Harmonize in trouble with the government over ‘weed’ song with Konshens

Harmonize shrouded in smoke

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has apologized over his collabo with Konshens ‘Weed Language’.

He was summoned by the Commissioner General of the Drug Control and Enforcement Unit, Gerald Kusaya.

The Bongo Flava star also had a meeting with BASATA before putting out the apology.

His social media platforms, Konde Gang CEO said he would no longer be on his social media platforms as he promised to be an ambassador of clean content.

“The general leadership of Konde Gang Music worldwide is apologizing over the content of my latest song ‘Weed Language,” he said.

The former Wasafi signee added that the song was aimed at growing the Tanzanian music industry.

“The song has gone against the morals of our nation. Because of the impact, the song has had on our people, we have also agreed to remove it completely from all our social media platforms.
We will be ambassadors of clean content in our country.”

Before releasing the song on Thursday last week, Harmonize claimed that the ‘Weed’ song was one of his main projects this month.

Harmonize said, “This December if I don’t release a song about weed, shoot me.”

He has in the past been summoned for illegally using weed, although the star has on numerous occasions denied ever smoking bhang in his life.

He also deleted all pictures he ever posted of him smoking the illegal substance.

Tanzania is known for maintaining the moral fabric of its nation especially in the entertainment industry.

Harmonize previously attracted the government’s attention after posting photos of him smoking substances that were suspected to be cigar weed.

The Tanzanian government, through its Dar Es Salaam Regional commissioner Paul Makonda warned him a few years back.

“I have spoken to the Ghanaian governor to help me investigate if Harmonize is smoking weed or a cigarette.

If at all it is a weed, immediately he steps into Tanzania we are going to prison. We cannot try to kill drug abuse and you are enjoying it. The jail will be a lesson to him and other Tanzanians.”

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