Words that get you thinking.
  1. Suhayl Omar: MPs failed to activate gender rule, must go

    The erasure and disregard of women within the political realm isn’t unique to the legislature.

  2. Omar Elmawi: Youth should lead the fight against climate change

    As the world commemorates Global Day of Climate Action, we need to broaden the conversation to include more youths

  3. Linah Benyawa: Our physical, mental health depends on how we take care of the environment.

    Kenyans are increasingly disconnecting from the basics of life. We have purposed to abuse and neglect something as crucial as the natural environment that gives us life. Maintenance of the...

  4. Cynthia Onyango & Graham Wood: Grassroot groups critical to the Covid-19 response

    Grassroots organisations are the glue that holds communities together.

  5. Paul Kasimu: Let’s all entrench inclusive policies at the workplace

    Employers should look beyond physical disability and attract, develop and retain diverse talent.

  6. Wycliffe Osabwa: Pregnancy and birthing must be safe

    The number of women avoiding to conceive for fear of the consequences is quietly rising.

  7. Moragwa Omare: Shall we return the counties to their parent?

    Almost eight years after their inception, the county governments are yet to stand on their own.

  8. Brian Gicheru Kinyua: Let’s seek sustainability of shipping, maritime affairs

    Shipping has also been affected by technological disruption.

  9. Jeffrey K. Kosgei: Fast-track new youth policy

    NYC now has the opportunity to prove its mettle.

  10. Joseph Nyagah: Ensure Kenya gets the best deal in proposed free trade agreement

    The US is opposed to taxes on data that will come into effect in Kenya in January.