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  1. Pawrenting: When you don’t want your cat to give birth anymore

    Cats start breeding from just four months and they will easily breed with their brothers, sisters and parents.

    pregnant cat
  2. Rev Njue: Children are better imitators than listeners

    Truth is, you cannot delegate parenting.

    Happy Family
  3. You know what? This love is real

    Many called her a gold-digger, but their love thrives on

  4. Self-confidence is key for your child's success

    Learning should become a way of life, not a necessity

    Kids watching TV
  5. Who is to blame for school unrest?

    Our country is so fueled by violence that students don’t see more amicable conflict resolution means

  6. Chris Hart: Make the most of quality time with your children

    Simple shared activities such as reading together, eating meals together, and talking one on one matter the most.

    Play time
  7. My husband has married a second wife and I am devastated

    I recently discovered that my husband has taken in a second wife, and they have been living together for the last year

  8. Wikam: My experience taught me that you need a good plan before shifting from employment to business

    Roberta Mwikali is the founder and Lead Consultant at AFI Solutions Limited, a consultancy business that provides accounting system services and set ups to micro, small and medium enterprises.

  9. Rev Njue: Why we should teach boys to cry 

    The portrayal of today’s man not only demeans and redefines men in a harmful and unhealthy way.

    Father and son
  10. Legal Clinic: My insurer violated my privacy. Can I sue?

    Contracts in general afford us a thin line between private and public information.

    Depressed man
  11. PRIME Quadruple love: A couple's joy and challenges

    John Momanyi and Maggie Obegi expected to have triplets but fate had different plans. They share their highs and lows.

  12. Just a Man: Listen up, Mr President 

    Your Excellency, if you don't read this, I pray to Jesus that you'll read the mood of Common Man.

    Street boy
  13. Finding your purpose through stages of life

    The mid 20s to 40s are the best time of one’s life for many people, filled with energy and enthusiasm.

  14. PRIME Life with endometriosis

    Nothing about Esther Kimemia's bright smile betrays the physical pain she has borne for most of her life.

    Esther Kimemia'
  15. Just a Man: The formula for a revival

    This nation is ripe and ready for revival. Listen. Nothing can stop God's move, whose kairos moment has come.

    Shopping basket
  16. Caroline Njunge: Why do we go out of our way to impress visitors?

    Most of the time I have bought chicken, we had visitors coming over. I was taken aback that my son had noticed this.

  17. Pawrenting: Guide to being a paid petsitter 

    Pet sitting requires very little except for experience or expertise.

  18. Just a Man: For men who think they're running late

    The journey of life isn't a cookie-cutter. It's diverse and rich, as the God who created each person and their unique path.

    Man running late
  19. PRIME Mum, where are you?

    Fanta Jallow is travelling from The Gambia to Kenya to search for a mother she has never seen.

    Fanta Jallow
  20. Wife Speak: Guaranteed mood killers

    A dumb question in the middle of warming up can be a trigger to one of you and instantly kill the mood.

    Happy couple
  21. Rev Njue: Don’t impose a career path on your child

    It is your responsibility as a parent to discern your child's gifts and start aligning the gift into a possible career track.

  22. Home Engineer: Must your children be religious? 

    Suddenly, the silence is broken by the neighbour’s children who are miserably protesting as their parents usher them off to church.

  23. Pawrenting: Case of the untrained pet 

    Apart from disobedient child, another sight you do not want to witness is an untrained pushy pet.

  24. PRIME Fifty years and counting 

    Jayant Karania and his wife Kundan share the secrets of a lasting union.

    Dr Kudan Karania and Dr Jayant Karania
  25. Legal Clinic: She changed our child’s middle and last names

    If your ex occasioned the change after two years, she must have completed a deed poll to alter the girl’s name.

    Depressed man
  26. PRIME Against all odds

    Gladys Gakii has been to hell and back but met angels along the way.

    Gladys Gakii and Rev Annah Gatea
  27. Long-distance parenting

    Arafa Ahmed, 39, left her children in Kenya in search of greener pastures in Dubai.

    Arafa Ahmed
  28. PRIME How bungled delivery left baby with cerebral palsy

    Nurses administered fundal pressure, an outdated method that is dangerous to both mother and unborn baby.

    Winrose Muthee
  29. Wife Speak: Telltale signs of a married couple

    You know they are married when they are beefing against each other but if you take a side, they both eventually turn against you.

    Romantic dinner
  30. PRIME I'm losing my sight, but not my vision

    Victor Malombe is going blind but he’s determined to fulfil his vision of carving a successful career in law.

    Victor Malombe Mutiso
  31. Just A Man: The most invisible man in Kenya

    The most invisible man in Kenya has the wealthiest and most loving Father in the universe.

    Man in the mirror
  32. Wife Speak: Never a dull moment as you age together

    Age is not just a number. It is a slow, ever so subtle a transformation.

    Elderly couple
  33. PRIME My Story: A bone marrow transplant saved my daughter from sickle cell

    At eight months, Florence Akata's daughter, Marsha Toola was diagnosed with sickle cell disease. There were many agonising days for their family, until in 2016 when Marsha got a bone marrow...

  34. My Story: I went through menopause at 27

    Carolyne Nyambura Ng’ang’ a, 34, quit her job to help women deal with menopause.

  35. The joys and lows of motherhood during pandemic

    To all mothers out there, just breathe.

  36. Losing mum, finding myself

    Lizzy Ogot, 20, writes about how she found herself after losing the most important person in her life

  37. Raising modern teenagers is no walk in the park for parents

    Parents no longer have the time nor the skills to prepare their teenage children for life as an adult.

  38. Legal Aid: My university deregistered me

    It took me 17 years to complete my Master's degree.

  39. Legal Aid: Are WhatsApp summons valid in court?

    A party can be served with suit papers through several means.

  40. Legal Aid: I want to adopt a child who lives with me

    While it is advantageous you stay with child, the law may seek to determine your other capacities to protect the child from likely harm.

  41. ‘I’m a chronic depression survivor’

    “I was struggling at school, and had esteem issues since my mum kept comparing me to my cousin which made me feel unwanted,” Faith recalls.

  42. Legal Aid: I lost my birth certificate; now I might lose my scholarship

    Your situation presents several issues to be canvassed, but not all are legal in nature.

  43. How to be a house husband

    The new position weighed heavily on me. According to my culture, it’s the man who leaves for work in the morning.

  44. Virus travel bans separate families even as lockdowns ease

    "I talked to her helpers, and one of them said 'I think she's holding on, to see you one more time.' That was hard to hear."

  45. Legal Aid: Help me get my daughter back

    The law is clear. A child has the right to enjoy protection and parental care from both parents, notwithstanding their marital status.

  46. Mum stories: My mother and I started off as strangers

    'When I told her my story, she decided to help me.'

  47. Daddy Diaries: Community Parenting

    We love our children so much that we see enemies in those who point out faults in them


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