1. Why petitioners want Harrison Kombe reinstated as Magarini MP

    They argue IEBC cannot guarantee the electorate of Magarini a free and fair election.

    Harrison Kombe
  2. MP Owen Baya speaks after his car burst into flames

    The MP's Mercedes Benz SUV burst into flames after it rammed a lorry.

    Owen Baya
  3. Jumwa: Why Kenya Kwanza may have an uphill task in Kilifi

    CS brought to attention the lack of key projects for Kilifi government plans.

    Aisha Jumwa
  4. PREMIUM 'The Nobodies'

    At least 390 bodies exhumed from Shakahola remain unclaimed at the Malindi mortuary.

  5. No compensation for Malindi family after police shot kin in raid

    High Court in Mombasa ruled that businessman's killing was justified for allegedly harbouring suspected terrorists.

  6. More trouble for Muguka, Miraa farmer

    Petitioners want the Mombasa County Assembly to ban the sale and distribution of the crops.

    Miraa trade
  7. 'Don't prosecute me, the law allows me to provide abortion services'

    Clinic Officer accuses police of acting in breach of the Constitution.

  8. PREMIUM 'How I helped my friend kill her husband'

    Businessman Herman Rouwenhorst was murdered in June 2021 in Mombasa.

  9. Seven more bodies exhumed from Shakahola forest

    Chief pathologist Johansen Odour said 50 graves earmarked for dig-up.

  10. Kilifi MCA in trouble over fatal land clash

    A boda boda rider was stoned to death during a land ownership tussle.

    Kilifi County Assembly
  11. PREMIUM Lamu, Kenya’s emerging military capital

    Apart from the US Manda Naval Base, there are camps manned by Kenyan military.

    US marine
  12. PREMIUM 'Why I shot a man dead'

    The police officer admitted before the judge that he was involved in the fatal shooting of Omar.

  13. The return of Diani's nightlife

    For more than five years, residents and tourists in Diani, Kwale County, have been at risk of attacks due to rising cases of insecurity.

  14. Muguka transporters prevail after clash with Mombasa County officers

    Some officers were left with torn clothes.

  15. How caretaker’s bid to take over German employer’s building failed

    Court of Appeal okays man's eviction from a building he was occupying illegally in Malindi.