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  1. Mordicai Atinga: Pain in fingers could be down to nerve irritation on the wrist

    Most people experience the pain and tingling during physical activity or at night.

  2. Barnaba Korir: Star-studded cast for Kip Keino Classic raises expectations

    The list for the Kip Keino Classic reads like the “who is who” is global athletics circles.

  3. Charles Nyende: Guidelines for sports return will be ‘observed’, the Kenyan way

    There are many Kenyans who believe there is no Covid-19 in the country.

  4. Peter Njenga: Restart of sporting action good for 2021 Safari spirit

    The FIA resumed the World Rally Championship (WRC) recently in Estonia (September 6-9) and Turkey last weekend to test the waters.

  5. Abdul Sidi: Motorcross cleared to resume, riders standby for start of action

    “All in all, we must respect the seriousness if this coronavirus spreads more. We must all abide by the Ministry of Health guidelines before the sport resumes.

  6. Elias Makori: Why we must support Kenya’s international sports projects

    The Ministry of Sport needs to consolidate the gains they have achieved.

  7. Steve Omondi: The tragedy of a nation addicted to betting

    How did we even get ourselves here?

  8. Joseph Mboya: Virus enforced football suspension hurting players

    Our footballers have suffered so much Madam Amina.

  9. Moses Ojuang: Ruling on Kenyan Premier League too little, too late

    We accept the ruling, although it came late.

  10. John Ashihundu: New Leopards players to be unveiled just a little later

    Leopards extended Elvis Rupia’s contract.