1. Government halts Sh35bn Mzima Two water project

    National government mulls over an alternative approach to implement the project.

  2. Slice of Kaya forest under threat of destruction by the state

    The government is eyeing over 300 parcels of land to construct an electricity transmission line.

    Kaya forest
  3. The tough choices for recovering Lamu drug addicts

    The coastal region still has a high number of youth struggling with hard drug use.

  4. Mombasa: The big city without a slaughterhouse

    This situation is agonising for traders in the entire multimillion-shilling supply chain.

  5. Fury over move to strike off 700 students from bursary list

    The county insists beneficiaries must score at least grade C (plain) in their school exams.

     Issa Timamy.
  6. Police arrest woman after daughter dies following beating

    The child’s loud screams from their home in Ngathini village woke up neighbours who ran to her rescue.

  7. Court rules in favour of lenient sentences for minors

    High Court judge rules against custodial sentences for child offenders.

  8. German in court for defiling 15-year-old Rwandese girl

    The accused allegedly committed the offence at his rented home in Kilifi North Constituency.

    Netzband Marvin
  9. In Lamu, boat owners dice with death to feed islanders

    It’s a risky affair as small boats are overloaded with foodstuffs to save on costs.

    Lamu boat
  10. Former MP charged with misuse of county funds

    Former Mandera South MP in court for fraudulently acquiring tenders worth Sh51.4 million.

    Adan Haji Ali
  11. Mombasa eyes film festivals to boost tourism

    County government seeks to market the tourism hub as a film-making destination.

    Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir
  12. Why Kilifi residents have chosen ancient caves over Sh12bn cement factory

    The Mijikenda community has treasured the Chasimba Caves for their heritage value for decades.

    Chasimba Caves
  13. Inside TSS siblings' fight for late tycoon's billions

    Family members entangled in a bitter dispute over the late businessman's vast estate.

    TSS building
  14. PREMIUM 10 years in a Mombasa morgue: The story of Harry Veevers

    British tycoon was allegedly poisoned after he told his wife he was leaving her for another woman.

  15. PREMIUM Why British tycoon's body may still stay in Mombasa morgue over 10 years later

    The circumstances of Harry Roy Veevers death caused a rift between his two sons and their half-sisters.