1. Address mental ill-health threat in colleges

    These have resulted in many college students and other youths taking terrible actions.

  2. EACC must pursue overnight tycoons

    One who earns Sh50,000 has amassed Sh500 million in five years.

    Integrity centre
  3. Corporisation of government is bad for Kenya

    In the past three decades, government departments have been turned into corporate bodies called “authorities” and “commissions”.

    Ruto ministers
  4. Rid Kenyan politics of cancel culture

    Kenya’s politicians are caught in a destructive loop of condemnation and recrimination

    Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba
  5. Let’s deal with climate-related conflicts

    The impact of climate change on every aspect of Kenyan life is now a present reality rather than a spectral threat.

  6. End the agonising dilemma of LGBTQ+

    Psychologists have ruled out LGBTQ+ being a mental illness.

  7. CS Zachary Njeru should drive the land agenda robustly

    Del Monte Company released parts of its land to Kiambu and Murang’a counties a while back

  8. Obonyo: Africa should unite to fight cybercrime

    Cyber technology is significant and has brought an unprecedented level of connectivity.

    A hacker
  9. Mr President, reshuffle your advisers

    The Chief economic strategist David Ndii has been coming up with outrageous and harmful economic measures.

    President William Ruto (left) and the chair of his Presidential Council of Economic Advisors Dr David Ndii.
  10. Sakaja, fix real issues before forming burroughs

    Governor Sakaja can run Nairobi County like a corporation

    Governor Sakaja