1. Wanjira's journey to 100 marathons

    To many a woman, the thought of competing in a marathon during the second pregnancy trimester is laughable.

  2. Mr Survivor: Attempt to review family spending sparks Queen’s maandamano

    Njuguna Ndung'u did some tax acrobatics, increasing the cost of living and forcing me to take radical measures...not to Queen's liking!

  3. PREMIUM What stands in the way of affordable housing dream?

    Current housing deficit in Kenya stands at 2 million housing units with nearly 61 per cent of urban households living in informal settlements.

    Buxton Point Estate
  4. PREMIUM Raising a child with cancer

    Two mothers share their journey of parenting children who suffer from cancer and keeping hope alive.

    Tamia Akoth
  5. PREMIUM Kitoto: Why won’t his baby mama leave us alone?

    If your desire is to move your relationship forward, you will need to recommit the relationship to a culture of open disclosure.

    Dating couple
  6. Mr Survivor: To keep the peace, Sunday family outings resume

    I knew Queen coached the boys to ask for the Sunday outing, and our marital handshake was heavily dependent on how I (re)acted.

    Family meal
  7. PREMIUM Zipporah Kittony: Life lessons at 80

    You have to know how to face battles when they come and you must learn to ride them out.

    Zipporah Kittony
  8. PREMIUM Unspoken trials: The stigma we faced after divorce

    Although divorce has become a common part of today’s life, society still holds that to be married is to be ‘normal.’

    Carol Qodesha
  9. Mr Survivor: Omosh lands me in hot soup for driving Makena home

    On Sunday, Queen saw Omosh dropping Makena at the palace using Concorde. Now, I am paying for their carelessness.

  10. Becky Sangolo: If you have anyone living abroad, always check up on them

    Beca is currently trending in Poland and Kenya following her appearance on The Voice of Poland 14, a music reality show.

  11. Watching fish swim is quite therapeutic

    Her fish gave her so much peace that when one died, she replaced it immediately and named it Hope.

  12. You’re not your family’s saviour

    Some men are incarcerated by sky-high family expectations.

  13. Should I advise my brother to go into hiding?

    Court handed him a community sentence, but some community members seem unhappy with this and are scheming to punish him.

  14. PREMIUM Must a woman take up her husband's name?

    Why has the culture of married women taking up their husbands’ names become so ingrained in our society?

  15. Mr Survivor: Omosh is now the 'proud owner' of my Concorde

    I would not wish to stoop low as to prove that I am the owner of the two cars. Financial actions speaker louder than words.

  16. PREMIUM Lucrative dog-walking business in Nairobi posh estates

    Busy dog owners are continually entrusting hired personnel with the duty of taking their pets for walks.

    William Kimani
  17. Mr Survivor: How my brand new secondhand car earned me a 'promotion'

    I have been the most trending topic in the last two weeks, with my social, political and financial ratings rising astronomically.

  18. What causes itchiness in pets?

    With constant itchiness, pets can hardly relax or sleep as they are always scratching, licking, or rolling on the rug.

  19. PREMIUM How we overcame the 'shame' of teen pregnancy

    Two women narrate their experiences as teen moms who beat the odds to become successful.

     pre-ecmplasia, pregnancy complications
  20. Mr Survivor: How my Volkswagen Passat has compromised my security

    I was steadily on track to the ‘promised land’ of marital nirvana when the devil raised his ugly head.

  21. Are you the kind that takes advantage of those around you?

    Be the friend you’d like your friends to be to you, treat your parent the way you’d want your children to treat you in their adulthood…