1. How to understand millennials and their complex identities

    They are the most misunderstood and most exposed generation thus far – the Internet has brought the world to our fingertips.

  2. MR SURVIVOR: Queen outsmarts me, uses my cunning ways to boost her Supermarket

    She usually sends me to bank her chama money but I instead I trade with it, until a day before the chama meetings.

  3. What’s the one thing that makes you scream in joy?

    It is important to have in your life that one thing that excites you to no end, an activity that makes you come alive.

    Happy woman
  4. Inspired by mum’s early death, she now empowers young girls

    They are trained in financial literacy so they develop a culture of saving, as well as entrepreneurship skills.

  5. Just a man: Why more Luo men are considering cremation

    Until pretty recently, it was unheard of for a dead Luo man to be buried anywhere apart from his ancestral home.

  6. Simple hacks to clear the algae in your fish tank

    The brown algae are common in a newly set up fish tank, especially those kept in dark places.

    brown algae
  7. MR SURVIVOR: Makena has gone back to her usual Palace capture

    For the past two weeks, Makena has been determining what is to be eaten at the Palace and at what frequency each week.

  8. Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth holidays in Kenya

    'One of the most memorable trips to Kenya my family and I have ever had', he said as he thanked his hosts.

    Chris Hemsworth
  9. Mwalimu Andrew: Why I’m handing over my sister to her illegal husband for free

    Caro’s loose tongue has made me collide with relatives and villagers.

    Mwalimu Andrew
  10. She’s the Steph Curry of wheelchair basketball

    Stella Tiyoy, a wheelchair basketballer, was part of Team Kenya that qualified for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.

  11. Coping with the changes as your child transitions to a teen

    They may want some independence. But they still do crave parental attention—just on their own terms.

  12. MR SURVIVOR: My bottoms-up plan for economic revival

    Njaa-nuary threw me into a financial quagmire but I have a plan to recover.

    Financial plan
  13. Giving children in Kibera a chance at quality education

    My parents were very angry with me. They couldn’t understand how I could go to school against the backdrop of financial challenges, get a job that was paying reasonably well, then talk of quitting.

  14. Is your home yearning for an indoor plant? How to choose one

    It is still January, the beginning of the year, and what better time is there to make a fresh start?

    Modern living room with indoor plants
  15. MR SURVIVOR: Njaanuary has tamed the sonkos of Happy Valley

    Unlike other times, tables were not filled with coloured waters but had a huge thermos flask of hot water.

  16. Beryl Itindi: How I rose from rejection to respected businesswoman

    I am now settled both financially and emotionally.

  17. Legal Clinic: Does my ex-wife have the right to change our child’s name?

    Not affording your child access to either of you, is essentially robbing it of something that is rightfully theirs-a relationship with their other parent.

    worried man
  18. Spiritual values to incorporate into your styling goals in 2023

    You should have a simple rule that for each piece you bring into your home, one piece must leave. This will avoid clutter.

    Living room
  19. Tips to help your dog adjust to town life

    Moving a pet to a smaller house with less or no green space has challenges.

  20. Hustle: Serious lessons from a joker

    Many young folks take their hustles for granted.

  21. Wife Speak: Do we really marry our parents?

    We unconsciously chose a parental figure, which of course keeps us in cycles, mostly of dysfunction.



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