1. Chege:

    West Africans have a history of toppling elected leaders

    Gen Abdourahmane Tchiani
  2. New KCSE exam grading will create more jobless graduates

    The government should put in place more measures to curb unemployment

  3. Kindiki deserves praise for streamlining passports issuance

    Following the intervention of Interior Cabinet Secretary, Kithure Kindiki, tens of thousands of passports are now ready for collection.

    Interior CS Kithure Kindiki
  4. Fix anomalies in passport collection

    There is an option to book passport application on the e-Citizen portal and none for its collection

  5. Kenya faces tough and dangerous test in Haiti

    The US, which is a superpower located near Haiti, should have been the first to send police to the violence-riddled country.

    Haiti protests
  6. EACC must pursue overnight tycoons

    One who earns Sh50,000 has amassed Sh500 million in five years.

    Integrity centre
  7. Do not criminalise Worldcoin

    The world can’t be held hostage by the US dollar, sterling pound and euro.

    World Coin
  8. State should reduce fuel prices

    Many motorists and boda boda riders in the Namanga border area now prefer going across to fill their tanks in Tanzania

    Epra fuel prices review
  9. Kenyans are suffering, State should lower cost of living

    The prices of essential commodities are skyrocketing.

    Nyeri market
  10. Kenya should start extracting its own oil

    Latest fuel price increases have once again confirmed the urgency in the country extracting its own oil,

    Fuel pump