1. African farmer groups oppose renewed chemical fertiliser push

    AFSA calls on African governments and donors to redirect funding away from failed ‘green revolution’ approaches towards proven agroecological alternatives.

    Scolastica Wambui
  2. Barry: Why water and food security is important for Africa

    Governments and other key agriculture stakeholders need to train smallholder farmers on irrigation and how best they can utilise water.

    Dr Boubacar Barry
  3. How to scout in onion production

    Zigzag, random and use of indicator crops are some of the scouting methods.

    A farmer inspects her onion crop
  4. Narok farmers embrace coffee

    The cooperative society intends to start stocking inputs and selling to members and other farmers.

    Joseph Soi
  5. Cattle, sheep or goats: What should a farmer keep?

    Goats, are widely regarded as the “poor man’s cow”. Their requirements are far less and cheaper than those of cattle but their productivity is much lower

  6. Siblings become employers after failing to secure jobs

    Lena Kerubo and George Ogamba turn 200 litres of milk into yoghurt every day.

  7. Sometimes you transport or buy more than just hay

    It is important for farmers to understand the challenges they may face from where they source fodder. Growers should also control diseases, parasites and undesirable plants on their farms.

    bales of hay
  8. Online platform gives farmers visibility

    It is hoped that digital technology and innovation will make farming more interesting to young people in Africa

    Adesuma Ifedi
  9. Kenyan start-up recognised for climate adaptation

    One of the biggest problems Irri-Hub Ke faces is changing a farmer’s mindset as many smallholder farmers are wired to the traditional irrigation systems.

    Eric Bosire
  10. Farmers in Busia mill profits from cassava

    Apmart Tangakona makes dried chips, plain flour, blended sorghum-cassava flour and many other products.



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