1. Wife Speak: What would you score on a marital rate card?

    Create your marital rate card that has no ancient rules and biases about the other.

  2. Just A Man: You must educate yourself or perish!

    It is important for a man to get an education outside his neck of the woods.

    Just A man
  3. Legal Clinic: Why was the death penalty abolished?

    The judges have the discretion to impose the death penalty in capital cases.

    Death penalty
  4. MR SURVIVOR: Queen shocked after Makena stages a go-slow at the Palace

    I am seriously working on a plan to revive Queen's supermarket to reduce the contact hours between her and Makena.

  5. Dr Lilian Gogo: My undying love for teaching

    Dr Lilian Gogo, MP Rangwe, former lecturer at Egerton University speaks about her passion for education and why she has placed much emphasis on it.

    Dr Lilian Gogo, MP Rangwe
  6. Unofficial guide to surviving the World Cup for girlfriends and wives

    Occasionally, your man, might get heart palpitations.

  7. The last dance that really tested my parental patience

    We also handcraft those ridiculous assignments that CBC is constantly asking us to craft.

  8. How to survive the World Cup month if your spouse follows football

    This is the time to catch up with the gang, or treat yourself to some pampering.

    Qatar World Cup Stadium
  9. JUST BRENDA: My wife and I learnt the hard way to plan our finances

    Kudos to you and your wife on working on your financial goals together.

    Couple financial planning
  10. Plight of family caregivers

    What happens when a parent becomes dependent on their children, and the roles are reversed?

    Caregiver and a patient
  11. MR SURVIVOR: How Makena brought down Queen’s Slopes Supermarket

    Like I had suspected, Makena had emptied the kiosk.

  12. Wife Speak: Sorry, you were never meant to be compatible

    The wonder of creation is that there is no one else on this planet who is like you.

    Different couple
  13. Pawrenting: Did you know cats get UTIs?

    According to feline experts, urinary tract diseases in cats are common with overweight, middle-aged cats.

    overweight cat
  14. Lupita's father wows fans with his dancing at ‘Wakanda Forever’ premiere

    He took to the stage to dance to the tunes of Kisumu-based Ohangla singer Odongo Swag’s new hit "Linda".

  15. JUST BRENDA: Help! My family is headed for financial ruin

    My partner likes 'sherehe'. I don’t mind this, but we also need to save and invest for our children and our old age.

  16. To form a ‘chama’ with strangers or relatives?

    I have realised that there is more respect amongst people unrelated by blood. You tend to take one another seriously, especially where money is concerned

  17. Potty training and the children’s unique gender differences

    You teach them how to use the toilet in the same way you were taught how to swim or hold a pencil.

    Child in toilet
  18. Lupita’s parents attend ‘Wakanda Forever’ premiere in Nairobi

    Lupita’s parents were the star attraction of the night, and they mingled and took pictures with fans before the screening started.

  19. MR SURVIVOR: Crisis at the palace after politics kills Queen’s supermarket

    If there is a difficult woman to deal and live with when she has no money, that woman is my Queen.

  20. Rev Njue: What all singles and searching need to know

    What you think about yourself is a magnet that draws similar things together. You will attract what you are.

  21. Wife Speak: What causes a marriage to thrive?

    Love does indeed cover a multitude of sins as per the Biblical quote.

    Old couple


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