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  1. PRIME Journalist switches to farming

    After leaving the newsroom, Isaiah Lucheli finds wealth in growing traditional vegetables and capsicum on his two-acre farm.

    Isaiah Lucheli
  2. PRIME Superfoods that should be part of your diet

    Blueberries, chocolate, garlic, tomatoes, tea and grapes are some of the functional foods that give more health benefits than the normal nutritional needs.

    Liliamba Farm
  3. PRIME Maize fodder in nine days

    Peter Muturi shares the art of growing hydroponics feeds for dairy cows, sheep and goats in what saves costs.

    Peter Muturi
  4. PRIME General rules on livestock vaccine use

    Livestock vaccination is aimed at minimising use of antimicrobial drugs and associated resistance.

    Livestock vaccination
  5. PRIME Trouble shooting biogas unit problems 

    Knowing how to correct such problems will lead to sustainable energy supply and increased adoption of the technology by farmers.

    Biogas system
  6. PRIME These berries keep me off financial blues

    Wilson Ndung’u farms blue berries, sells the fruits and propagates seedlings that other farmers buy to establish their own orchards.

     Wilson Ndung’u
  7. PRIME From grass to cash

    For Githaiga Kihara, growing fodder does not only help conserve soil but it is also a lucrative cash cow when done right.

    Githaiga Kihara
  8. PRIME Making the best bed for a cow

    Cow bedding that include mattresses, sand and saw dust must be cleaned regularly.

    Cow shed
  9. PRIME From subsistence to commercial farming

    Anisa Abdalla started by growing food for her own consumption but is now commercialising.

    Farmer Anisa Abdalla
  10. PRIME Exclusive interview with Hailemariam Desalegn, ex-Ethiopia PM

    Chairman of the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (Agra) speaks on how countries can make the continent food secure.

    Hailemariam Desalegn


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