Train teachers well to handle JSS students

Cabinet Secretary George Magoha

Cabinet Secretary George Magoha.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

The teachers expected to handle Junior Secondary School (JSS) students should undergo rigorous training.

Students joining JSS under Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) are considerably younger and naive in relation to the ones in the 8-4-4 system. Teaching younger students is way far difficult compared to older ones.

The first cohort of JSS students are expected to join Form One early next year. Being young and naive, they will be a huge challenge to deal with. Most of them will be so young that they would not do their chores by themselves. They will require other personnel to ensure their wellbeing other than just teaching and guiding in class.

Staying away from their parents is another puzzling circumstance these students will face, bearing in mind that most of them will still be living at home.

The parents play the role of guiding and nurturing them. Psychological problems are likely to crop up since these students will not yet be conversant with how to deal with mind-boggling situations. Such situations arise from the assumption that students will be doing their chores and duties by themselves.

Double intake

Overcrowding in schools is another concern that should be addressed. The last Form Ones of the 8-4-4 system will be joining secondary school together with the CBC pioneers. That means there will be a double intake. Handling them together won’t be easy.

TSC must ensure all the teachers mandated to tutor JSS students are qualified and willing to undertake the heavy duty. These students need more attention and support than the older ones.

Teachers must, therefore, undergo thorough training. Trainers of teachers should be extra-vigilant, knowing the kind of students joining JSS. The Education ministry must strictly monitor schools to ensure a conducive environment for learning and student wellbeing.

Mr Korir is a communication student at Kenya Methodist University (KeMU). [email protected]


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