How Nakuru woman escaped murder plotted by boyfriend's wife

Nakuru Law Courts.

The Nakuru Law Courts.

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A Nakuru woman has shocked a court with a narration of how she foiled a plot for her murder, orchestrated by the wife of a man she was dating.

Ms Caroline Kwamboka, in her testimony before Nakuru Senior Principal Magistrate Priscah Nyotah, said the woman, who is based in the United States, hired a hitman to lure her into a relationship and then eliminate her.

It all began around April 2021, when she received a call from the woman, who warned her about her relationship with a man she said was her husband.

The caller asked her to end the relationship, and if not, she would face serious consequences.

Ms Kwamboka, however, ignored her and moved to Nakuru in 2022, after which she found a job. She then enrolled in Ashleys Hair and Beauty Academy for a course.

At the time, she lived with her lover's cousin, a Ms Moraa.

The court heard that Ms Kwamboka received another call from the woman in December 2022, advising her against ignoring her warning and threatening to kill her.

According to Ms Kwamboka, the woman said, “I will have to kill you, make your grave ready and your burial colorful.”

A few days later, she received another call from a man who claimed to be her relative working in the military. She said she did not have such a relative and the man retreated, claiming to have called a wrong number. He then started making advances toward her, calling and sending messages in pursuit of a relationship.

“He told me my profile picture was beautiful and wanted to start a relationship. I declined the advances but he kept chatting with me,” Ms Kwamboka said in her March 1 testimony.

The court heard that one morning, out of the blue, Ms Moraa decided she wanted to move out of Ms Kwamboka's house.

Ms Kwamboka confronted her, demanding to know why she was keen on moving.

Ms Moraa told her that she wanted to move near her school and that her aunt in the US was facilitating her moving out. Ms Kwamboka also learnt that Ms Moraa's aunt had asked her to duplicate the keys to her door.

Ms Moraa showed Ms Kwamboka the contacts of the aunt, only for Ms Kwamboka to discover they were the same as those of the woman who had threatened to kill her.

Ms Moraa also showed her another number of a man she said was pursuing her for an intimate affair.

"I was shocked to discover that the contacts were similar to those of the man who had been making advances towards me," she said.

The man was still insisting that they meet and only at night, making her suspicious. He sent her photos on WhatsApp of himself wearing military gear.

She told her lover, who told her to report the matter to the police. They launched an investigation, which led to the arrest of a man identified as John Obira Onyita alias Otma Ontita.

The police charged him with conspiracy to commit a felony.

In their application to oppose the bond, the police said Mr Obira had been hired from Kisii with instructions to mill Ms Kwamboka and flee.

Police Constable Kinambuga said that on social media, the man is pictured wearing full military gear and bearing arms.

"We are still investigating to ascertain the connection he has with the military," an affidavit states.

The police are also pursuing other suspects who are at large.