Words that get you thinking.
  1. Coronavirus ball is in the citizens’ court

    Kenyans seem to have long dropped the ball and resorted to normal life.

  2. America should close Guantanamo Bay

    The camp was opened in 2002 by the US government during the George W. Bush administration in its ‘Global War on Terror’.

    Guantanamo Bay detention facility
  3. Justice Maraga could have done better

    Mr Maraga left cases that he found in court and many more were added to the heap

    David Maraga
  4. Many Kenyans support the BBI

    The poll conducted in December 2020 indicates almost one third of Kenyans will vote ‘Yes’.

    BBI launch
  5. Wrong to have pregnant, nursing students

    Being first-term mothers, the girls deserve special attention

    teen pregnancies
  6. Rotational presidency, if well executed, is good for Kenya

    Switzerland is stable politically as a result of the way in which the country is governed.

  7. Handshake and BBI accelerate national development

    The Handshake deal resulted in rare national unity that is conducive for development.

    Uhuru and Raila announce handshake
  8. Crucial lessons from American institutions

    Democracy is more about strong institutions and less about individuals.

    Trump supporters
  9. America no longer bastion of democracy

    The Electoral College confirmed Joe Biden as the country’s next president mid last month.

    Donald Trump supporters
  10. Easy steps to improve the Constitution

    We voted for this Constitution because it was better than what we had.

    BBI launch


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