1. Pyrethrum remains safe organic pesticide, study reveals

    Kenyan farmers are using pesticides containing Imidacloprid, a substance recognised for its detrimental effects on bees.

    Workers harvest pyrethrum at the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (Kalro) in Molo, Nakuru County
  2. EU to promote modern agriculture using tech in Homa Bay

    A total OF 6,000 farmers will acquire climate-resilient agricultural practices through the innovative programme.

     Henriette Geiger
  3. Remote diagnosis and prescription is rarely helpful

    Prescription or treatment for a wrong diagnosis is useless.

    Tsangasini Livestock sales yard
  4. City youth transform a bar into a thriving vegetable garden

    A group made up of 22 members began the venture which they called Cute Garden, in 2022, having realised that Nairobi residents needed safe food.

  5. Centres of excellence established to empower farmers

    The centres will be used as information dissemination hubs to promote sustainable farming practices.

    Maize farm
  6. Planting season: NCPB, Kenya Seed outlets to remain open during Easter holiday

    The outlets will remain open to facilitate the ongoing planting season.

    Farmers transport bags of subsidised fertiliser
  7. Sankalp Africa Summit: Agribusiness innovations and ventures making good money

    The aim of the Summit is to accelerate transformative solutions for a thriving and self-sufficient Africa.

    Kamsa Poultry CEO Steve Sande during the Sankalp Africa Summit
  8. On the tough trail of a Jersey bull

    Intact dairy bulls are rare since most farmers dispose of the calves after drinking colostrum.

    Jersey cows
  9. Wajir farmer discovers new gold

    Salat Dahiya Adan was used to herding cattle, camels and other animals until drought wiped out his family's stock in hundreds.

    water melons
  10. Yes, sexed semen can give bull calves

    The high value of dairy heifers led scientists to research techniques for sorting out male and female sperms in the early 1980s using rabbits.