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  1. Why you should embrace nutrition-sensitive farming

    Kenya is currently facing a triple burden of malnutrition; these are over-nutrition, under-nutrition and micro-nutrient deficiencies.

    Hamisi Williams
  2. FreshCrop growth strategy boost production of clean potato seeds

    Smallholder farmers contribute 83 per cent of the total production which supports nearly four million Kenyans.

  3. How comrades birthed a thriving milk enterprise

    Three university friends, Gabriel Kwendo, Emmanuel Ogise and Joseph Bosire team up to start and run a milk business in which they make pasteurised products as well as yoghurt.

    Gabriel Kwendo
  4. The rare case of cancer that kills chickens slowly

    Avian leucosis complex is a set of cancerous diseases caused by the Avian leucosis virus.

    poultry farmer
  5. Ex-pastoralist happy keeping dairy goats

    Harrison Simotwo keeps goats for milk and sells the animals earning good income that has seen him recruit other farmers into the trade.

    Alpine dairy goats
  6. The ABCs of scouting a maize crop

    Scouting involves inspection of the whole plant, from the roots and soil to the new shoots.

    Perkerra Irrigation Scheme
  7. Kenya’s coffee risks ban in Japan over higher pesticide residue

    Japan detected Chlorpyrifos in the produce, an active ingredient used in pesticides to control a number of pests such as antestia bug and berry borer.

    Metrin Wafula, a coffee farme
  8. With animal diseases, a stitch in time saves nine

    If a disease remains untreated, the parasites multiply much faster and the animal would, in turn, take a longer time to heal or it dies anyway even after treatment.

    Veterinary doctors
  9. Yes, the best of coffee boom is yet to come

    While the market price of a bag of fertiliser retails between Sh6,500–Sh7,000, we sell ours at Sh3,600.

    Timothy Mirugi.
  10. Joy of running a mixed fruit farm

    Stephen Mwanzia’s orchard hosts over 10 different varieties of fruits, which enables him to get income all year round when each is in season.

    \Stephen Mwanzia


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