1. Chiriba: Rethink Judiciary security

    Magistrates and judges play a critical role in upholding the rule of law.

    Monica Kivuti
  2. Ikunda: Finance Bill 2024 pain and what State must now do

    Heavy borrowing will still trigger higher taxes in the near future as these debts have to be repaid.

    Njuguna Ndung'u
  3. Namasaka: Here’s how to boost relations among counties

    Counties should enhance communication among themselves through inter-county forums and joint committees

    keroka town
  4. Nyakera: Kemsa reforms have started bearing fruit

    Kemsa has turned a new leaf and implemented radical reforms to promote efficiency and effectiveness.

    The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) Head Office Nairobi at Commercial Street, Industrial Area.
  5. Kilonzo: Bring back student activism

    University students have been at the forefront of social and political movements, advocating for change and fighting against injustice.

    Uon 2009 Protests
  6. Omwa: Let us fully end corporal punishment in schools

    Positive discipline teaches young people to become responsible.

    International Day of The African Child
  7. Gitau: Road to UHC: The makings of a Benefits Package

    Benefits Package defines what the government can deliver and what the citizens can demand subject to budget realisation

  8. Mohamed: Let elected leaders know that clout chasing is wrong

    Certain behaviours raise questions about the use of social media by those in power.

  9. Khamis: Asals’ future lies in Gum Arabic tree farming

    Gum Arabic plants are valued for their dried gum and resin from their stems and branches.

    Gum Arabic
  10. Mokaya: Champion family inclusivity

    Family is a diverse and inclusive social unit that can take many forms.

    Happy family