Words that get you thinking.
  1. Arrest of politicians over hate speech is laudable

    The authorities deserve praise for the speed with which they arrested and charged politicians with incitement at public rallies.

    Mithika Linturi
  2. Long queues of trucks in Busia town is an eyesore

    Congestion occasioned by trucks waiting for clearance denying residents their right to enjoy a walk through their town.

     Malaba border
  3. Hatemongers should be dealt with firmly

    As the August General Election draws near some politicians are dragging the country towards possible chaos.

    Mithika Linturi
  4. The folly of creating posts for political failures

    While the president may have meant well in creating the Chief Administrative Secretary for election losers, some are paying back with impunity.

    UDA rally
  5. To vote or not to vote, it's within your democratic right

    What stands out about Kenyan politicians is their thirst to amass wealth by hook or crook, says one reader.

  6. Chaotic debate exposed MPs' soft underbelly

    Under normal circumstances, the MPs who caused chaos in Parliament would be buddies when discussing their perks.

    John Mbadi
  7. It's pointless bad-mouthing the dead

    One reader is particularly upset by the ongoing talk for and against former long-serving Attorney-General Charles Njonjo

    Sir Charles Njonjo
  8. NTSA should station recovery vehicles on the roads

    There have been many fatal road accidents involving stationary motor vehicles on the highways.

    Kakamega matatu accident
  9. Death of ‘Sir’ Charles Njonjo marks the end of an era

    Charles Njonjo's disdain for the African Bar was a blot on his legacy

    Sir Charles Njonjo
  10. Treat all tragedies equally

    The recent rescue efforts in Gatanga after the collapse of a building and Abimbo, Siaya County, after a goldmine caved in gives the impression that some lives are more important than others.

    Collapsed buiding, Gatanga, Murang'a


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