1. Clinker plant set to transform West Pokot

    New factory will see several roads in the region upgraded to ease transport.

    Clinker plant
  2. How tarmac roads are changing lives in Lodwar Town

    The Kenya Urban Roads Authority constructed a 3.2 kilometre road at a cost of Sh168 million.

    Lodwar town
  3. Bus carrying 51 passengers is swept by floods

    Efforts are underway to rescue passengers trapped on the roof of the Umma Express bus

  4. Ruto to launch Sh45bn West Pokot cement plant

    Devki chairman says the facility will change the image of the county and residents' lives.

    Devki’s Cemtec Simba Cement Company
  5. Marsabit Governor Ali: My track record is impeccable

    He defended his time at the helm of the devolved unit amid accusations of graft and mismanagement.

  6. PREMIUM The other face of Turkana

    The elderly say pastoralism is no longer reliable as they are too weak to migrate in search of pasture.

  7. Bush butcheries and neglect of West Pokot ward

    Meat from these butcheries is said to be so tasty that it does not require salt.

    Meat seller
  8. Platform to tackle extremism unveiled as Garissa University honours attack victims

    On April 2, 2015, gunmen stormed the Garissa University killing 148 people and injuring 80 others.

    Garissa Uni students
  9. The high cost of illegal gold mining in West Pokot

    Environmental degradation, deaths, early marriages and illnesses are common.

    West Pokot
  10. Matatu driver cries for help after police brutal attack for failure to pay bribe

    “He cannot walk. We carry him like a child to go for short and long calls.”

    Police Brutality
  11. Samburu ex-Governor loses prime Karen properties

    Lenolkulal is accused of influencing tenders in the county in favour of a company he is linked to.

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  12. PREMIUM Squad Chafu, the teen gang wreaking havoc in Garissa

    Panga-wielding gang of teenagers on the loose in Garissa town.

    Garissa town
  13. Why fallen Pokot fig tree remains untouched two years later

    The Pokot community yet to come to terms with the falling of the enormous tree.

    Pokot fig tree
  14. Kindiki closes mines after 7 killed in gang violence

    Cases of rape, defilement and gender-based violence have also been reported.

    Interior CS Kithure Kindiki in Garissa on March 5, 2024.
  15. Horror as armed bandits gang-rape 11-year-old girl

    Armed attackers subject minor to physical violence before sexually assaulting her.