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  1. A one-stop-shop poultry empire in the making

    Cecilia Wangui keeps some 5,000 chickens in Nyeri County under the battery cage system.

  2. Here is a modern way of farming cassava

    There are new varieties of the crop you can pick from depending on your area, which offer up to 28 tonnes per acre and you don’t have to wait for over a year for the tuber to mature

  3. Experts' take on topical issues affecting farming, agribusiness

    Do you have any issues affecting your farming and agribusiness? Send an email to and our experts will address the issues.

  4. Sapele: An affordable, sustainable substitute to the real mahogany

    The name Sapele comes from the city of Sapele in Delta state, Nigeria, where many of the trees grow.

  5. Couple finds wealth in delicious apple mangoes

    Apple mangoes take three years to fully mature, unlike traditional varieties that take six.

  6. To build agriculture sector, strengthen public and private ties

    Through PPP initiatives, the agriculture industry is getting back on track after decades of deterioration of support structures and systems required for a thriving farm economy.

  7. Tomatoes under siege

    Experts explain why farmers are recording rise in Tuta absoluta attack

  8. Vet on call: Vaccinate sheep against these nine diseases

    There are about 11 diseases that sheep should be vaccinated against in Kenya. However, foot and mouth disease is the one that is well-known because it is highly infectious.

  9. The golden years of KTDA and when rain started beating it

    Created in 1964, the tea agency’s first decade was glorious. Then political interference, financial mismanagement and its huge mandate set it up for failure

  10. Food losses hit Sh72 billion annually, FAO report says

    The agriculture sector has the potential to contribute much more than it does now when operating at its optimum and losses are eliminated.