1. Let's address the real causes of rampant addiction

    Some people drink alcohol as a ‘pain killer’ to cope with trauma inflicted during childhood.

  2. Kindiki promises on IDs, passports not convincing

    These documents are paid for by the applicants and should be promptly issued.

  3. How to decongest secondary schools

    Congestion in learning institutions stems from the government's policy of 100 per cent transition from primary to secondary school.

    Kenya High School
  4. Registering alcoholics might not solve illicit liquor menace

    Kindiki issued a directive to chiefs countrywide to register alcohol addicts in their areas.

    River Chania brews
  5. Top government officials are not critical thinkers

    Most of the current Cabinet and Principal secretaries “are the most uninspiring” lot that the country has ever had.

    Cabinet meeting
  6. Stop the propaganda on Kenya shilling’s dramatic gain against the dollar

    Gachagua told a meeting that those hoarding dollars should sell or lose.

  7. Radio remains a great innovation

    The radio has been a reliable means of passing information.

  8. The government must lower food prices

    Though the EPRA has lowered fuel prices by Sh1 per litre, this has not yielded relief for the suffering Kenyans.

    Nyeri market
  9. Kenya Kwanza ‘company’ should furnish shareholders with financial statements

    DP Gachagua argued that the Kenya Kwanza government is a company and thus should benefit its shareholders.

    Rigathi Gachagua
  10. Move Grade 9 to high schools

    Primary schools are not well equipped to handle physics and chemistry subjects.

    CS Ezekiel Machogu announcing KCSE exam results