Words that get you thinking.
  1. Sammy Kwinga: Somalis are right to be angered by Farmaajo’s ‘khat-fish’ Ethiopia deal

    Farmaajo is accused of using khat as a diplomatic bargaining chip to advance his vested interests.

    President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo
  2. Rebecca Wanjiku: How community networks could bridge ‘digital divide’

    Kenya National Bureau of Statistics data show only 9.8 million of the 50 million citizens reported to have used the internet in the past three months.

    Internet user
  3. David Turuthi: Let us stop the ‘super school’ choice mirage

    The clamour for national schools must stop lest we continue to needlessly pressure our children to go through a bottleneck.

    Form One Selection
  4. Charles Onyango: Vaccination the best means to achieve herd immunity

    HIV is a skillful shape shifter that develops a number of strains around the world to evade immune system reactions.

    Red ribbon
  5. Constant Wamayuyi: Clear public debt or perish

    Kenya’s borrowing remains a major concern, going forward with its public debt burden of 69.6 per cent.

    Ukur Yatani
  6. Philip Kisia: How I earned Kirubi's respect

    Farewell CK. This city that you so loved will never forget you.

    Chris Kirubi
  7. Charity Kisotu: Leveraging technology will ensure stronger future for public service

    The ability of the public sector to innovate and adopt technology in service delivery is a critical element in driving economic development.

    Margaret Kobia
  8. David Njugi: Explore use of ethanol as clean cooking fuel option

    Adoption of ethanol has faced several challenges, not least in awareness and availability.

    Alliance High School kitchen
  9. Zablon Kerima: Let us prevent, treat and raise HIV awareness

    The gains realised over the years in the fight against the ever-unrelenting epidemic risk being washed away.

    HIV drugs
  10. Daniel Mutegi Giti: What’s wrong with gaining knowledge?

    Good leaders must move with the times and observe that the times when illiterate leaders ruled are past.

    University graduation


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