1. Lamb and Ojwang: Collective action on climate, biodiversity, pollution vital

    Collective action projects are dealing with problems at a water catchment level.

  2. Barasa: What strong shilling means

    A strong shilling has various economic implications.

    Kenya shilling
  3. Harar: Second review of boundaries time-barred

    The Nadco report proposal for Parliament to amend Article 89 of the Constitution is plausible.

    Marjan Husein
  4. Mwende: Grant widows the freedom to remarry

    I encourage widows to go ahead and remarry.

    Gender Rights
  5. Alio: Leverage Geographic Information System Labs to boost governance

    The significance of labs cannot be overstated in a country where land issues are intricately linked.

  6. Constantine Sifuna: How to end road carnage

    3,090 Kenyans either died or sustained injuries in road crashes between January 1 and February 11 this year.

    Road crash
  7. Karuku: Collective action is crucial in addressing water stress

    Partnerships and collective action in conserving water sources and use are crucial.

    Water tap
  8. Kinyanjui: Food systems need to be sustainable to combat climate change

    A staggering one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions stem from our food systems.

  9. Onyango: Time for producers to put eco-labels on foods

    Eco-labelling provides you with a trust seal, a loyal sidekick that attests to the authenticity of a product's environmental claims.

  10. Cha’Von: Exploring challenges of the digital era

    Inclusion and diversity goes beyond social justice; it's about developing AI systems that are effective and reflect real-world diversity.