1. Antibiotic use on Kenya’s dairy farms putting consumers, animals at risk

    The presence of antibiotic residues in milk can pose health risks to consumers.

    Dairy cows
  2. Understanding birth defects in livestock

    The best way to control the development of monsters is to avoid exposing animals to the chemicals that may cause the problem.

    calf born with two heads
  3. Machakos farm supplies live fish to the market

    The business plans to double production come 2025 by increasing the size of the equipment they work with.

    Fish farming
  4. Vet on Call: Only amateur farmers reduce the amount of feed they give their animals

    Scrimping on feed cuts production, leads to stunting or even death of the animals, and increases the cost of labour

     Festus Mwaniki
  5. Farmers urged to use genetically modified seeds as climate change bites

    With ever-changing weather patterns, smallholder farmers are the most affected in the value chain

    GMO maize
  6. Senator reaping big from farming

    Senator Murango’s interest in farming came from his father, who was nicknamed ‘tractor’ because there was no place he could not plough.

    James Kamau Murango
  7. Vet on call: Try sexed cattle semen for herd expansion

    Artificial insemination with frozen semen gives many calves for each bull.

    frozen semen
  8. New beekeeping technology

    Honeybees prefer where there is plenty of flower gardens, orchards and woodlands.

    Kyallo Mutua
  9. Kimalel Goat Auction where presidents gather

    Construction of a Sh141m slaughterhouse in Mogotio is expected to benefit over 400,000 livestock farmers and traders.

    President William Ruto
  10. Nyandarua potato cooler to eliminate postharvest losses

    Optimistic farmers are returning in a bid to revive their cooperative society.

    Ol Raragwai Cooperative Society