Power shift in the Horn of Africa is eroding Kenya’s influence

What you need to know:

  • As power shifts to the triple détente in the ‘New Horn’, the future of Kenya’s influence as a regional peacemaker and guarantor of stability is coming into sharp focus.

  • The rise of the idea of the New Horn, largely hoisted on a pan-ethnic idea of “Cushitic Alliance”, has posed an existential ideological challenge to IGAD and the regional consensus it represents.
  • Power shift in the Horn has emboldened Somalia in its claim over Kenyan waters in what is unfolding as an existential challenge to the country.

At the dawn of this century, the then editor of the Foreign Affairs Journal, James Fulton Hoge Jr., rightly observed that the global “transfer of power from West to East” was “dramatically changing the context for dealing with international challenges—as well as the challenges themselves” (Foreign Affairs, July/August, 2004).


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