1. Mudavadi: Economic diplomacy can unleash Kenya’s potential

    Gains from economic diplomacy can be realised immediately or in the near to longer term.

    Musalia Mudavadi
  2. Benyawa: Involve elders more in war against terror

    Integration of local stakeholders like elders is paramount to provide sustainable solutions.

    Boni Forest
  3. Kilonzo: Digital uprising raises ethical questions

    Our quest for justice and government accountability must remain focused and principled.

  4. Makokha: Gen Z show their might through sustained protest

    The energy and organiation behind these protests reflect a new era of civic engagement.

  5. Sheikh: New population policy key to our prosperity

    Newly launched population policy takes a proactive approach in addressing demographic trends.

  6. Kibathi: Public participation pays off

    Public participation has stopped the enactment of economically regressive taxation policies.

    Finance Bill 2024
  7. Hassan: Mr President, don’t let Bill blot our Green credentials

    Your government is inadvertently inviting the failure of the green campaign you have so fervently promoted.

    William Ruto
  8. Chiriba: Rethink Judiciary security

    Magistrates and judges play a critical role in upholding the rule of law.

    Monica Kivuti
  9. Ikunda: Finance Bill 2024 pain and what State must now do

    Heavy borrowing will still trigger higher taxes in the near future as these debts have to be repaid.

    Njuguna Ndung'u
  10. Namasaka: Here’s how to boost relations among counties

    Counties should enhance communication among themselves through inter-county forums and joint committees

    keroka town