1. Adhere: How China fear is driving US pivot towards Africa

    China has become very close to Africa because of its foreign policy posture that is responsive to Africa’s development needs.

    William Ruto and Joe Biden
  2. Kanisa: Don’t plant but nurture trees

    Accelerated natural regeneration is a method that harnesses natural processes to restore forests.

  3. Nthiana: Break the silence on men’s mental health challenges

    Mental health can range from mild situations such as stress to bipolar disorders.

    Mental health
  4. Ochami: Supreme Court was wrong about Karua’s EACJ ruling

    Why the alleged ‘controversial assumption of jurisdiction’ by EAC court may not be controversial after all.

    Martha Karua
  5. Tavio: Kenya Finland’s key ally in quest to double African trade by 2030

    Some of the key elements in Finland’s development have been opening our economy and fostering trade.

  6. Jandu: Private sector vital in training for the construction industry

    The demand for skilled plumbers in these areas is immense but the supply remains woefully inadequate.

  7. Asiko & Waiganjo: Need to boost investment in health R&D

    The path forward requires a solid strategy to increase domestic funding for health R&D.

  8. Kigo: Protect children under-five

    A child, from birth, should be helped to build immunity against these killer diseases.

  9. Yussuf: Miss not forest for the trees of revenue share

    Art. 203 lays out factors to be considered in resource allocation—including economic disparities within and among counties.

    water melons
  10. Hassan: Need to include PWDs in climate change action

    PWDs are, unexpectedly, hugely marginalised in the social, political and economic aspects