Kisii man kills sister-in-law, her two children in dispute over 2-acre land

Kisii murder

Edna Moraa Nyairo (22) and her two children Quinter Kemunto (4) and Mark Dismas (3). The three were reportedly hacked to death on Tuesday night.

What you need to know:

  • The man, who also allegedly targeted his mother and brother, later surrendered to police.
  • According to Marani Sub County Police Commander, the man presented himself to the police and confessed to having committed the heinous act.

A 27-year-old man from Nyabuogi village in Marani, Kisii County, has reportedly hacked to death his sister-in-law and her two children.

The man, who later surrendered to police, allegedly slaughtered his stepbrother's wife Edna Moraa Nyairo (22) and her two children Quinter Kemunto (4) and Mark Dismas (3).

Marani sub-county police commander Benjollife Munuve said the man turned himself in on Tuesday night and confessed to the heinous act.

"After butchering his brother's wife and children earlier in the day, he went into hiding only to resurface at night at Rioma police station," Mr Munuve said.

He added: "He confessed to killing the victims, allegedly because of a long-standing family dispute.

The police boss said the suspect would be charged with murder.

The Tuesday night incident has left Nyabuogi village in shock, with reports that the suspect also wanted to kill his brother and other family members.

Kisii: Man kills his elder brother's wife, two children, surrenders to police

The suspect is the fourth born in a family of nine, while the deceased woman is the wife of his eldest brother.

"We have information that the suspect also wanted to kill his eldest and only brother. Fortunately, the brother was not at the homestead at the time," Mr Munuve said.

The suspect's mother, Rose Kemunto, said there had been a long-standing dispute between her two sons over two acres of land.

"My elder son has always been referred to as Ekerentane, which means a child I came with to this homestead. My younger son (suspect) has accused his brother of trying to deny him the inheritance," said the distraught mother.

Ms Kemunto added that her younger son had told his brother, "You want to disinherit me of all our land? You bragged about having a wife and children, but I have no family of my own. I will wipe you all out and kill myself later.

The tearful and shaken mother noted that she had also been targeted by her 'angry' son.

She said her life was in danger and called on the government to protect her and the rest of her family.

She said the suspect was an alcoholic and had made her life a living hell.

"I separated from my husband more than a decade ago because of my eldest son. The villagers used to say I came with him. The disagreement grew and forced me out of my marital home. At one point, my house was set on fire and I was forced to move to Miruka area," said the aggrieved mother.

Mr Patrick Omuga Migosi, 29, the suspect's step-brother, said he escaped death by a whisker.

"I was not at the homestead when my brother hacked my wife and children. When I got home, I found him and he tried to attack me. Then I saw my wife and children lying scattered in our compound, blood everywhere. I went to where my wife was, she closed her eyes as she breathed her last. It was horrible," said Omuga.

The distraught man said his wife and children were washing dishes when they were attacked.

"I want justice and protection. I am in shock and afraid for my life," Omuga said.