The dark side of AI: Kagame's tech-savvy election campaign tactics

At least 464 accounts flooded online discussions supportive of the Paul Kagame regime.

  1. Tapiola & Fierley: Unlocking opportunities for Kenyan youth through cooperation in skills training

    As economies evolve and new industries emerge, the demand for skilled workers grows.

  2. Catching online fraudsters using data and behavioural science

    cybercriminals might create fake reviews or testimonials, prompting users to fall for a scam.

  3. Duo develops digital tool to help teachers set CBC exams

    On Darasa app, students can access content categorised in topics and sub-topics.

    Chris Kamande and Brian Gacari
  4. Africa primed for major drone revolution 

    Africa challenged to tap into drone industry to support key sectors.

  5. Unexpected heroes: The boda boda riders leading war on digital child sex abuse

    The unique position of the two-wheeled guardian angels in society has made them invaluable allies in protecting vulnerable youth from online predators.

  6. Queries over shaky internet connectivity on protests day

    Explanations given by the network providers have raised more questions than answers.

  7. Kenyans experience interrupted and slow internet connections

    This comes as demonstrations against the Finance Bill 2024 rocked various parts of the country.

  8. Anti-tax demos: CA allays fears of internet shutdown

    David Mugonyi says such an action would be betrayal of the Constitution, sabotage of the economy.

    David Mugonyi
  9. Out of the dark hole of despair

    Tanzania will be reviewing the Education Act this year and has promised to allow pregnant adolescents and teenage mothers to continue learning.

  10. Using tech to manage short term rentals

    While technology promises great value in the short-term rental industry, several factors continue to impede the successful implementation.

    surveillance system
  11. PREMIUM Motor Clinic: Don’t ignore flickering warning lights

    Flickering warning lights may be caused by a faulty connection, a worn-out coil spring, or a sensor malfunction.

  12. X adult content policy risks collision with authorities

    New policy by the social media giant could open a battle with Kenyan authorities.

    Social media
  13. Saina: Why AI could be the Fourth Revolution

    AI is likely to change the way curriculum is delivered and assessed.

    Artificial Intelligence
  14. From criminals to IT experts: Inside plan to reinvent Mulot

    The State is keen to shed the region's reputation as East Africa's cybercrime hub.

  15. PREMIUM Yvette Obura: It took years for Bahati and I to be cordial co-parents

    Yvette Obura first captured public attention in 2017 when news broke of her relationship with former gospel singer Bahati.

  16. PREMIUM Onyango-Obbo: Let’s become drone and water people

    Drones can do a good job as vehicles for East African cross-border trade.

  17. How Gen-Z is changing conversation on mental health

    Why Gen-Zs living with mental disorders feel let down by the government on matters mental health.

    Gen Z
  18. Hate speech in South Africa’s elections: big tech make it hard to monitor social media

    While disinformation is also rife researchers can’t get all the data they need because the tech companies don’t give them access.

    Big Tech, Facebook, X, Meta, Tik Tok
  19. 12 Kenyan EdTech start-ups to benefit from Sh13.3m funding

    The fellowship programme is designed to support EdTech firms across Africa

     EdTech Fellowship
  20. The rise of climate-conscious consumers

    Environmental considerations are no longer an afterthought but a primary purchasing decision driver

  21. E-wallets solution for businesses in Africa

    The fintech solution empowers African businesses by aggregating fast and seamless financial services in one platform.

  22. Ojiwa: Need to protect tech workers

    The documented irregular hiring and termination activities of global companies highlight the vulnerability of digital workers.

  23. Ban TikTok in Kenya? Not too fast...

    Kenyan government, like others across the world, is considering various restrictions on Tiktok use.

    TikTok William Ruto
  24. How dearth of black women in clinical research worsens health

    Without adequate representation, efficacy of life-saving drugs for black women remains elusive.

  25. Museveni begins State visit to Kenya to boost trade ties

    Kenya has on several occasions blocked Ugandan agricultural products including powdered milk and eggs

  26. PREMIUM Onyango-Obbo: Time for a Digital Supreme Leader

    Cloudflare Radar reported that traffic dropped by 10-25 per cent in Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar and Mozambique.

  27. The inside story of Elon Musk’s mass firings of Tesla Supercharger staff

    Musk, the employees said, was not pleased with Tinucci’s presentation and wanted more layoffs.

    Elon Musk
  28. PREMIUM The mining revolution and why Kenya is sitting on a goldmine

    It is estimated that pending orders for Airbus and Boeing will increase demand.

  29. Slow internet connections to persist, warns CA

    The fault affected submarine cables serving Kenya, largely privately-controlled Seacom.