1. Thinking of visiting someone? Think twice

    If you’re not especially close to the one you plan to ‘surprise’ this Sunday after church, think twice.

  2. PREMIUM Why families are choosing dayburgs over live-in nannies

    Reasons range from the desire for more flexible childcare solutions to concerns about privacy and the importance of socialisation for children.

  3. Njunge: Are you visiting your mother or your father?

    I know people who only call their mothers, never their fathers, because they have nothing to talk about.

    Elderly parents
  4. Why and how we celebrate Diwali with pomp and style

    Gold, ghee, candles and sweets are a must.

  5. What to do when a parent is on their deathbed

    I’ve been there, y’all. Got the eternally tear-stained t-shirt.

  6. If you were to grade your marriage, what would you score?

    Spare your union by putting in equal effort to remain above average.

  7. PREMIUM ‘Grieving for my husband while raising children was most painful juggling act’ widow says

    How Mary Muthiani helped her children grieve their murdered father.

  8. Do you see the best in others?

    Sometimes hustling does not mean being the best, but finding the best in others.

    There are people in the ‘hood who do not even know they are geniuses.
  9. PREMIUM An open letter to my former single self

    Married women pen heartfelt dispatches to their earlier unattached selves. Here are their lessons.

    Kezia Omuodo
  10. A time to give our fathers tough love

    ...not because we’re disrespecting them, but because we’re protecting them from snares and snakes.

  11. Do cats experience separation anxiety?

    An anxious cat may also show signs of hyper-attachment where they seek constant contact with their human when together.

  12. Here’s how you are fuelling anxiety in your children

    When your children spend time just hanging out with one another, they learn essential life skills

  13. Rashid Abdalla: My wife is my most critical advisor

    Rashid is a TV news anchor and film producer. Together with his wife, Lulu, Rashid runs a production house which has produced telenovelas such as Maria, Zora and Aziza.

  14. Wanjira's journey to 100 marathons

    To many a woman, the thought of competing in a marathon during the second pregnancy trimester is laughable.

  15. Mr Survivor: Attempt to review family spending sparks Queen’s maandamano

    Njuguna Ndung'u did some tax acrobatics, increasing the cost of living and forcing me to take radical measures...not to Queen's liking!

  16. PREMIUM What stands in the way of affordable housing dream?

    Current housing deficit in Kenya stands at 2 million housing units with nearly 61 per cent of urban households living in informal settlements.

    Buxton Point Estate
  17. PREMIUM Raising a child with cancer

    Two mothers share their journey of parenting children who suffer from cancer and keeping hope alive.

    Tamia Akoth
  18. PREMIUM Kitoto: Why won’t his baby mama leave us alone?

    If your desire is to move your relationship forward, you will need to recommit the relationship to a culture of open disclosure.

    Dating couple
  19. Mr Survivor: To keep the peace, Sunday family outings resume

    I knew Queen coached the boys to ask for the Sunday outing, and our marital handshake was heavily dependent on how I (re)acted.

    Family meal
  20. PREMIUM Zipporah Kittony: Life lessons at 80

    You have to know how to face battles when they come and you must learn to ride them out.

    Zipporah Kittony
  21. PREMIUM Unspoken trials: The stigma we faced after divorce

    Although divorce has become a common part of today’s life, society still holds that to be married is to be ‘normal.’

    Carol Qodesha