1. John Muteti: Community is vital in drug, alcohol abuse management

    Community workgroups will bring together multiple players in the war against alcohol and drug abuse.

    Drunk man
  2. David Kigo: Embrace green, clean energy

    Future generations will enjoy better prospects.

    Clean energy
  3. Muthomi Njuki: Fully devolve, fund health docket

    The health gains under devolution were made in very difficult circumstances.

  4. Morgan Wanyonyi: Empower the menfolk too, as with girls, for equality

    It’s time to stand up and save the boys, especially teenagers and youth.

  5. Mutuma Mathiu: On Haji as spy chief, let Ruto have his way

    Today, ODPP is a well organised, reasonably effective, professional service.

  6. Odhiambo Ramogi: Dear Mr President, the truth is that Kenyans are overtaxed

    What will save your government at this time is foreign direct investment.

    William Ruto
  7. Karuti Kanyinga: Time to bring gender parity campaign back on track 

    It is said that women leaders are their own worst enemies.

    Members of Parliament
  8. Diane Karusisi: Funding women entrepreneurs is a smart strategy

    Women account for 42 per cent of business owners in Rwanda, one of the highest ratios globally.

  9. Kiendi Ndambuki: Extending SGR to Isiolo, Kisumu and Malaba will spur economic growth 

    The government’s determination to extend the SGR line to Kisumu, Malaba, and Isiolo at a cost of Sh2.1 trillion has captured the attention of local and global observers.

  10. Sharon Namarome: Fill gaps in the law for sexual violence justice

    Reports say one in five women and girls are victims with incidents rarely reported due to stigma and lack of faith in the police.

    Sexual violence


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