The government must lower food prices

Nyeri market

Kenyans buy foodstuffs in Nyeri town.

Photo credit: Joseph Kanyi | Nation Media Group

Energy • Though the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory (EPRA) has lowered fuel prices by Sh1 per litre, this has not yielded relief for the suffering Kenyans, says Christopher Musyoki. “The prices of food and other commodities remain quite high amid serious economic challenges. The government should intervene to lower the prices of other commodities.” His contact is [email protected].


Hustlers • The most surprising thing about the Kenya Kwanza government is that though it campaigned on the platform of uplifting hustlers, “it has not even for a second lived like one”, laments Lawi Manasse. “Apart from being tribal, it allows Cabinet Secretaries and other honchos to drive high-end motor vehicles with chase cars in these tough economic times.” His contact is [email protected].


Technology • Due to the rapid technological change “digital upskilling is seriously needed in education”, says Patel Masitsa. “This explains why many employers are increasingly looking to hire people with the right skills, who have pursued courses that offer practical, hands-on training. We’re far behind in the use of technology most of our institutes don’t provide this.” His contact is [email protected].


Anthem • The lack of an African anthem is a manifestation “of our fake liberation” on the continent, says Ed Mwiti, in his pitch for a common approach on issues. “We need such an anthem to show the world how united we are. A case in point is the Arab world protesting whenever Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is played by a black actress and yet we are all Africans.” His contact is [email protected].


PIN • Thanks to the increasing use of technological gadgets and the need to secure them, Muriithi King’au says “Kenyans have a singular burden of storing and retrieving Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) in and from their heads”. But tongue-in-cheek and without giving any details, he declares: “An extra load of political king-pins is completely uncalled for.”

His contact is[email protected].

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