1. Here is Nyeri’s champion bulls farmer

    Eric Gitahi makes a tidy sum by auctioning his bulls during events sponsored by the Agricultural Society of Kenya.

    Eric Gitahi
  2. Meet Bill Gates’ Makueni host

    Mary Mathuli’s fortune and confidence as a village-based adviser grew in leaps and bounds when she hosted the Microsoft founder.

    Mary Mathuli
  3. Antimicrobial resistance: We all have a role to play

    Antimicrobial treatments are given for a course of at least three days.

    Dairy cows
  4. Agroecology can help Kenya become more climate-resilient, food-secure

    Agroecology also helps build healthier soils with farming practices like cover cropping and minimal tillage.

    Sylvia Kuria
  5. Why farmer took the agroecology route

    Farming method aims at increasing harvests, while reducing damage to the environment.

    Sylvia Kuria
  6. Why you should be part of Fairtrade

    Fairtrade targets traditional and emerging markets to meet increasing demand for ethically-sourced products.

    Sandra Uwera
  7. Juncao Napier: The king of fodder

    The grass, which was developed in China in the 1980s, has been approved for growing and use by animals locally.

    Jack Liu
  8. Farmers need to avoid adopting advice wholesale

    Why is livestock farming burdened with many versions of what works and what does not?

  9. The model chicken farm of Kendu Bay

    Victor Ouma, who runs a thriving chicken farm, only rediscovered his passion for poultry farming after graduating from college.

    Poultry farmer
  10. Kugerwet School 4K Club takes Bomet County by storm

    At their piece of land in school, the 4k Club members grow amaranthus, spinach, capsicum, sukuma wiki and cucumber.