1. Police deserve kudos on crackdown on sugar scandal

    Police deserve kudos for moving swiftly and impounding the sugar at a shop in Ruaraka after the alarm was raised.

    Fake sugar
  2. Corruption, cronyism pose a grave threat to Ruto’s government

    The President needs a good team and strategies to get things moving in the right direction.

    William Ruto
  3. Government should crackdown on sugar scandal culprits

    The sugar scandal shows their disrespect for fellow Kenyans’ lives and neglect of their safety.

    William Ruto
  4. Private sector employees discriminated under NHIF

    Private sector workers are the largest number of contributors to the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) but are discriminated against.

    The National Health Insurance Fund building in Nairobi in February last year. 
  5. Kemsa a danger to Kenyans due to graft

    The latest scandal is over the procurement of treated mosquito nets. The government should take firm action against the culprits.

    Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) Embakasi warehouse, Nairobi
  6. Why was bad sugar not shipped back to country of origin?

    Imported goods that are unfit goods for consumption should be shipped back to the country of origin at the importer’s cost. Why was this not done for the toxic sugar?

    bad sugar
  7. Government should cut wastage and bloated workforce

    The money saved can then be used to develop the country and pay national debts without adding an extra burden on the long-suffering hustlers.

    President William Ruto
  8. 'T'is the season' for intriguing political memoirs

    The books released “are heavy on drama, revealing political games, but they fail to provide real insights into leadership ethos and principles".

    President William Ruto speaks at Serena Hotel in Nairobi
  9. Leave churches to freely carry out their affairs

    Spiritual matters are beyond human control and the Constitution guarantees freedom of worship.

    A Catholic pilgrim holds up a crucifix and a palm branch during the Palm Sunday procession in Jerusalem.
  10. There is something fishy about housing levy

    If the money deducted from my salary remains mine, why can’t I call it back whenever I wish? And if this is the case, why isn’t it voluntary?

    William Ruto


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