Stay ahead of the curve.
  1. When you are taxed out of a business

    Starting a 'side hustle' may seem appealing and glittery, but that's until the taxman comes knocking.

  2. Dogs crunch numbers for accountant

    What started as a hobby is now a rewarding full-time enterprise for Salome Nyambura, an accountant.

  3. How no-show emcee paved career path for ‘Presidential MC’

    When an emcee failed to show up at a wedding, Mateya stepped up and a career was born.

  4. How poverty led man to open food factory

    “Looking at my surroundings, I felt that I needed to fight the poverty, unemployment and malnutrition," says Muguika Kaburu.

  5. Inside the plant that makes your jikos

    It takes about 35 seconds for a unit of Jikokoa to come out of the production line.

  6. Proprietor turns Sh800m school to a farm

    Joseph Kung'u says for 23 years he watched the investment grow…until the devil came visiting in March 2020.

  7. Furniture girl who refused to sit on her dream

    Parky follows her dream to set up a thriving business that fetches her Sh300,000 in a good month.

  8. Coming soon in Nairobi — a farmers’ market like no other

    Nairobi Farmers’ Market is in the final stages of construction.

  9. Bank dealing in digital ledgers to open office in Nairobi

    The bank will have a Bitcoin element, hence making in the first block chain bank in Africa.

  10. Kenya set to adopt animal DNA tracing plan in poaching battle

    Kenya has begun a process which could see it adopt the DNA barcoding technology to be used in war on poaching.