Stay ahead of the curve.
  1. All about keeping your farm snail-free

    Recently, snails have, in their thousands attacked rice fields at the Mwea Irrigation Scheme.

  2. Vet on call: Common goat problems and their remedies

    Goats are vaccinated against foot and mouth disease, anthrax and black quarter, enterotoxaemia, orf and goat pox

  3. Horticulture exporters look forward to better prospects as countries open up

    The lockdown came as the industry was grappling with cancellation of orders at a critical season.

  4. Kenya has adequate capacity to ensure genetically modified organisms are safe for use

    The authority, therefore, assures the public that for the approved Bt-cotton, the fibre, cooking oil and derived animal feed cake is as safe as products derived from the conventional cotton.

  5. The digital farmers

    Four farmers speak out on how they use social media to grow their ventures

  6. I make butter, where are peanut farmers?

    Jackson Masesi, who makes peanut butter blended with honey, is need of 3-4 tonnes of groundnuts every month

  7. Wood vinegar: The product that can earn charcoal makers more

    With increased awareness and modern kilns, producers can make charcoal sustainably, maximise profits and help clean up the environment.

  8. Vet on call: Dealing with rumen flukes attack in goats

    The parasites normally attach on intestinal wall where they suck blood and cause tissue death. Young animals tend to die in large numbers if the parasite load is heavy

  9. Experts' take on issues troubling farmers

    Our experts provide feedback on issues that trouble farmers. Send your questions to [email protected]

  10. Spiced-up business for youth growing herbs

    Helitech, which consists of 12 youths, grows herbs and adds value to the produce by drying and milling to end up with palatable products that fetch more cash