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  1. PRIME Why gender inequality is a threat to food security

    Dr Jemimah Njuki is the director for Africa at the International Food Policy Research Institute on gender equity and agricultural production.

    Dr Jemimah Njuki
  2. PRIME Gregory Kiamba: My 15,000 arrowroots side hustle

    University student Gregory Kiamba grows the crop in a semi-arid area.

    Arrow roots
  3. PRIME A ‘sting of success’ with bees for retired teacher

    Muruga Gatero keeps bees in 30 hives that offer him 10kg of honey after every six months, which he sells at Sh1,000 a kilo.

  4. PRIME Couple finds sweet business in making sauce from chilli

    The couple makes three categories of chilli sauce, that is, mild, hot and intense.

    Hussein Ali, Tasmin Yaseen
  5. PRIME Services to get from agrovet and those you should not

    While you can get information on issues like pests and deworming, there are things best left to professionals such as major surgery.

    Moiben Agrovet
  6. Report: Cases of fake seeds have declined

    Farmers can scratch labels on the packaging and send a 12-digit code via toll-free SMS to confirm if the seeds are genuine.

    Fake seeds
  7. Nakuru, Unido Markup partner to boost herbs and spices farming

    This partnership will be implemented under the Market Access Upgrade Programme project.

    coriander farm
  8. PRIME Important qualities of a model pig farm

    Healthy pigs do not get dirty if their environment is clean.

    Eldoret Technical Training Institute
  9. PRIME Machines for small farmers

    From planter to harvester, mechanising your farm should not be an expensive affair.

    Rice transplanter
  10. PRIME Red vs white meat: What’s the beef about?

    Most people avoid meats with high cholesterol, choosing white meat.

    red meat


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