To give MPs hefty pension dishonest, unwise

Parliament buildings in Nairobi. File
Photo credit: Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • Paying ex-MPs a hefty pension is a shame to our leaders during this time where the country is struggling with a financial crisis .

When the whole country was busy and its attention focused on the coronavirus pandemic,the mischief of parliamentalians was, as usual, in full gear.

The MPs have caught the country off-guard again and managed to sneak in an amendment to their pension. They awarded themselves huge benefits, paid monthly, after they retire.

What the MPs should know is that, they are on contract with the people for five years only. They have no right to claim any pension at the end of the term.

It is the height of dishonesty for MPs to even contemplate making laws for their own benefit; that is the work of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

What they have done is unheard of; it blantantly disapproves the notion that’ they are serving the electorate and confirms our fears that they are just serving their interests in Parliament

I urge the President to reject their evil machinations by not signing that bill into law. I speak the minds of most Kenyans who have to dig deeper into their pockets for the luxury of their not-very-honourable MPs.

Jackson K. Kitonyo, Kajiado

* * *

It’s immoral to select a particular group of government workers like ex -MPs and decide to give them pension after they lose elections, and I have many concerns about this.

One, what’s so special being an MP while we have thousands of other government employees with their terms of service, including retirement benefits? Two, the politicians are the highest earners in the government.

Three, they have the highest number of workers of low education earning hefty salaries and benefits to the point of passing unconstitutional laws.

Four, they are not even able to lead the electorate; the voters fight and kill one another yet we don’t hear the MP’s voice on the ground.Five, many loot or misuse development money.

Six, some of them are never heard or seen in their constituecies until when elections approach.Seven, how can one work for just 10 years and then earn a lifetime pension of Sh100,000 per month in a country with so much misery, including dying of hunger?

Peter R. Githinji, Kajiado

* * *

Paying ex-MPs a hefty pension is a shame to our leaders during this time where the country is struggling with a financial crisis .

I appeal to the President not sign the bill into the law as this will set a wrong precedent for other categories of public servants since these MPs enjoyed lavish lifestyles and allowances.

Why not increase the salaries of health workers instead for their good work during the pandemic?

Our MPS are greedy and selfish!

Willy Wanambisi, Bungoma