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  1. Fake number plate scam: Anti-counterfeit agency boss fired

    ACA is now headed by Ms Fridah Kaberia, who has been the deputy director in charge of corporate services.

  2. Agronomist notebook: Best watering regime for tomato plants

    Before watering, determine the level of soil moisture by using a moisture tester. Alternatively, one can do a simple test by holding the soil on the palm and rolling it

  3. KRA probes Sh100m tax racket

    The syndicate involves alleged import and export of hides and skins.

  4. You could pay Sh5m fine for not reporting graft

    BBI report proposes the penalty to boost the fight against economic crimes.

  5. Kenya’s nuclear energy project spills over 2030

    Agency says the lengthy compliance procedures mean earliest date is in 2035.

  6. Hackers for hire on the loose

    Today’s cyber mercenaries may not be out to get monetary gains but to steal sensitive personal information, warns Kaspersky.

  7. A farming jewel

    NYS farm that showcases the best of livestock and crop production

  8. Cedar: The tree with great demand, from Africa to Europe and Americas

    Cedar has multiple benefits. Its timber is used for building houses, for poles, for furniture and beehives, among many other uses.

  9. Tobacco’s changing fortunes, from the colonial era to date

    Several firms have shaped the industry, but none has been so dominant like British America Tobacco from colonial times today

  10. Agronomist notebook: Tackling early blight attack in tomato crop

    Besides pests, tomato crops are also affected by diseases.