1. PREMIUM How it feels to be an adult without national ID

    Pastoral communities in Samburu County face a silent crisis of lack of identification documents.

  2. Floods leave 500 pupils out of Isiolo schools

    The fury of the Ewaso Nyiro River is felt as floods devastate Merti schools, displacing hundreds amid resettlement challenges.

    Merti town
  3. PREMIUM Irony of ‘dark’ villages in light-emitting Turkwel

    Villagers grope in the dark next to a hydroelectric power station.

    Turkwel village
  4. Suspected al-Shabaab militants kill 4 construction workers in Garissa

    The eight were non-locals engaged to renovate Bogyar dispensary by a local contractor.

    Crime scene
  5. Giraffe meat craze nightmare for KWS in Garissa

    Lack of domestic animals and cultural beliefs driving locals to hunt and feed on wildlife.

  6. Two men die in borehole tragedy

    Second man suffered the same fate while attempting to retrieve a dead man's body from borehole.

  7. Samburu families displaced by banditry struggle for survival

    Locals want the government to resettle them and give them relief food.

  8. Turkana hit by spike in donkey thefts amid illegal skin trade

    Donkeys face extinction by illegal trade driven by demand for their hides used in Chinese traditional medicines

  9. One's couple's triple blessing and sleepless nights

    The arrival of the triplets was unexpected for the newborns' parents.

  10. PREMIUM From glittering prophecy to curse: inside Marsabit's gold mines of death

    Mines were closed and cordoned off by the national government following fighting between two communities.

    Hilo gold mining site
  11. Sh2 million illegal sandalwood destroyed in Samburu

    Destruction was undertaken to send a message to those involved in the illegal harvesting.

    Sandalwood destroyed
  12. Bedridden for 14 years without help

    Cherop's condition took a turn for the worse in 2020 and she has not walked since then.

    Evelyn Cherop
  13. Al Shabaab militants fire grenade at border patrol unit in Garissa

    At least one police officer was injured in the attack.

    Crime Scene
  14. KDF, police officers set tiff aside to plant trees in Lodwar

    The two parties planted trees together at a school in Lodwar town

  15. Floods from Uganda displacing families in Turkana

    Residents warned against returning as their marooned homes lie near seasonal rivers Kawalase, Tarach, and Turkwel Hydroelectric Dam.