Mr Survivor: When I tried to draw water from rocks 


I know now that my help comes not from the people of this world but from God in heaven. Rest in peace, my friend and guru of chemistry.  

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • Due to my closeness to the late, I was appointed a secretary to the funeral committee.
  • That was when I realised that I had been living in optimistic ignorance.
  • In the discharge summary report, the wonder of all wonders, among many other suspicious entries, were massage and physiotherapy sessions.

I have been AWOL for the last three weeks. This hiatus was drummed into my reluctant head and heart at panga point by the most unfortunate, sudden and sad closing over to the other side of the valley of a close friend of mine. This is to say that he was promoted to higher glory, spiritually, where “we will not cry anymore.”


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