Words that get you thinking.
  1. Kikuyu elders should have revoked 2011 curse on Raila

    You do not visit someone you have cursed unless you first perform a ritual to revoke the curse.

  2. Those opposed to building of Nairobi Expressway are wrong

    The damage done to the environment by carbon emissions from cars is worse than cutting down a few trees

  3. Ensure choppers are serviced to avoid accidents

    Aeroplanes are the fastest means of public transport, especially for politicians with tight schedules

  4. Jubilee factions Tangatanga, Kieleweke are operating illegally

    They behave as if they are on “sponsored political assignments”

  5. Learners do not need a break in December

    They have had enough rest after staying at home for seven months due to Covid-19.

  6. Mark lanes on Kiambu Road

    On Wednesday morning a speeding driver nearly caused a crash.

  7. Learning for expectant teens challenging and intriguing

    Pregnancy comes with nausea, discomfort and sickness.

  8. Eliud Kipchoge’s defeat in London has shocked the world

    His managers should have allowed him to travel 10 days to the marathon to rest and acclimatise

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  9. Reopening schools amid Covid-19 second wave is ill-advised

    The learning institutions could easily become the new epicentres of infections.

  10. Let Form Three, Class Seven and Class Six learners return to school

    This will ensure that teachers are made good use of and more children get an opportunity to learn