singh Sokhi
  5. PRIME My cooking oil start-up

    Paul Njuguna processes cooking oil from sunflower, soya and canola as well as making livestock feeds from their byproducts.

    Paul Njuguna
  6. PRIME Allure of camels as climate change bites

    Female camels reach sexual maturity at age three and mate a year or two later.

    Mpala Ranch manager David Hewett
  7. PRIME Why it is wasteful to export live animals

    Exporting livestock is a lucrative business but it requires military precision in logistical organisation.

    Exporting Livestock
  8. PRIME Thuo: Openings in agriculture industry for the youth

    Like other sectors, agriculture has been affected badly by Covid-19.

    Agatha Thuo,
  9. PRIME Brokers: A farmer’s foe or friend

    As debate rages on how brokers exploit farmers thus should be removed from the value chain, we spoke to the traders and farmers in the food markets

  10. PRIME Here’s how to beat the pig carcass weight cheats

    Always have knowledge and tools to carry out quantitation of the meat value of your animals.

    Eldoret Technical Training Institute


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