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  1. Just a Man: Saying goodbye to our dads is hard

    If we knew what lies ahead, that old age would make us lose the use of our faculties, would we desire to die younger?

  2. I learnt everything I know about fatherhood from my dad 

    Your children need to feel your presence, not just see it.

    Father and son
  3. Wife Speak: Set expectations and intentions for your relationship

    Rain harvesting is the way to go if we are to ensure sustainable food security and prosperity for our continent. Folks, that first sentence was purely to put off the underage. There are some...

  4. Wife Speak: Couples should stick together

    I had read that it was bad luck for a bride to let the groom see her wedding dress before the D-day.

    Happy couple
  5. Life with epilepsy: Keep your sympathy

    Ramadhan Duvela has borne the brunt of stigma all his life and once considered suicide.

    Ramadhan Duvela
  6. Just a Man: No man should die for a politician

    At the burial, the deceased’s family is barely acknowledged.

  7. Legal Clinic: How long does a name change take after divorce?

    The best way to facilitate a fast-moving divorce process would require that disputing parties revert to Alternative Dispute Resolution through divorce mediation.

  8. Pawrenting: When you don’t want your cat to give birth anymore

    Cats start breeding from just four months and they will easily breed with their brothers, sisters and parents.

    pregnant cat
  9. Rev Njue: Children are better imitators than listeners

    Truth is, you cannot delegate parenting.

    Happy Family
  10. You know what? This love is real

    Many called her a gold-digger, but their love thrives on

  11. Self-confidence is key for your child's success

    Learning should become a way of life, not a necessity

    Kids watching TV
  12. Who is to blame for school unrest?

    Our country is so fueled by violence that students don’t see more amicable conflict resolution means

  13. Chris Hart: Make the most of quality time with your children

    Simple shared activities such as reading together, eating meals together, and talking one on one matter the most.

    Play time
  14. My husband has married a second wife and I am devastated

    I recently discovered that my husband has taken in a second wife, and they have been living together for the last year

  15. Wikam: My experience taught me that you need a good plan before shifting from employment to business

    Roberta Mwikali is the founder and Lead Consultant at AFI Solutions Limited, a consultancy business that provides accounting system services and set ups to micro, small and medium enterprises.

  16. Rev Njue: Why we should teach boys to cry 

    The portrayal of today’s man not only demeans and redefines men in a harmful and unhealthy way.

    Father and son
  17. Legal Clinic: My insurer violated my privacy. Can I sue?

    Contracts in general afford us a thin line between private and public information.

    Depressed man
  18. PRIME Quadruple love: A couple's joy and challenges

    John Momanyi and Maggie Obegi expected to have triplets but fate had different plans. They share their highs and lows.

  19. Just a Man: Listen up, Mr President 

    Your Excellency, if you don't read this, I pray to Jesus that you'll read the mood of Common Man.

    Street boy
  20. Finding your purpose through stages of life

    The mid 20s to 40s are the best time of one’s life for many people, filled with energy and enthusiasm.

  21. PRIME Life with endometriosis

    Nothing about Esther Kimemia's bright smile betrays the physical pain she has borne for most of her life.

    Esther Kimemia'


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