1. Here is the place of youth in the climate change agenda

    An urban climate scientist specialises in factors that affect climate in urban areas such as changes in temperature, humidity, air quality, and surface temperatures, and also develops strategies...

  2. Ask HR: I have failed five interviews, is there any need to keep trying?

    The cost of success is often dear and sometimes it will include disappointing hiccups and gaffes.

  3. Ask HR: How come the average performers were promoted ahead of me?

    Might they have since advanced their skills and attained higher specialisation and more competencies.

  4. Money talks: Yes, wage-earners can save money

    Being a wage-earner is a different kettle of fish from being a salary-earner.

  5. Woman to Woman: Reshaping the future of public health using data

    Dr Mutono Nyamai, 32, data scientist at the Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis, University of Nairobi.

    Dr Mutono Nyamai
  6. Bad breath kills intimacy. This is how to sort it out

    Halitosis commonly happens when certain types of bacteria have colonised the back of the tongue

  7. The diet and supplements that will help a child with dyslexia

    Getting your child assessed is also useful as it allows them to work with a special needs teacher to minimise the problem, and receive special privileges such as more time for exams.

  8. I earn 92k but only get 12k because I misused debts. Help me before I lose my wife

    This is never enough and has been forcing me to take more loans from friends and family.

  9. The sober movement

    Our culture in many ways revolves around alcohol. We celebrate many of life’s greatest events with champagne, wine, beer, and cocktails. But, more and more young people are choosing to break up...

  10. I earn Sh60,000 but I’m only left with Sh2,500 due to loans. How do I raise cash to build mabati rentals?

    I wish to build iron rental houses in one of the plots to fetch Sh30,000 to Sh40,000 monthly and continue with my degree which needs Sh230,000 in funding.

  11. Ask HR: How does one identify a good working environment?

    Before your friend tries a fifth employer, encourage her to find a career coach.

  12. Ask HR: How do I tell my supervisor that money is not all that matters?

    Gather your colleagues and make a joint request to be granted advance notice whenever demand spikes.

  13. Here’s how to get your LinkedIn profile noticed

    The greatest challenge for many young people, is getting your account noticed and increasing profile views on LinkedIn. Here are some ideas on how to go about it.

    Jobs search
  14. Inside the world of clinical and sports nutrition

    Purity Kamande, 29, is a clinical and sports nutritionist. She is also the co-founder and lead nutrition consultant at KulaZuri Nutrition.

  15. Here is where my secret winter playground got me

    Sabrina Wanjiku Simader aka the Snow Leopard, is an accomplished Kenyan alpine skier who is based in Austria. She has represented Kenya in several international championships, including the...

  16. Money talks: Learn when to let go of assets

    Emotional attachment is unhealthy when it negatively influences your decisions about them.

    car asset
  17. Stigma against gay people can be deadly

    When sex is done in secret, it mostly becomes unsafe

  18. We’re a couple earning 138k. How do we raise Sh10m to fund our mjengo and repay debts?

    We have a plot that needs about Sh8 million to build and we cannot get bank financing because we are on CRB due to student loans.

  19. How to control your asthma through the food you eat

    The usual treatment for asthma involves identifying and avoiding the triggers and then using medication that either relaxes the muscles surrounding the airways (bronchodilators) or helps to...

  20. Our guest house business started in Syokimau, now it’s thriving across Africa

    Håvar Bauck is the co-founder of HotelOnline, an African yield management company for hotels, involved in the provision of hotels, lodges, and vacation rentals across Africa

  21. How I turned my calling in skin care into a successful beauty company

    Sonnie Kamau, popularly known as Sonnie Touch is the CEO and founder of Sonnie Touch Wellness Center and Sonnie Touch Botanical Skincare Products


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