1. Kawira & Omondi: Closing pubs at stages good

    One of the key contributing factors is drinking joints situated near bus stations.

    Bus Station Nairobi
  2. Wako-Ojiwa: Let us mind youth affairs to secure nation’s future

    Kenya is one of the countries whose constitution specifically addresses young people—Article 55.

    4th Africa Inclusive Conference
  3. Kigo: Let City Hall rehabilitate Nairobi Dam

    The dam has been rendered useless as it is heavily polluted,

    Nairobi Dam
  4. Ostros: Transition to a carbon-neutral economy must incorporate a circular economy

    Every year, thousands of seabirds, turtles, seals and other marine mammals are dying after ingesting plastic or getting entangled in it.

  5. Onyango: Unea-6 key platform for discussing household air pollution

    In Kenya, up to 23,000 people succumbed to household air pollution-related health issues in 2021 alone.

  6. Landis: Social protection is an investment in Kenya’s future

    By adopting a visionary approach, Kenya can pave the way to a brighter and more equitable future.

    William Ruto
  7. Giti: Let varsities make money

    Public universities can devise more revenue streams.

    Public universities
  8. Nying’uro: How Jehovah’s Witnesses protect the environment

    I look forward to a time when the earth will heal from the atrocities humans have committed against it.

    global warming, rising temperatures, climate change
  9. Orero: Blockchain advocacy or AI disinformation in Kenya's polls?

    In democratic regimes, the use of emerging technologies could redefine citizen rights and increase the weight of each vote.

    Artificial Intelligence
  10. Jomo: Take a leaf from the UK court ruling and jail FGM perpetrators

    According to the UN report, 94 percent of girls and women of Somali origin living in Kenya undergo female genital mutilation