FIVB World Championships Notebook - Day 6

Thousands of bicycles are parked in a cycle parking lot near Delf Station, southern Netherlands.

Photo credit: File | AFP

What you need to know:

  • In the Netherlands, the Euro is the standard currency.

Cycling is a way of life

In the Netherlands, people prefer cycling to driving, especially when doing short distances. Bicycles have a right of way at traffic lights and are allowed to go first. You have to be careful when crossing roads or else a bicycle will bump into you. There are small red pathways besides the road reserved for bicycles as a way to protect them from people who are driving on the main highways. Interestingly, there are designated parking bays for bicycles even at the railway stations.

Euro is the currency here

In the Netherlands, the Euro is the standard currency. The Euro became the official currency in 2002, even though it was first used in 1999 by electronic means. Prior to the inception of the Euro, the Netherlands official currency was the Dutch guilder. This was the case for 322 years, from 1680 to 2002.

Budget day

This being the third Tuesday of September, the King of Netherlands Willem-Alexander announced the budget for the upcoming financial year. He also opened the next parliamentary season. After two years of rather low-key celebrations, 2022 marked a return to the more traditional customs that go hand-in-hand with Prinsjesdag (Prince’s Day). Overall, the cabinet plans to spend 395 billion euros next year.