Words that get you thinking.
  1. Tame ballooning national debt or perish

    Since the Jubilee administration assumed power, it has been on a borrowing spree.

  2. Introduce trauma counselling in schools

    Many of our pupils, students and school staff come from broken families.

  3. We must be grateful to our health workers

    They have used innovative ways, especially in ICU that helped Covid-19 patients to recover.

  4. Peasantry qualification for leadership is a crowded field, let’s find another trait

    Since our political contest is underpinned by a democratic universal suffrage, a leader’s offspring does not necessarily have a head start.

  5. Ensure rights, democracy in Covid-19 war

    The pandemic is a human crisis that is fast becoming a human rights crisis

  6. Intensify the fight against Covid-19

    Mombasa had, in under five days until Wednesday this week, recorded more than 101 new cases.

  7. Projects cannot work amid corruption

    The massive rip-offs — like in the scandal in the Medical Equipment Lease to counties project — should worry us all

  8. Senate must bear responsibility for the chaos of county closure

    Among the services the governors have chosen to close are in-patient admissions in county-run hospitals.

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  9. Investigate Senator Malala’s claims that his life is in danger

    Being an elected MP, he is bound to have very influential enemies.

  10. Build a culture of safety in healthcare

    Covid-19 is among diseases that have affected healthcare workers in clinical practice with deadly consequences.