Using Alpha Hydroxy Acids for healthy glowing skin? Advantages and precautions

Alpha hydroxy acids can help to enhance the absorption of the other skincare products you're using.

Alpha hydroxy acids can help to enhance the absorption of the other skincare products you're using.

What you need to know:

  • Alpha hydroxy acids are a great addition to any skincare routine.
  • AHAs can be the go-to products for healthy-looking, glowing skin.
  • AHAs may not work for everyone, consult your dermatologist before using AHA products.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are a group of skincare ingredients that help to smooth the surface of your skin. They're derived from fruit and milk, but can also be produced synthetically in labs for commercial use. The most common types are glycolic acid and lactic acid. AHAs work by gently exfoliating your skin so it looks smoother, more even-toned, and less wrinkled.

There are a variety of acids that can be found in skincare products. Glycolic, Citric, and Lactic acid all come from plant sources like sugar cane or citrus fruit while animal-based hydroxy acids such as honeybees produce Hydroxycaproic Acid. Other common ingredients include tartaric which comes from grapes, malic acid from pears.

Major benefits of AHAs on your skin

#1. AHAs help with exfoliation

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells. This process stimulates cellular renewal and reduces the risks of age spots among others. Exfoliation is also essential for oily skin to unclog pores and keep acne at bay. It helps remove dulling surface cells and encourage cellular turnover, keeping your skin looking fresh and bright at all times.

#2. Enhances healing of hyperpigmentation

AHAs can help to fade out the appearance of dark spots by increasing cellular turnover.

Recommendation: Try an AHA exfoliator once or twice a week to brighten your skin. If you experience irritation, decrease the frequency of application, if it persists see a dermatologist for further assistance.

#3. Smoothens wrinkles and fine lines

AHAs encourage skin cell turnover which can help reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and other marks on the surface of your skin. They do this by enhancing collagen production, a critical component that keeps skin firm and plump while also keeping it hydrated to avoid dryness or flaking.

Recommendation: With continued use of AHAs, you can expect to see results within weeks.

# 4. Great for acne treatment and prevention

AHAs can help to unclog pores and reduce the oil on the surface of your skin, which is why they are great for acne treatment. Their anti-inflammatory properties may also be useful in reducing certain types of redness associated with breakouts.

Recommendation: If you're planning to use an AHA product as part of your acne care routine, consult your dermatologist for the most suitable product.

#5. Non-comedogenic.

Non-comedogenic means that the ingredients shouldn't cause blockages in the pores, which is why they're great for those with acne-prone skin. This can also help those who suffer from clogged pores and blackheads as well as people looking to prevent breakouts.

Recommendation: If you're still worried about the effects of AHAs on your skin, do a patch test first or try out samples before purchasing to check for possible irritations.

#6. Enhances absorption of other skin products

Alpha hydroxy acids can help to enhance the absorption of the other skincare products you're using. This means that these ingredients can be a great addition to your routine as well as for those who want faster results from their skincare regimes.

Recommendation: If you want to use an AHA product, do not introduce too many other products to your routine because this can lead to irritation, dryness, and even breakouts.

Note: One thing you need to remember is that AHAs may or may not be suitable for you depending on the ingredients of the product and its concentration levels. Always check with a dermatologist.


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