1. Onyimbi: Involve men in family planning

    Men are often excluded from related conversations due to factors such as cultural beliefs and taboos, lack of knowledge and fear of side effects of contraception.

    reproductive health
  2. Marangu: Why AI in education is inevitable

    GenAI tools have the capability to improve learning outcomes and improve delivery efficiencies.

    LoHo Learning
  3. Sogomo: Why school heads should be accountable to the ministry

    The allegation that teachers are only respectful to TSC officials is, thus, not true.

    Head teachers
  4. Mutiga: Need to hasten IEBC revival in bipartisan talks

    The fate of critical functions of IEBC is in the hands of the bipartisan talks.

    Kalonzo Musyoka
  5. Adhere: Let Kenya, China leverage gains of BRI as it turns 10

    The bandwidth of cooperation is as elastic as the creativity and synergy between the two countries.

    Nairobi Expressway
  6. Renson Ingonga must give ODPP teeth

    The new chief prosecutor should emphasise on a multi-agency and -disciplinary approach in dealing with files associated with looters of public resources.

    DPP nominee Renson Mulele Ingonga
  7. Siyoi: Help pharmacists to make health systems stronger

    In an era where chronic illnesses are on the rise, pharmacists play a pivotal role in preventive health and management.

  8. Muiruri: Anticipating El Nino should help us act early

    Previous El Nino events had devastating impacts including flash flooding, landslides, loss of life and livelihoods.

  9. Momanyi: Bypasses have improved Nairobi’s socio-economy

    The bypasses have been notable job creators, during and post construction.

    Southern Bypass
  10. A call for flexible solidarity fund for sustainability transitions in Africa

    Sluggish growth, together with rising debt and development financing deficit are, perhaps, the biggest impediments to the achievement of the SDGs in Africa.

    William Ruto