1. Ask HR: My colleague has changed so much, could it be a sign of a bigger problem?

    If your colleague is performing well, does not breach your office dress code, and continues to nurture reasonable relationships allow him the latitude to indulge his iconoclastic inclinations.

  2. I want to move out of my parents' house. Help me plan my Sh18,000 salary

    Which neighbourhoods should I look to move to? At what age should I consider saving money? What should I prioritise at my current stage?

  3. Why misleading food labels are everywhere

    Wouldn’t it be better to buy a bag of jumbo oats and cook that with some apple and cinnamon instead?

  4. My wife and I are new primary teachers. Help us manage our 56K net pay

    Please help us draw up a budget. We don't have loans yet. Should we also pay tithe and give to relatives at this stage?

  5. My money lessons from helping people invest in Safaricom Sacco

    John Mwai is the Investment Manager at Safaricom Investment Co-operative.

  6. 200 men undergo vasectomy: Marie Stopes

    The number of bilateral tubal ligations--a permanent contraception method for women--still remains higher than vasectomy.

    World Vasectomy Day
  7. Olnjoni: A Maa traditional ‘condom’ for sheep and goats

    The traditional birth control is cheap and effective, and is preferred to modern methods, herder says.

  8. Finding healing after leaving a toxic job

    Identifying triggers can give you power to deal with them effectively. Recognise toxicity and understand what you can control and what you can’t.

  9. Ask HR: How should one prepare adequately for an interview?

    Spend more time highlighting your soft skills to demonstrate a better understanding of the role.

  10. Ask HR: How do I explain the many gaps in my CV?

    just say that you were not resilient enough when you encountered challenges. Let the panel know that has been a challenge and that you are now more resilient.

  11. Legal Clinic: Is it wrong if I ask for a pay raise?

    You have a cause to go to court should they terminate your employment for pursuing your right to promotion.

  12. Dancing nurse: I use dance to cheer up my patients

    Last week, she became a national sensation after a TikTok video of her dancing to cheer up a hospitalised child went viral.

    Elizabeth Robai Lukresia, a second year pediatric student nurse at Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) with a child patient
  13. Does drinking more water really have notable healthy benefits?

    Staying hydrated is a daily necessity.

  14. At 28, I got a gastric bypass after a lifetime of binge eating

    Carolyne Wambaa was cheered on for being chubby as a child. This year she had to get a gastric bypass to save her life.

  15. Help me plan to raise Sh3 million to complete my house and repay a Sh2 million loan

    I have a goal to finish my house in seven months, which is already roofed and needs about Sh1 million to finish. I also want to clear the bank loan in one year which is currently at a balance of...

  16. Feeling loose after childbirth? What to do when it doesn’t feel the same down there

    A diagnosis of a loose vagina leading to unsatisfactory sex life can only be known months after delivery

  17. How do I survive in Nairobi with a 29k net salary?

    I have a one-year contract that was extended this month. Kindly assist me to attain financial independence and be frugal.

  18. The lady mechanic who switched dolls for cars

    At 33, Lydia Kemunto is pursuing her childhood dream of being an automotive repair technician

  19. 'Help! I earn Sh34,000 and my family, siblings depend on me'

    I would also like to build a house for my mom and myself.

  20. 'I started my cleaning business as a side hustle with Sh10,000'

    Phanice Kwamboka is the founder and owner of Malvo Cleaning Services, a corporate office and home cleaning business

  21. Brian Muchiri: Why we must talk about adult diapers for people with disabilities

    Society treats poorly people with incontinence, yet adult diapers are a basic need and a source of convenience and freedom for those who need them.

    Brian Muchiri


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