1. Landis: Social protection is an investment in Kenya’s future

    By adopting a visionary approach, Kenya can pave the way to a brighter and more equitable future.

    William Ruto
  2. Giti: Let varsities make money

    Public universities can devise more revenue streams.

    Public universities
  3. Nying’uro: How Jehovah’s Witnesses protect the environment

    I look forward to a time when the earth will heal from the atrocities humans have committed against it.

    global warming, rising temperatures, climate change
  4. Orero: Blockchain advocacy or AI disinformation in Kenya's polls?

    In democratic regimes, the use of emerging technologies could redefine citizen rights and increase the weight of each vote.

    Artificial Intelligence
  5. Jomo: Take a leaf from the UK court ruling and jail FGM perpetrators

    According to the UN report, 94 percent of girls and women of Somali origin living in Kenya undergo female genital mutilation

  6. Ochieng: Curious case of KPA plan to join last mile cargo delivery

    At the heart of the concern is the original contract itself, skewed in favour of a private Chinese firm.

  7. Nyamongo: Disaster preparedness from a medical perspective

    The Embakasi gas explosion exposed the lack of sufficient medical supplies and equipment.

    Embakasi Gas Explosion
  8. Femicide and victim blaming: Where did we drop the ball?

    Femicide is the most extreme form of gender-based violence against women.

    Femicide march
  9. Kiraitu Murungi: Energy transition should not be used to impoverish us

    I don’t think it is realistic for us to change from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources within the next 20 years.

    Clean Energy
  10. Mochama: Culture in the time of war - You can’t stop reggae

    Theatre and opera attendance has never been higher in the Ukraine capital Kyiv, that was itself attacked on December 29, 2023.

    Kharkiv bombing Ukraine