Olorgesailie: Silent ‘place of the spirits’

For a quiet, interesting and inexpensive, wilderness weekend away,  this prehistoric site is a good place to visit. PHOTO| JOHN FOX

What you need to know:

  • The day we were there, we saw a pale chanting goshawk and listened to its repeated mewing call. The social weavers are living up their name — sharing nests and choosing to live close to the bandas.

  • It can get very hot at Olorgesailie. If you are staying over, in the early morning or late afternoon it’s worth taking a longer walk past the excavations and down to the dunga, the dried river bed.

Would you like to hear the sound of silence? For real? Well, you can if you spend a night at Olorgesailie, the prehistoric site along the road to Magadi.


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