1. How Janet Kuteli built financial services for the real hustler

    Janet Kuteli quit her job as a senior manager in a leading bank to start a microfinance that caters for the needs of boda boda riders.

    Janet Kuteli,
  2. Surviving in the shaky creative industry of design

    How resourceful entrepreneur mastered the art of running a graphic design business.

    George Rotich
  3. M-Taka: Helping communities deal with waste

    An engineer and an urban planner started M-Taka firm to promote better waste management practices.

  4. Startups that got mentored to success

    Young companies that fed-off established entities and multiple countries where they are now thriving.

    Wandia Gichuru
  5. Kenyan agro-cosmetics manufacturer's big dreams

    Touché Cosmetics makes beauty products from plant-based oils and overripe fruits and vegetables.

    Mirriam Mukami
  6. Our mission is self-reliance for all women

    Organisation that started off helping women refugees now embraces the disadvantaged.

    Balkhisa Bashir
  7. How SMEs can attain longevity in uncertain times

    SMEs could generate decent earnings in services sector, which remains largely unexploited.

    Francis Theuri
  8. Two firms partner to harness human capital in Africa

    Collaboration aimed at meeting the growing demand for labour in Europe.

    Propel co-founders
  9. Financial manager ventures into production of organic farm inputs

    Kumar Sheth dropped his professional career and visited a number of countries around the world, benchmarking on the best practices and formula for producing organic fertilisers.

    Kumar Sheth.
  10. Alice Wanjiru: The next Wangari Maathai in the making

    Alice Wanjiru has planted more than 5,000 trees, hopes to plant 1 million in five years' time.

    Alice Wanjiru