Kenya teeters on the brink of a disaster

Anti-Tax demos

People run after police use water cannon to disperse protesters during a demonstration against Kenya's proposed finance bill 2024/2025 in Nairobi, Kenya, June 20, 2024.

Photo credit: Reuters

Dialogue • President William Ruto “seems to lack situational awareness even as Kenya teeters on the brink” of a disaster, remarks Prof Sam Chege. “The President should initiate dialogue with all the key stakeholders, remove soldiers from the streets and call for peace.” As it's the Finance Bill, 2024, that has sparked protests, Prof Chege pleads, he shouldn’t assent to it. His contact is [email protected].


Solution • President William Ruto’s promise to convene a youth conference is a good idea, says Francis Njuguna. In the forum, Francis adds, he should listen to and discuss the numerous challenges facing the young people. “As the father of the nation, the President should, and hopefully, a quick solution to the problems will be found.” His contact is [email protected].


Killings • The trigger-happy police shooting and killing the “courageous Gen Z protesters should be aware that these children are not strangers”, says Paul V. Otieno. “They are their own neighbours, relatives, and their best friends’ children.” The young people, he explains, are risking their lives for them, fighting injustice and the theft of public resources. His contact is [email protected].


Fairness • The young people are not the enemies of the government, they just want fairness and accountability in the spending of taxes, says Vincent Onoka. “Many of them are struggling to earn a living. And those in employment have been slapped with housing, health and other high levies. This is the case while the political leaders enjoy their lavish lifestyles.” His contact is [email protected].


Anger • Kenyans “are angry and the government must help to deflate that anger”, says university don XN Iraki, who was personally caught up in the Tuesday protests. “It was not fun. The Finance Bill is just a trigger. The hard economic times, nepotism, perceived arrogance by some leaders and hopelessness among the youth are some of the causes. Let’s talk, this is our country.” His contact is [email protected].

Have a hopeful day, won’t you!