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  1. Experts' take on issues troubling farmers

    Our experts provide feedback on issues that trouble farmers. Send your questions to [email protected]

  2. Spiced-up business for youth growing herbs

    Helitech, which consists of 12 youths, grows herbs and adds value to the produce by drying and milling to end up with palatable products that fetch more cash

  3. Farming and agribusiness news from around the country

    Brief news touching on farming and agribusiness from across the country

  4. Agony for rice farmers as snails invade paddy fields

    Apple snails thrive in wet areas and rice paddies are their favourite, according to experts.

  5. Sh37.5million programme set to boost women smallholder dairy farmers

    It seeks to put in place measures aimed at increasing milk production and enhancing supply of nutritional dairy products.

  6. Staking tomato plants: When and how to do it

    This should be done three to four weeks after transplanting and then repeated depending on vegetative nature of the crop

  7. Maina: Flower industry needs friendly government policies

    This year, immediately after a good Valentine’s Day, Covid-19 hit the markets, grounding produce as flights and countries shut.

  8. Chinese farm in Kenya

    To serve the rising number of visitors from China, three investors from the Asian nation grow various crops in the country using their organic technology

  9. Here’s how to improve efficiency in charcoal production and usage

    Improved earth and brick kilns and portable ones made from drums, can achieve more than 30 per cent conversion efficiency.

  10. What floods taught me about a good fish pond 

    Joseph Ouda is a retired security officer, who farms fish in three out of his six ponds in Alendu, Kisumu County, in an area that is prone to flooding.