My struggle with skin breakouts inspired my skincare business

Kabura Cecilia is the founderand team leader at Vitapharm Cosmetics and Vitapharm Aesthetics, a skincare solutions and skin care consultations business located in Nairobi. PHOTOS| POOL

What you need to know:

Kabura Cecilia is the team leader and founder at Vitapharm Cosmetics and Vitapharm Aesthetics, a skin care solutions and skin care consultations business located in Nairobi

Vitapharm cosmetics and pharmacy is home of skin care solutions. I offer skin care solutions and consultations virtually and physically. I am passionate about helping women have healthy glowing radiant skin. Good skin is a confidence booster. I also offer safe and original cosmetics products, and safe skin procedures to both women and men. Apart from formulating skin care products, I am currently working on a book on skin care and skin confidence. In my free time, I love going to the gym, dancing, bowling, playing, and networking.

I come from a nursing background.  I’m a registered aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, and now a cosmetics formulator. I have previously worked in the non-governmental organisation sector as a reproductive health officer.

A few years back, I noticed that my face had started to get skin breakouts. The problem just seemed to get worse. I had never experienced this type of skin condition before and I initially hoped that it would go away on its own. I tried many remedies but the breakouts got worse. My self-confidence tanked. I was left with no option. It was either I searched for and innovated a proper remedy or continued to suffer. As I researched on dermatology and how the skin works, I met acquaintances who directed me to the right products that finally changed my skin and healed my breakouts. This turned out to be my light-bulb moment. I went deeper and studied skin aesthetics. I realised that I could turn this into a business. I have never looked back since.

Vitapharm started as a partnership business in Mombasa at the then Mombasa Uchumi Supermarket branch. It then expanded to Uchumi’s Nairobi branch. When the retail supermarket collapsed, our money and investment went down the drain. We lost millions. After this setback, I came back with a new business idea of helping women have healthy glowing radiant skin through healthy skin care products.

Starting afresh after the huge losses wasn’t easy. I had to quickly learn how to be resilient. I also learned to never get so attached to money as you can lose it anytime. It took quite some time for my business to break even. When I started, the skin care business was a very new concept that many people did not understand.

The highlight of this business has been the success stories from our customers. This is a business that interacts with the customer at a very personal level. As such, knowing that my products have a positive skin solution is my proudest accomplishment. This has come out of being consistent, and intentionally investing in myself, taking skin care courses and uplifting my academic proficiencies and abilities.

Have an abundance mindset, there's enough for everyone. Don’t get attached to money, focus on offering solutions, and making this world a better place. When you start a business focus on building your skills too. When it comes to saving and investment, my personal finance strategy revolves around reinvesting my money in the business, properties, and insurance products. My goal is to ensure that my money is always working for me as opposed to sitting idle and losing value to inflation.