1. Table tennis ace aims at Olympics glory

    With admirable determination and inspiring passion for the sport, this youngster seems firmly on his way to the zenith of the game. Already, he boasts of the number one seed in tennis in the region.

  2. My struggle with skin breakouts inspired my skincare business

    Kabura Cecilia is the team leader and founder at Vitapharm Cosmetics and Vitapharm Aesthetics, a skin care solutions and skin care consultations business located in Nairobi

  3. Should I invest in bonds or long-haul truck transportation business?

    It’s important to consider your risk profile and the timeframe of your investment.

  4. I’m single with 45K salary. I took a loan to build a family home, now I’m stuck in debt

    Before you focus on investments or additional savings, it’s crucial to build an emergency fund.

    stressed woman
  5. PREMIUM When your husband comes out as gay...

    In their seven years of marriage, their sex lives had deteriorated progressively until they could no longer get intimate.

  6. Does the law protect employees from a hostile work environment?

    Employers need to remember that the concept of safeguarding is expansive and critical in developing a workplace culture that results in safe spaces.

  7. Why I closed my 10 businesses to concentrate on pet grooming

    Getrude Katula, an entrepreneur, currently works at Supacare Pet Groomers, a business specialising in caring for dog pets.

  8. How to teach children about money

    By comprehending the value of money and cultivating prudent saving and spending habits, children can establish groundwork for a secure financial future.

  9. PREMIUM How to restore intimacy after an affair

    At 35 and nursing a two-month-old baby, Doris wanted to move back to her mother’s house and end her three-year marriage.

  10. Is spending my savings on a long-distance matatu a good business idea?

    My plan is to acquire a slightly used Toyota Hiace that has a capacity of 16 passengers and run the vehicle as the driver.

  11. Should I take loan to buy Isuzu FRR on Sukuma-Deni terms?

    • My name is James. I earn a net salary of Sh70,000 • I would like to take a Sh1 million loan to pay off the owner. I plan to pay off the 3.9 million Sukuma-Deni from the proceeds of the lorry

  12. Africa’s best volleyball setter chases Olympic dream

    Emmaculate plays for KCB Women’s Volleyball Club and was voted the best setter at the Women's African Nations Championship last month in Cameroon.

  13. Ask HR: Is it possible for one to be fully content at work?

    It is crucial to introspect, align personal values with one’s pursuits, and foster a sense of gratitude for what has been achieved

  14. Ask HR: Who is responsible for upsklling members of staff?

    Instead of murmuring and risking your jobs, you need to escalate your challenges higher up and have the matter addressed.

  15. Ask HR: Should I report my unsupportive supervisor to HR?

    He might throw you under the bus and discourage another manager from giving you a chance in their department.

  16. From furniture broker to Beds Palace CEO

    A sales job in a furniture store in Roysambu was more than just a job; it was the spark she needed to ignite her entrepreneurial dream.

    Linet Kinga
  17. My boss hates me because of my skin tone

    I feel like I am being set up to fail so I can be fired.

  18. I’m a single mum earning Sh33,000. How do I secure my babies’ future?

    Financial planning and goals setting require that you come up with an estimated target amount of coverage you need for your plan.

  19. PREMIUM Where retirees go to feel young and fit again

    Bedan Mbugua, seems to have found an anti-ageing regime woven from his pharmaceutical background and love for the environment.

  20. PREMIUM Help! I earn Sh120, 000 but spend all on debts and tithe

    I have to keep borrowing from apps and friends. I feel like I am drowning even though I earn a good salary.

  21. PREMIUM Women finding practical solutions to climate change

    What do you do in the face of a crisis that is just as complex as it is big?