1. What to do when sex hurts with endometriosis

    Sex therapy is important to deal with the mental distress and sex aversion which come with endometriosis

  2. I started my tour business on social media and got clients from as far as USA

    Samson Ole Parosei is the managing director of Walk-With Maa Tours. He also works at the Maasai Mara as a tour guide operator, nature guide, and travel agent

  3. I earn Sh420,000 monthly but I am left with zero at end of the month. How do I build my family home?

    I would like to build our house in the next three years. The challenge is that at the moment, I have got no disposable income.

  4. Spare us those doomsday prophecies

    No doubt, genuine prophets exist, but life is already too challenging to add the weight of “what if“

  5. I’ve been earning 35k but my new job is paying 25k. How do I readjust my life and spending?

    As of now, my income has taken a shift and I am to earn Sh25,000 net as an intern with the PSC. I needed a career shift and thus opted for this internship.

  6. I make Sh29,000 as a house girl in Saudi. Please help me budget and invest

    What asset goals are realistic for me to target? I see some girls saying they have built rentals from their Saudi jobs.

  7. The vocabulary of sex

    Simple bedroom words can avert tragedies during action

  8. The silly trick that got me to the World Cup

    Emilly Amimo, a graduate of genomics from JKUAT, is the captain of Archibella Roll ball club in Nairobi.

  9. Ask HR: What is executive presence and why is it so important in my career?

    It is possible that your bosses are genuinely concerned about your readiness for the role.

  10. Ask HR: How do I make myself employable after a long hiatus?

    You should have an open mind and be ready to start at entry level irrespective of the level you were before.

  11. Ask HR: Should I take this new job at a startup company?

    If you value stability, stay, but if you want a career move with more money, move.

  12. 'I did not let ADHD stand in the way of my dreams and success'

    Sylvia Wambui seeks to provide digital support for young women to build their capacities for doing business.

    Sylvia Wambui
  13. I earn Sh67,000 net. Should I start with buying a car or land?

    I want to buy land and a car for my mobility. Please advise which to start with and how?

  14. Adidas posts loss as Kanye West split 'hurts' business

    Adidas halted its tie-up with West in October after he made a series of anti-Semitic outbursts.

    Kanye West
  15. Heath matters: Men and women experience arousal differently

    For most men, sexual stimulation can be instant while women take time to get into the mood

  16. The beauty in my scars

    Susan Wahu Ndonga, 28, survived a road accident in Nairobi in 2015 which left her skin scarred. Today she runs a road safety advocacy organisation—Road Accident Survivors Campaign Initiative...

  17. Is Aloe Vera juice really the wonder drink that we keep hearing about?

    It’s known as a cooling herb in both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, and is hailed as a cure for inflammation

  18. I am 26 and make Sh. 1,500 daily. I don’t know how to save or manage this money. Help!

    I feel like I will face certain financial ruin if I don’t get my financial act together. The problem is, I don’t know how to do it.

  19. Ask HR: Is it wrong to complain about too much work?

    It may also be helpful to have an open and honest conversation with your supervisor for greater perspective and exploration of possible options of managing the workload.

  20. How to overcome internship anxiety

    Try to develop professional relationships with other colleagues in the office. Don’t be a people pleaser, be easy to work with and complete assigned tasks.

  21. Ask HR: Help! I need a job that matches my qualifications...

    You must avoid being swayed by all success and self-praise posts in all these alumni groups. Instead of encouraging and lifting others, some have become forums for bragging and piling peer pressure.


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