1. Ominde: Gaitho’s arrest should sting our conscience

    Mr Gaitho, unfortunately, is not the only journalist who has faced the wrath of a rogue police force.

    Macharia Gaitho
  2. Mwirichia: Mitigate teenage pregnancies

    It is also critical that schools and families offer safe spaces for teens to seek guidance on how to dodge teen pregnancies.

    County forms Young Mothers clubs in sub-county hospitals where teens meet for mentorship
  3. Nyaga: Incentivise smart agribusinesses to create more jobs

    Value addition can significantly increase incomes and create jobs

  4. Mumbi: Take steps to stop use of excessive force by the police

    Over 500 killings by police have been documented in Kenya between 2019 and 2021.

    Anti-Finance Bill protests
  5. Mutua: Case of mistaken identity or sheer incompetence?

    Citizens have documented the officers involved in illegal arrests and abductions.

    Macharia Gaitho
  6. Kemanga & Maginga: Protect children in protests

    Protecting children from such violence is not just a moral obligation but a societal necessity.

    Karatina protests
  7. Odoh: Igniting the impact entrepreneur in all of us

    Impact entrepreneurship also has a constructive effect on business.

  8. Kirui: Dalliance with the West made Ruto unpopular

    President Ruto has paid a heavy price for prioritising the unpopular IMF-led reforms over politics.

    Anti-government protests
  9. Onyango: Need for novel antibiotics to stem infections

    There is an urgent need for targeted initiatives to support drug development and market access.

  10. Sambu: The big social media threat

    Role of social media in shaping public opinion and disseminating information has come under intense scrutiny.