1. Azeb Asrat: Building climate resilience for East Africa’s future

    For any intervention to be sustainable, ownership of such activities must be the primary responsibility of the communities living in the area.

    William Ruto
  2. Greening Practically: Post-COP28 impressions from Ethiopia

    Citizen-centered, practical climate actions like Green Legacy Initiative yield powerful outcomes by nurturing nature’s bounty.

  3. Eliud Owalo: Kenya’s digital economy unfolds

    Kenyans can now access 13,482 GoK services from the comfort of their homes.

    Digital transformation
  4. Kamundia & Ombati: Kenya’s troubled 60-year mental health journey

    Stigma and discrimination continue to be the experience of many people with mental health conditions in Kenya today.

    chained men
  5. Bekele: Freshly forged leaders will drive sustainable agriculture

    Developing smallholder agriculture into productive, efficient and sustainable system is essential to ensuring food security.

  6. Kiplang’at: Let millennials embrace the noble cause of tree planting

    Kenya will enjoy an elevated position in the tree conversation for its significantly high forest cover-to-arable land ratio.

    Tree Planting Kaptagat Forest
  7. Nyanjom: Beware climate change-gender nexus

    The impacts of climate change have fuelled SGBV.

    COP28 United Nations climate summit in Dubai
  8. Nyaribo: How counties can garner CAIPs’ economic benefits

    CAIPs can revitalise the agricultural sector and drive agro-based manufacturing.

    President William Ruto in Nyamira
  9. Kibet arap Biwott: Customer service, engagement key to higher income

    Counties need to set up robust customer service and stakeholder engagement systems.

  10. Kigo: Carbon tax a poisoned chalice

    The Kyoto Protocol was never ratified by the developed world.

    Ruto with Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan