1. Just a Man: Lessons from 11 days of homelessness

    During my time of homelessness, I used to attend morning glory services in a church near where I spent the night

  2. Mr Survivor: With dividend season beckoning, Queen shuns my Beetle for bank's Rav 4

    She is picked from the palace before I wake up and is dropped late after I have slept.

  3. Pawrenting: What should you do if your pet has a tummy bug?

    Just like humans, pets suffer from different digestive disorders such as stomach upsets.

  4. Meet Jack, the man championing widows’ rights in Siaya County

    In many parts of Kenya, widows suffer intolerable injustices often meted out by those closest to them, but one man is on a mission to right these wrongs.

    Jack Mawere meeting widows and orphans at his home in Bondo sub-county, Siaya County.
  5. Mr Survivor: How I helped Queen to win chama elections with a landslide

    Having unfairly lost to Mhesh at Happy Valley, I would not sit down and watch his wife vanquish my Queen in the chama contest.

  6. What being a mother to a boy child has schooled me

    My greatest duty as his mother – as the leading woman in his life – is to learn how to communicate my love.

    mother and son
  7. The power of a pat on someone’s back

    It costs you nothing, takes nothing away from you, but is invaluable to the recipient. Even a simple, ‘good job’ without elaborating is often enough.

  8. Pawrenting: Don’t allow your pet to lick its wounds

    Friction from the licking will result in redness and irritation in the area.

  9. How contented are you with your life?

    Many of us struggle with dissatisfaction. We yearn for what we don’t have, but the moment we get it, we start yearning for what we had before.

  10. An ode to my grandmother, Ricarda, a daughter of thunder

    Now, grandma Ricarda was from an age when marriage was made in heaven like thunder and lightning. That is so long ago that even the sun has problems remembering.

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  11. The women who married gay preachers

    Women say the church’s failure to recognise that some of the congregants are LGBTQ increases their despondency and divorce. Is it time for the church to face the truth?

  12. Addressing online violence is key to bridging the digital divide in Kenya

    Online violence against women, including cyber harassment and gendered misinformation, remains a prevalent problem in Kenya.

  13. We have a moral duty to take care of the less fortunate

    Working as a census enumerator opened her eyes to the problems buried deep in her community.

    Florence Mwende
  14. Off my chest: Months later, I still grieve for my sister

    It’s been months now, but the ache in my heart has not gone away.

  15. Why you should act if you see a child being abused

    Child abuse is subjecting children to physical, emotional or psychological conditions that violate their rights.

    Child abuse
  16. Pawrenting: Tips to help your dog overcome noise phobia

    Much as you may want to comfort or soothe the dog at the time of distress, this can be counter-productive.

    Dog noise phobia
  17. MR SURVIVOR: My divorce from Happy Valley will be noisy and messy

    What Mrembo seems to have forgotten is that she and I run complementary businesses.

  18. Talking to children about sex is easier than you think 

    Use real names for body parts. Anything else tells your children that sex is some sort of taboo.

    Sex education
  19. What our 20s taught us, and the dreams we have for our 30s

    For many young people just stepping out of their twenties, 30 is the turnaround age.

  20. When being broke makes you angry

    Learning about myself and how I react to money or lack of it made me realise that most of us are predictable where money is concerned.

    Broke man
  21. Woman to woman: A heartfelt calling to fight for ailing children

    After the struggles Dr Irene Mbuvya and her family went through when her late father was unwell, she resolved to become a doctor.

    Dr Irene Mbwavi.


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