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  1. Cattle diseases to watch out for as rains intensify

    Three cattle ailments that are associated with heavy rains are lumpy skin disease, Rift Valley Fever and three days’ sickness, all which are vector-borne.

     lumpy skin disease
  2. PRIME Urban beekeeping

    As land sizes shrink, number of bees dwindle and demand for honey grows, experts advocate the keeping of the insects in the backyard.

    Bernard Kiruthu
  3. For good urban beekeeping, keep apiary away from people

    Urban beekeeping is common in developed countries as it gives aspiring bee farmers an opportunity to carry out the business.

    bee keeping
  4. PRIME My secret of making silage for big returns, from harvest to feeds

    Eric De Jong offers silage-making services where he harvests maize crop, chops into tiny pieces using machines, compacts and later bales in a business that has seen the investor reap in a sector...

  5. PRIME Why some cattle go blind and all the possible remedies

    The common cause of blindness is pink eye disease or infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis, caused by highly infectious bacteria called Moraxella bovis.

    blind cow
  6. Make hay-making enjoyable and easier with this hand machine

    To bale hay using the fabricated machine, grass is added through the opening at the top.

  7. The good, bad and ugly of growing pumpkins

    Moses Gitonga grows giant varieties of pumpkins on an acre-and-a-half in Nagum village in Gilgil, Nakuru County.

     pumpkin farm
  8. PRIME Business of breeding sheep

    Purko Development Trust owns a community ranch in which they keep over 600 Coriedale sheep.

    Joseph Ole Nkaiwuatei
  9. PRIME How to check quality of milk after buying from the ATM

    Milk sold through the machines can be contaminated by dirt or dust, chemicals and drug residues.

    Milk ATM
  10. A-Z of drying food to ensure long shelf-life

    This involves shedding as much water as possible so that organisms that may lead to spoilage of the food do not grow and multiply.

     banana chips


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