1. I earn Sh98,000 and spend Sh93,000; how do I save for a plot?

    Consider all your sources of income, which include your net salary and the income from your side hustle.

    Personal finances
  2. To fix sex problems, both parties must be involved

    Premature ejaculation is fairly common and causes a lot of distress, but things are made worse if your partner is unsupportive.

  3. PREMIUM My life without a breast

    The loss of one or both breasts can significantly affect a woman's quality of life.

    Breast cancer
  4. Expert advice on early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer

    Do not wait until you feel a lump before getting screened, as mammograms can detect lumps before you feel them.

    Dr Miriam Mutebi.
  5. Know your breasts: Here is how to self-examine yourself

    Breast cancer is among the top female cancers in Kenya.

  6. I've been jobless for 12 years, now I have a Sh15m windfall

    Please advise me on how to invest this money so that I can remain financially stable for life.

  7. I’m 25, Why am I still broke even committing to pay tithe?

    I recently believed that I wasn’t doing well financially because I don’t pay tithe and started paying but I am still not improving

  8. The money mistakes I have learned from as a finance manager

    I have two channels where I save money; In a bank account that pays a rate of return for the balance held and in a money market fund

  9. How do I invest my Sh3 million pension to avoid going broke?

    I am afraid of misusing my lump sum pension.

  10. Challenges to expect as a new entrepreneur, and what to do

    The thought of breaking even in the first year and going on vacation may be tempting, but it doesn’t always happen that quickly.

  11. How education saved me after I quit athletics

    After quitting athletics due to injury, Winnie Atieno returned to her other passion – writing

  12. Ask HR: Is it ethical to tell someone that they’ve been earmarked for a new role?

    A more balanced approach is to communicate succession plans discreetly within the management team, while also providing development opportunities for potential leaders.

  13. I earn Sh55,000 net; how do I repay a bank loan and save Sh3 million?

    Fund the land purchase through investing and take a loan to finance building the house to accomplish both goals in the shortest time.

  14. I earn Sh106,000 but I’m always broke by 10th of every month

    You need to review your expenditure.

  15. PREMIUM Health matters: Inside the mind of a sex addict

    The mind of a sex addict is preoccupied with sexual thoughts to the extent that it interferes with their daily work and relationships.

    sex addiction
  16. Why society is the biggest impediment to healthy living

    "In my culture, you are expected to look fat, overweight or outrightly obese. A protruding belly is a must," Boniface Osano.

  17. Here’s what you can do to survive these tough times

    How about adjusting accordingly by changing your living standards? Think of moving from that leafy address to a less costly one, and transferring the children from private to public schools.

  18. Table tennis ace aims at Olympics glory

    With admirable determination and inspiring passion for the sport, this youngster seems firmly on his way to the zenith of the game. Already, he boasts of the number one seed in tennis in the region.

  19. My struggle with skin breakouts inspired my skincare business

    Kabura Cecilia is the team leader and founder at Vitapharm Cosmetics and Vitapharm Aesthetics, a skin care solutions and skin care consultations business located in Nairobi

  20. Should I invest in bonds or long-haul truck transportation business?

    It’s important to consider your risk profile and the timeframe of your investment.

  21. I’m single with 45K salary. I took a loan to build a family home, now I’m stuck in debt

    Before you focus on investments or additional savings, it’s crucial to build an emergency fund.

    stressed woman