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  1. Fungal diseases common in spinach

    To prevent the widespread of diseases, farmers must learn how to detect the early symptoms on their crops.

  2. Hanging onto hope after onions brought tears to flower farmer

    Flower exporter ventured into food farming after the Covid-19 pandemic halted international flights.

    Daniel Moge, onions
  3. PRIME Milking money from Galla goats

    The breed matures into adults and attains market weight at around six months, making it very profitable.

    Galla goats breed
  4. Why your chicken are laying fewer eggs

    Moist rales is a condition where birds produce a snoring-like respiratory sound which indicate an infection of the respiratory tract.

  5. PRIME How to ensure that animal products are safe

    If malpractices take place, drugs can cause untold suffering to the economy, consumers and the well being of animals.

    Kiamaiko Goat Slaughter House
  6. I have no regrets retiring from hospitality to start rearing pigs

    At the age of 74, Ludava put in Sh500,000 into farming venture and so far, he is doing well.

    Peter Ludava
  7. Avoid chemical use in organic farming

    Pomegranates under attack We have been growing pomegranates for several years now and they produce a good crop. The challenge we face is the fruit is often attacked by worms. Which pesticides...

  8. If your cows and calves are weeping, call a vet very fast!

    Cows often have reduced milk because they spend a lot of energy while moving.

  9. Making safe, high-quality pig feeds

    Farmers have had to contend with the challenge of feeding aflatoxin-contaminated and poor-quality feeds to their livestock.

    Hilda Njeri Njuguna
  10. Climate change has dried grape vineyards in Meru

    Over the years, the farms have been a spectacle but not anymore owing to poor weather.

    Liliaba grapes


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