Martha Mwihaki Hinga, shadowy blogger who’s a nightmare to Kikuyu gospel musicians

Faceless blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga (right) recently leaked photos of gospel musician Mary Lincoln.

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It is not known whether it’s a man or a woman.

But what has long been established is that Martha Mwihaki Hinga, a popular name on Facebook, is a faceless blogger who has managed to unleash terror on the Central region’s gospel industry owing to her nose for celeb scandals.

The blogger has become the singular source of juicy rumours about celebrities and her exposés have seen the region’s showbiz regain its mojo online.

Hiding behind anonymity and a huge following, Mwihaki has managed to bare who is who in the gospel industry for a myriad of evils.

And she is uncompromising, has no favourites and hits mercilessly hard and she says she is out on a mission to sanitise an industry gone rogue.

She segments her exposés to cover the clergy, crooners, media personalities and politicians caught with their pants down.

She has exposed even those who wear religious turbans (Akorino) by picking out those who remove them while partying and donning them back on Sundays.

She also has exposed those in gospel ministries organising fundraisers for humanitarian drives but ending up pocketing the money.

There are those in the industry said to fake humanitarian crises, hold fundraisers and retreat to the world of dining and partying with the proceeds.

"Enough is enough and our own celebs will no longer have a hiding place in the gospel industry to live like double agents for God and the devil. For purposes of our gospel space, you got [to choose] one master to serve and stick there," she said in 2021.

Her blog has grown rapidly to more than 130,000 followers and it is followed by some other smaller blogs that amplify her message.

Ms Hinga prides herself on uncovering gospel celebs' secrets, ranging from alcoholism to infidelity and financial conmanship.

Just this past weekend, Kikuyu gospel singer Mary Lincoln was forced to repent and seek prayers in church after her naughty photos were leaked by the blogger.

It is through her that fans have gained snippets into the private lives of their gospel favourite musicians.

But opinion is divided on the morality of her modus operandi, in an era where revenge porn has caused so many people untold suffering.

"Unless someone stops this blogger, we will never live freely in our lives. She has not figured out that we are human beings too and with private lives to contend with ... We are now living in total apprehension and she is even limiting our freedom of association and movement," lamented a top-rated gospel artiste.

The artiste was named and shamed in May for what the blogger called "an alcoholic wreck who cannot keep her trouser zipped up, [hopping] from one lodging to the other with multiple partners".

But the blogger has won praise from religious purists who insist that all pretending to spread the gospel from the pulpit or music arenas must live honest and transparent lives.

"We must cleanse the pulpit of rogue elements. She must continue exposing our wolves in sheep's clothing. You want no trouble with her, live by what you preach," says Jeremiah Kimani, an Inooro FM presenter and an elder at the African Inland Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA).

Mr Kimani describes Mwihaki as a “real terror for the rogue” whom she exposes with “unmatched consistency and boldness”.

So calculating is the blogger that the industry has been trying to unmask her in vain.

"She should be investigated by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) ... She is spreading raw 'vayolence (violence)' in this sector ... She is destroying ministries, careers and talents," said a popular married female singer recently exposed for allegedly executing an abortion from a pregnancy conceived out of wedlock.

Mr Nyokabi Githuki, a Riverwood blogger, says "Ms Hinga is a network and an empire. She gets her information from insiders of the sector".

He claims "showbiz is one big gossip market where friends spy on each other and report to Ms Hinga to a point that she publishes information that is 100 percent factual".

He says that "if she were in the business of telling lies on the celebs, she would have been sued a long time ago ... But all those exposed dive underground until the heat subsides".

He adds that "Ms Hinga is a blogger on a mission that is for the common good in the gospel industry where Satan and his doctrines are promoted so openly by so many celebs".

Her style of packaging the scandals depicts her as well-schooled, grounded and informed.

Her fans rate her as “what a doctor would recommend for rumour-starved patients”.

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