1. Students should look beyond medical courses

    The belief that medical courses are more marketable than others should not be cultivated in this generation.

    Ezekiel Machogu
  2. Political parties should shed tribal tag

    Our good neighbours are solidly united by Kiswahili and soccer. This begs the question, who owns soccer and politics in Tanzania? The answer is, Tanzanians.

  3. Emphasise on food rather than cash crops

    Many farmers are always looking forward to growing the cash crops that are being exported not knowing this increases the food insecurities in the country.

    A Kenyan farmer picking tea
  4. Weighbridge staff sabotaging transport

    Some Kenyan weighbridge operators arbitrarily decide whose truck is carrying an excess load and then go ahead and prosecute and fine them.

    A cargo truck passes through the Mariakani Weighbridge, Kilifi County.
  5. Do not expect change on appointments

    When a political party comes to power, it will appoint only those who believe in, and understand, its manifesto to the government.

    William Ruto
  6. The place of Kenya in new world order

    To any keen observer, it is clear that the world is on the verge of ushering in a new order of conducting business.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin
  7. Open letter to President Ruto, on Budget

    The hustlers that I meet are asking Your Excellency to stop the wastefulness in the government; this is the only way out of the debt hole.

    William Ruto
  8. Divide-and-conquer tactics can beat bandits

    The government can offer rewards and immunity to bandits who surrender and give useful information to take down the bandits’ operation.

    Yatya, Baringo
  9. Kenyans must stop being lazy and work

    Instead of donning cooking pans on their heads, Kenyans must embark on producing foodstuffs and food products to generate income locally.

    foreign exchange trading
  10. Seek long-term solutions to financial crisis

    It is time we invested in local industries and stopped importing everything.

    Ruto and Netanyahu


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