1. I have Sh1m savings. Should I top up with Sh800,000 loan to buy a car?

    Put your desire to buy a car on hold for now. Instead, invest the Sh1,000,000 in a Treasury Bond.

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  2. Just a man: You have 100 billion soldiers on your side

    If we look inwardly, we would realise that we have all the help in the world.

  3. Two genders? No, we should recognise the three in Kenya

    We need to realign the current policies to the three recognised gender identities in Kenya

  4. I earn Sh60,000 net. How do I build Sh3.5 million before end of this year?

    How do I achieve my home ownership goal?

  5. My key lessons after starting, and running my own construction business

    Damaris Wachera Sande is the founder and managing director of Extreme Interior Design, an architectural and construction company offering residential and commercial interior and exterior designs...

  6. How to beat acne rosacea through diet and up your confidence

    • Acne rosacea is a condition that begins with facial flushing and when this continues • The capillaries in the skin can break and stay red permanently

  7. Ask HR: Help! My line manager is making my life a living hell...

    Is the option to change jobs more reasonable to you than changing your perspective?

  8. Heristone Wanyonyi: I am fast enough to walk

    The racewalker boasts of two national secondary school games titles, and he is the first Kenyan to win gold at the global stage.

  9. Five ways to increase your self-drive

    One clear sign that you are proactive is if you do not sit around waiting to be told what to do.

  10. Ask HR: How can I improve my productivity so I can shine at work?

    Everyone desires to be treated with respect. Do this and you will have a great team.

  11. Legal clinic: Did you know that gratuity is taxable?

    I have often heard that when one reaches retirement age, (60-65 years), their income should not be taxed. Is it so?

  12. On the offensive against abusers

    Ms Karimi is encouraging women abused by their husbands who are officials within the Church to share their tribulations.

    Founder of the Love Basket Foundation Eva CW Waunga
  13. 'Why I choose to freeze my eggs'

    With the pressures of career, education, personal growth, and medical conditions, more and more women are choosing to postpone pregnancy.

  14. Health matters: Let’s talk about conference sex

    Who knew official conventions could be such a sexy place? Actually, they are. But be wary.

  15. Simple habits to start for better mental health

    Constant social media use has been linked to worsened anxiety and depression symptoms, feelings of inadequacy and unhealthy sleeping habits.

    mental health
  16. How I lost my baby weight in six weeks

    In line with nutritional guidelines, in the last trimester, I ate an additional 300 calories a day and while I was breastfeeding, I ate 500 extra calories a day.

  17. 'I earn Sh28,000. Should I take Sh700,000 loan to buy Tuk Tuks, boost my wife’s M-Pesa shop?'

    I am however not sure this is a good idea.

  18. Dos and don’ts of personal hygiene in the workplace

    Bad breath, body odour or dirty clothes can be off-putting to co-workers and clients, and may make it difficult for them to take you seriously or engage with you.

  19. Ask HR: Why should we bother with rituals if they don’t benefit us or the company?

    Nothing stops you from pursuing goals that remain on your plate from the resolutions of the previous year alongside new ones.

  20. Mum tales: What does breast milk taste like?

    Mama’s milk is best for the baby, that much experts — doctors and aunties — agree.

    Breast milk
  21. Ask HR: Will I ever catch up with the colleague who’s ahead of me?

    As much as performance is key in every aspect of your work, it is not the only factor considered during promotion.


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