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  1. Seasoned digital marketer discovered his business skills on Facebook

    Gesora earned his first income from digital marketing in 2009 while in first year at Strathmore University.

    Gesora Mwasi, founder and lead Digital Brand Strategist at IDMA Agency.
  2. We are reaping big from the world’s love for Kenyan chillies and herbs

    Margaret sent a sample of chilli powder milled in her kitchen to Germany and the customer loved it.

    Margaret Komen
  3. You must keep up with trends of getting and maintaining clients

    Rigidity in the face of dynamic consumer needs can be tragic to your entrepreneurial endeavours.

    customer service
  4. I quit employment to start a branding venture

    The deliberate investment, though motivated by frustrations witnessed at the early days of starting, has triggered the company’s growth.

    Plusify Limited
  5. Thika Clothing Mills seeks to revive local textile industry

    Kenya’s clothing industry is now on its knees due to a number of factors, including the entry of secondhand clothes into the value chain.

    Auto Coro Machine
  6. Business help small ventures grow through data-backed decisions

    With data being at the center of the fourth industrial revolution, SMEs need to know how to leverage the statistics they collect on a daily basis.

    data firms
  7. Kisii business cashing in on the humble banana

    Venture produces crisps, wine, baby food, banana flour and bread. And should it choose to expand its product line, can produce soap, beer and juice as well.

    Askah Nyakwara
  8. Firm finds niche in developing customer support software for mid-sized companies

    Besides developing call management systems, the firm also creates ticketing software to enable companies manage customer feedback on their social media platforms.

    Ben Murwa and Japheth Dibo.
  9. Industrial filters proudly made in Kenya

    Over the years, the business has developed from a highly manual venture to an automated one where machines handle most of the work.

    Pantech Kenya Limited
  10. Kitui family capitalises on myth surrounding Nzambani Rock to build a business

    The biggest clients are youth groups who drive mainly from Nairobi to hike or camp at the site during public holidays.

    Nzambani rock


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