1. Have floods humanitarian assistance plan

    Nairobi, Kiambu, western Kenya, Nyanza and the coastal region are expected to experience heavy rains this month.

    Tana River floods
  2. Ensure children play, it helps them to grow

    Allowing children to play and enjoy their childhood is crucial for their physical and mental development.

    Children playing
  3. Help those struggling with depression amongst us to heal

    Mental health organisations should advocate prompt reporting whenever such indicators are observed.

    Mental Health
  4. Road deaths: The buck stops with Murkomen

    We must do everything possible to keep our roads safe to alleviate further suffering.

  5. Step up war on drugs and illicit liquors

    An effective campaign will ensure that people become responsible.

    Drunk man
  6. Involve church, teachers in war on alcohol

    Religious and faith-based leaders command a lot of respect in the communities and millions of people trust them.

  7. Prioritise content that develops the youth

    Publishing content geared towards the personal development of the youth fosters a sense of community and belonging.

    Highschooler pullout
  8. Emulate Nyeri on illicit liquor crackdown

    Therefore, governors and other leaders should not wait until their people die to take the necessary action.

    Drunk man
  9. The youth should embrace digital literacy

    Digital literacy is opening doors of opportunity and igniting a spirit of innovation and empowerment.

    Pupils Digital Literacy Programme
  10. Embracing economic diversity through free market currencies

    As one might expect, one currency might be mismanaged, a charge some levy towards bitcoin.