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  1. I based my business on a nutritious fruit that keeps giving

    With an initial capital of Sh10, 000, she bought cooking gas, pots and a few kilos of tamarind and got to work.

  2. A new government is coming, is your business aligned to its priorities?

    It is essential to develop a good understanding of the administration’s plans, including the 47 county governments that control a huge chunk of the budgets for servicing devolved services.

  3. Innovators challenged to focus on other sectors besides technology, agriculture

    Rising energy prices and unreliable power supply that hamper production have forced businesses to rethink the ways they consume fossil fuels and other natural resources, hence emerging sectors...

  4. Businessmen bet on eco-friendly electric tuk-tuk

    Their model has zero emissions, less noise pollution and lower operational costs compared to tuk-tuks that use fossil fuel.

  5. Husband and wife in business of beautifying glass

    Glass etching is an elegant method of creating a graphic design on the surface of an otherwise smooth piece of glass.

  6. How flexible credit options are easing financial pressures on MSMEs

    The seasonal and unpredictable nature of MSMEs, require cost friendly, flexible credit options.

  7. Are manifestos peddled by politicians in favour of entrepreneurs?

    The street language is manifestos, but those who know better call it a strategic plan without a clear end game.

  8. Lack of digital financial records limit SMEs’ access to credit

    To enable SMEs benefit from this revolution, the study recommends addressing the high cost of digital payments.

  9. How contract manufacturing aided the growth of our young start-up

    Six years ago, the couple took a leap of faith by resigning from their jobs to start a manufacturing firm that now employs 48.

  10. Cereals firm partners with youth group to support 12,000 farmers

    Business offers agronomic support services to farmers as well as credit facilities in terms of inputs and school advances.


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