1. Irungu: How Kenya can work for Kenyans

    President Ruto ought to embrace local solutions to empower the Kenyan youth.

  2. Jean Karari: Church and politics like a game of chess

    The connection between religion and state has been complicated and multidimensional.

    William Ruto
  3. Kigo: Keep waste business private

    Modern and good waste managers should always address waste management through segregation at source.

  4. Kathia: We’re losing too much to graft, it’s time to end it

    These misappropriated funds could have been utilised to fund various initiatives on non-communicable diseases.

    NHIF Building
  5. Ngeno: Digital lenders should use AI to reduce default rates

    Many households and businesses have suffered immensely from the austere measures taken by digital lenders on loan recovery.

  6. Mungai: Hire specialists to curb maternal and child deaths

    For many expectant mothers in Kenya, the journey to a healthcare facility is just the beginning of their horrendous ordeal.

  7. Adhere: Education, cultural exchanges boost Sino-Africa ties

    One, competency in Chinese language opens a wide array of economic and employment opportunities.

     MercyLiberty Nekesa
  8. Drochon: Macron’s huge polls bet paid off

    Since 2017, when he was first elected, President Macron’s popularity has waned.

    Emmanuel Macron
  9. Njoroge: What a forensic audit of public debt really entails

    Forensic audit is mostly carried out in circumstances where cases of fraud are suspected.

    President William Ruto
  10. Landis and Gathungu: School meals an investment in Kenya’s future

    A meal at school is more than just giving food to a child; it is an investment in the country's future.

    School feeding programme