1. Shortage of certified potato seeds worries farmers

    The shortage comes at a time when farmers are enjoying the onset of heavy rains in most potato-growing regions.

    potato seeds
  2. Global agriculture firm launches crop protection centre in Kenya

    The centre will offer farmers solutions that have been tried and tested under local conditions through best agronomical practices.

    Syngenta East Africa
  3. Getting breeding stock requires good and careful planning

    People interested in beef breeds mainly look for Boran, Sahiwal, Aberdeen Angus.

    Fleckvieh cow
  4. Production work plan of onion crop

    The programme guarantees the owner of the operations on the farm.

  5. Villagers in Makueni bet on green gram seed production

    One must dedicate at least five acres to green grams to join the programme.

    green gram
  6. Physics of fish farming

    System that is made of local materials automatically goes on or off on sensng extreme temperatures.

    Livingstone Waithaka
  7. Kakamega groups whiff cash from soya milk and yoghurt

    Customers are mostly from Koyonzo neighbourhoods but schools also buy the processed flour to mix with millet or sorghum which they use to make nutritious porridge.

    Gaudencia Ongwen
  8. Alternative fodder saves the day as disease ravages Napier

    Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation has established that Guatemala grass does well in mid to high altitude areas of Western Kenya.

  9. Crop protection in onion production

    Objective of spray application is to get the products to the pest, not drown it.

  10. Maggots in the brains of circling sheep not a myth

    Children were advised to cover their noses when sheep sneezed.



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