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  1. Nakuru farmers adopt electronic system to sell their produce

    The Warehouse Receipt System allows farmers to deposit their merchandise in certified warehouses.

  2. Buffel grass, the untapped gold of semi-arid regions

    Robert Murrey grows the grass that is native to semi-arid areas and harvests the seeds that he distributes to locals in bid to end perennial pasture shortage.

    Buffel grass
  3. Why warehouse system offers best deal

    WRSC acting chief executive officer Samuel Ogola spoke to Francis Mureithi on progress made in entrenching the warehouse receipt system across the country

    Samuel Ogola
  4. For indigenous chickens to thrive, embrace cages

    When using a cage, it becomes easier to feed chicks in particular separately resulting into speedy growth of the birds

    chicken cages
  5. PRIME Rabbit keeping with a difference

    Emmanuel Adundo keeps some 400 rabbits which he slaughters and sells the meat.

  6. Birds I keep for beauty and good business

    Turkeys, pigeons, ducks and silkie chickens are some of the ornamental birds that Paul Wanjohi keeps for their beautify eggs and money.

  7. Fr Eliud Mwenda: To teach farmers new crop varieties and practices, come to church

    On the church’s 182-acre farm, he grows a variety of crops.

    Father Eliud Mwenda
  8. Dos and don’ts when feeding livestock on waste from market

    It is assumed that domestic animals can consume any crop material from the market, but this is not the case as some cause health problems in some livestock.

    water melon
  9. PRIME Engineer smells the money in herbs, spices

    Laura Nelima Lubasia grows herbs which she harvests and sells and adds value to others to end up with products such as hydrosols, shower gel, beeswax lip balms and butter

    Laura Nelima Lubasia
  10. Know other ways of curbing crop pests and diseases

    Crop rotation helps to break pest and disease cycle thus reducing accumulation of the two on the farm.

    Dr Kezziah Magiroi


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