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  1. PRIME Tasty servings at Meat Expo

    It was a sizzling experience for tens of meat enthusiasts who met at the recently held Meat Expo in Nairobi.

    Meat Expo
  2. PRIME ABCs of planning for a farm layout

    Farm structures should easily be accessible by ensuring there is adequate space between them.

    French beans
  3. PRIME Lessons on making silage to survive the frequent dry spells

    Making quality silage starts with good timing of the rains for the planting of quality fodder.

    Josephine Kirui
  4. European Green Deal will leave Africa hungrier, poorer – experts warn

    Experts warn that a ban on agrochemical use would reduce food production within EAC, increase reliance on imports.

  5. PRIME Setting up drip irrigation system; estimated costs

    While installing the system, consider the source of water and pipe installation mechanism which will be used to move water from source to the storage tank.

    Lorengelup Drip Irrigation
  6. PRIME Understand your cow’s routine for higher yields

    The most important activity in the cow’s daily routine is lying down and resting.

    Peter Muturi Gicheha feeds his dairy cows
  7. PRIME The dairy co-operative that gave small farmers new lease of life

    Milk chama that has given small farmers new lease of life.

  8. PRIME For quality meat trading, get training

    Do you know that before you start selling meat you should get training?

     goat meat
  9. PRIME Farming techniques to adopt as rains become scarcer

    Find out the technologies you should embrace to continue growing food as rains increasingly fail.

  10. PRIME Dry your maize the modern way

    Dr Isaiah Muchilwa has come up with a solar drying machine for small farmers, which dries cobbed maize saving losses of up to 30 per cent that arise due to aflatoxin.


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