1. Salute to security guards, the forgotten heroes

    We walk past security guards, assuming that they are not even qualified to guide us even when we are lost.

    Interior PS Raymond Omollo
  2. End men’s silent struggle with mental ill-health

    Most men are tied down by the traditional ‘strong male’ stereotype, making them ignore their well-being.

    Mental health
  3. Is muguka debate founded on ignorance?

    Let the leaders first eradicate drug and substance abuse.

  4. Stop helicopter gunships on Baringo bandits

    Air strikes on civilian citizens are perceived as a sign of weakness of the government

  5. Eradicate stigma on menstrual hygiene

    Access to adequate sanitary towels and soaps is also vital even as we fight for this campaign.

  6. Mitigate climate change by using green energy

    Advocating green energy use is essential to raise public awareness of climate change.

    Green world
  7. Suffering retirees deserve accessing their pension contribution without delay

    Pensioners now hope for the prompt passing of the Bill in Parliament and the President’s assent.

  8. Monitor dams, enlighten Kenyans on safety

    Floods have rendered more than 130,000 Kenyans homeless.

    Old Kijabe dam
  9. Take measures to curb food insecurity

    Many prefer an urban lifestyle and abandon their farms, leaving them unplanted.

  10. Kigo: Emphasise health education and disease prevention

    Community health workers should link health services to development.

    Some of the traders at Kisumu's Kibuye market who turned up for the free health screening