1. Let experts explain the effects of muguka on health

    The stimulant has been banned in coastal counties of Mombasa and Kilifi.

  2. Let leaders strive to unite Kenyans

    It’s quite foolish for a man who claims to be a nationalist to attempt to split the country by zoning the people along ethnic lines.

  3. Ruto doesn’t have genuine love for Kenya

    That is why the President snubbed KQ during his recent tour of the US.

    William Ruto
  4. Leaders must stop false promises

    The people are feeling the pain of the high cost of living as the leaders enjoy themselves.

  5. Stop the noise about Ruto's private jet to the US

    Kenyan leaders hardly use public facilities, including hospitals and schools.

  6. Stop renovating State Lodges, feed poor children

    Government plans to spend Sh2.6 billion on renovating official residences.

    State House
  7. Most politicians are obsessed with elections

    They are focused on the 2027 polls and thinking of how to con Kenyans into voting for them.

  8. Limuru III conference lacked a real agenda

    The first two such gatherings achieved a lot and left indelible marks on the politics of the Mountain region.

    Limuru 3
  9. School feeding programme is essential

    For many people in these remote places, the greatest motivation for going to school is being able to get a plateful of food served

    School feeding programme
  10. Limit long travels during rainy season

    Many deaths and injuries occur due to floods.