Words that get you thinking.
  1. Resurgent Covid-19 should worry us all

    There is a general relaxation in observing non-pharmaceutical protocals among the public, particularly, failure to wear face masks.

  2. Amending Constitution a lengthy process

    An amendment through parliamentary initiative may be launched either in the National Assembly or in the Senate.

  3. Honour freedom fighters on Mashujaa Day

    Most of the freedom fighters lead miserable lives, worse in their old age

  4. Handwashing is best Covid-19 defence

    The coronavirus pandemic has built a fresh appreciation for clean, running water and soap.

  5. We should encourage deloyment of the military where civilians fail

    The military worked with the NYS to rebuild the Thika-Nanyuki meter gauge railway.

  6. Poor school reopening timing as no water

    Water improves hygiene and, hence, a country’s health and wealth.

  7. Let us not forget the genesis of BBI

    With primary objective of uniting Kenyans, the BBI should seek to bring every Kenyan under its fold.

  8. Make training preserve of Education ministry

    The biggest challenge facing the tertiary institutions is poor quality of training.

  9. Youth need to get involved in Startup Bill

    Most local start-ups are youth-owned and -led, making them the most important players.

  10. Enhance handling of mental health cases

    Depression, a mental disorder, is one of the main causes of disability and affects some 264 million people.