Police: Slain Nyamira teacher Ezekiel Nkeere’s limbs were chopped off

Nkeere Gitangwa

Mr Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa, 47, whose mutilated body was found hidden in a Nyamira nurse's house on January 1, 2022

Photo credit: Pool

Nyamira teacher Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa, whose mutilated body was found in a nurse’s house on Sunday, had all limbs chopped off, police have revealed. 

Police found the body hidden under a carpet in the house on January 1, 2023.  They suspect the teacher may have been in a romantic relationship with the nurse who has since gone into hiding.  

The officers have appealed with the nurse, whom they are treating as the prime suspect, to surrender to the nearest police station.

“The nurse is safer in the hands of the police than out there, members of the public are angry,” said Nyamira South Sub County Criminal Investigations Officer Paul Makonge on Monday.

He said they are also pursuing a man suspected of taking part in the teacher’s murder.

 “We have information that the man may have taken part in the teacher’s murder, we are asking him to also surrender,” said the DCI officer.

He urged the residents to remain patient as the police carry out their investigations.  

“We have secured the house for investigation and we are calling on members of the public to be patient as we continue with the probe into the murder of the teacher,” said Mr Makonge.

Mr Nkeere, 47, went missing on December 30, 2022, before his body was found hidden in a room used for poultry keeping. The body was covered with a carpet.

Police had to break into the house of the Nyamaiya Health Centre-based nurse to access the body. The health worker was not in the house. 

"We received a report from the teacher's wife Gladys Bonareri Achoki that her husband was missing," read a police report.

Police explained that when a report of a missing person was done, they started investigations after the elapse of 24 hours.

“We tried to locate where he could have been last seen because his phone was switched off. We established that his last location was in a building in Kisii town before his phone was switched off,” said Mr Makonge.

The DCI officer said the teachers had hired a boda boda rider to take him to Egesieri village in West Mugirango constituency, Nyamira County.