We won’t stop anti-govt demos, defiant Kisumu residents tell Governor Nyong’o

Kisumu protests

Obunga community mobiliser John Okello addressing the press after leading residents to Obunga Police Post, Kisumu, to notify the officers of anti-government demonstrations tomorrow.

Photo credit: Rushdie Oudia | Nation Media Group

Some supporters of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party have defied an order by Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong'o to suspend anti-government protests called by their leader Mr Raila Odinga every Monday and Thursday.

Just moments after Prof Nyong’o suspended the protests indefinitely, residents of Obunga took a notice to the police to inform them of their planned demonstrations tomorrow.

Obunga community mobiliser John Okello led residents to the Obunga Police Post to notify the officers of the planned demonstrations.

“We the supporters of Azimio coalition, therefore, request for maximum police protection on March 30, 2023, as we shall be proceeding on our very peaceful demonstration as instructed by our party leader Raila Odinga,” said Mr Okello.

He stated that the governor has no right to call off the protests because he did not call them.

"We are not going to give the governor's word more weight than the words of Raila Odinga. We will demonstrate as usual until our demands are met," said Mr Okello.

He added that the people will continue to protest the high cost of living and demand that the electoral commission opens its servers.

On the list of demands, they have added freedom of the press and issues in the education sector.

Mr Phillip Omari said the governor had no valid reason to call off the protests.

“We are not aware of Nyong'o's directive. Our leader is Raila and we must obey his words. We are the ones feeling the pinch of the high cost of living and therefore we will demonstrate, whether he likes it or not," said Mr Omari.

The governor decided to allow him and other opposition supporters to join the demonstrations in Nairobi being spearheaded by Mr Odinga.

The statement by the governor comes after the Monday protests left a trail of destruction of property, two deaths and injuries to a number of people from within the county.

He says the decision was arrived at after detailed consultations with the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya National leadership.

His decision has been supported by Kisumu Senator Tom Ojienda who said the demonstrations were ill-informed.

“Our position has always been that these demonstrations are not sustainable. Thank you Governor Nyong’o for seeing the light,” said Prof Ojienda.