1. Rainwater should be harvested through dams construction

    The water should be used for irrigation. With two rainy seasons in a year, we shouldn’t be crying about hunger.

    Nairobi rains
  2. Ruto, Gachagua must tone down their verbal attacks on Raila

    They should focus on fixing the economy rather than engaging the opposition in an unnecessary war of words.

    Rigathi Gachagua.
  3. Azimio must train supporters on peaceful demos

    Mass protests cannot be done peacefully, without looting and destroying other people’s property.

    Azimio protests
  4. Don’t pay those who skip work to join Azimio demos

    They will pay the full price should they choose to stay away.

    nairobi protests
  5. In protesters we have talent in sprinters, long distance runners

    The demonstrators have shown the agility and energy to put their best foot forward when confronted by anti-riot police.

    Protesters run away from water released by a police’s water cannon vehicle during a mass rally in Kibera
  6. Ruto's 50 CASs a slap in the face for hutslers

    Why not appoint the same number of CASs just like the Cabinet Secretaries, who are 22?

    President Ruto with CASs at State House
  7. Malala obsessed with folding up parties than national problems

    Jubilee Party was once a giant, but it’s moribund today. That may happen to the huge UDA that Malala wants to establish.

    Cleophas Malala
  8. Kenyans should avoid being misled through demos

    As the opposition leaders organise and lead anti-government demonstrations, they should all know that the “country’s economy is at its lowest.

    Kisumu protests
  9. Epra must stop punishing petrol users

    Petrol users are being punished to appease diesel and kerosene consumers

    Fuel pump
  10. Teachers must stop behaving like lynch mobs

    The increasing incidents of pupils dying after being subjected to corporal punishment in school by their teachers are traumatising.



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