1. What does it take to file for divorce and child custody?

    Divorce in the Kenyan context remains fault driven, even though several judges have jurisprudentially challenged this position.

  2. Mr Survivor: Secret talks and a handshake with Mrembo and Margie

    I am waiting to hear what the Happy Valley radio has told Queen about the tripartite handshake.

  3. A read to deepen relationship with Mama

    In 2020, Jyune started writing and publishing guided journals on Amazon in different niches. "I showed my friend the kind of books that I was writing, and the conservations fostered the idea of...

  4. Desperate pleas of families torn apart by delayed spousal visas

    Most of them have applied for a spousal visa but for the last two years, delays attributable to Covid-19 have seen their requests drag on.

    Visa interview
  5. Mr Survivor: World War III brewing as Mrembo plans to 'finish' Margie

    I have gathered that Mrembo blames Margie for the historic fall of her business.

  6. How I found my footing while raising my cerebral palsy son

    Her experience has transformed her outlook on life, and she is regaining her footing through her newfound cake-making business

  7. ‘City mother’ tackling environmental issues in Nairobi

    The scientist is calling on lawmakers to make environmentally sound policies.

    Cynthia Sitati, climate change adaptation specialist
  8. Mother's day when childless

    Here is a message of hope from those who waited to get children.

  9. Mantalk: The most valuable lessons I learned from my stepmom

    • I grew up in a blended family—and to satiate your curiosity, yes, the juice has been worth the squeeze. • My biological mother who bore me and weaned me • My stepmother who loved me...

  10. Zia Bett Nyamari: We cater to the plus size woman

    Zia Bett Nyamari is a multifaceted entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in the business world with her made in Kenya clothing brand, Zia Africa.

  11. Five tricks to own a house before your career ends

    Your piece could be bordering the highway or a busy route. How about turning it into a parking lot?

  12. Wife Speak: Did you marry the wrong one?

    Put in the hard work of being the right one for your spouse, as they do the same.

    Worried woman
  13. Legal Clinic: How do I ensure my family respects my will upon my demise?

    The beauty of the family trust is that trustees continue to administer it without needing to go to court.

    Worried man
  14. Surviving toxic parents

    Two young women share the pain of growing up without the affection, love and care of a mother.

    Angry parent and child
  15. Mr Survivor: Makena calls off her maandamano and pleads for mercy

    She had crossed the red line by provocatively infringing on Queen’s marital territorial boundaries.

  16. Sobering stories from the bars

    Some things people do when inebriated are stranger than fiction, the stories are simply rib-cracking.

  17. Seems I will graduate without getting a salsa partner

    As a female salsa dancer, the enthusiasm starts to wear off when you find yourself stuck on the bench, having to await a man’s request to dance with you.

  18. Inspired by my vocalist mother, I took up singing

    During his free time, Washington loved singing to his classmates, something that often saw him land on the noise makers’ list. Washington however says he never imagined himself being a musician.

  19. Mr Survivor: Makena stages a grandmother of all go-slows at the Palace

    When Makena is on a go-slow, she starts by singing ‘cutting songs’ which are meant for Queen’s ears and heart...

  20. Pregnancy tales: Here’s what the experts have to say…

    Experts caution expectant women from swallowing every myth peddled as helpful information, especially online and from their peers.

  21. Legal Clinic: Is it my right to inherit land from my father?

    The law only remedies what is seen as unkempt relationships, dealings, and positions, especially where parties feel disenfranchised.

    Concerned man


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