Top long reads of 2020 from 'Nation'

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria. World’s second largest freshwater lake is threatened by uncontrolled flow of pollutants.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Our ten favourite long pieces from 2020.

In leaked texts, senior executives ask staff to post hourly updates on admissions and money made.

If SportPesa were a puppet, Nikolov would be its master; the man behind the velvety curtains, the unseen hand pulling the strings, directing the orchestra.

How Nairobi sank into filthBernard Mwinzi and Collins Omulo

There is a thin line between hope and despair, and Nairobi has straddled that line for decades as cartels robbed it dry.

The problem with Kagwe’s speechesBernard Mwinzi and Verah Okeyo

We subjected Mr Kagwe’s 130 speeches to a qualitative computer analysis and a logical and lexical inspection of them by a panel of linguists. 

World’s second largest freshwater lake threatened by uncontrolled flow of pollutants.

How Urithi members paid millions for air - Paul Wafula and Peter Mburu

The housing outfit offered them rent and homes in deals they couldn’t just resist.

The case of a Kenyan town where caution about a pandemic was thrown to the wind.

An outfit dubbed “Gatundu Group” schemed for Mboya’s downfall, starting by kicking out his allies from key positions in parliament. 

Fugitive was arrested last year, marking a potential end to a pursuit championed by conservationists.

The setting up of phantom jackpots and how a well-oiled gambling mafia almost took over the country.