Words that get you thinking.
  1. Ben Ngumi: Activate gender rule within our first-past-the-post system

    The elective seats are awarded through the first-past-the-post system.

  2. Claire Nasike: Ecological farming, not GMO

    Over 80 per cent of the produce consumed in the country is produced by smallholder farmers.

  3. Charles Onyango: Time we made AI a priority in pharmacy field

    The pharmacy space should transform from merely a medical fulfilment location to a health management centre.

  4. Peter Rugano: E-Learning a godsend for varsity study

    Students spend heavily on living expenses on campus.

  5. Herbert Kerre: Let’s not throw away the baby with bathwater

    We must not allow political meddling to interfere with the tea sector.

  6. Maurice Mwaniki: The timing for inflationary excise increase is not right for economy

    The Excise Duty Act provides for the adjustment, taking into account the rate of inflation.

  7. Joseph Muthama: Stop Lake Magadi siltation

    Magadi will cease to exist in five years due to siltation is worrying.

  8. James Onyango: Activate hate speech law to gag politicians

    Many politicians are victims of violence; so, they shouldn’t cast the first stone.

  9. Jane Njoroge: Base university learning policy reforms on Covid-19

    . Instructors should develop materials that ease teaching and interaction with the learner and are affordable.

  10. David Monda: Two-thirds rule hurts rather than help cause of women's liberation

    Reserved seats delegitimise women’s political power and feed the cynicism and tokenism implicit in the awarding of seats