Words that get you thinking.
  1. New farming methods can help end famine

    Kenya's agriculture sector needs to adjust itself and adapt to the current weather.

    Edwin Rono's farm in Uasing Gishu
  2. Need to invest more in mental healthcare

    People with mental health conditions are at a higher risk of dying prematurely.

    Mental health
  3. Respect, support teachers for prosperity

    Teachers are disseminators of knowledge and values, paragons of morality.

    Donyasas Primary School
  4. Sheikh Abdisamad: Account of my kidnap, particulars wrong

    I regained my freedom after a 12-day ordeal.

    Abdiwahab Sheikh Abdiwsamad 
  5. Understand, enlist and participate in voting

    Voting is a fundamental right for every adult citizen in a democracy.

  6. Youth should farm, not wait for office jobs

    One of the biggest challenges educated Kenyan youth face is unemployment

    Edwin Rono's farm in Uasing Gishu
  7. Boy-child, too, suffers sexual harassment

    Sexual harassment is unsolicited verbal or physical behaviour of a sexual nature.

    Sexual harassment
  8. Teach children about good and bad touch

    Increasing cases of physical abuse of young children are a matter of concern for society.

  9. Government should cushion poor Kenyans

    At a time when Kenyans are facing a myriad of difficulties, any more load will be pushing us to the elastic limit.

  10. Give exposure to children with disability

    Hiding a person with disability is denying them a chance at life.

    Joytown Special Secondary School


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