State House visit and a nasty political lesson for Jalang’o

Felix Odiwuor Jalang'o
Photo credit: John Nyaga | Nation Media Group

Immediately after he was elected Lang’ata MP in August last year, Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalang’o, said he had a lot to learn as a first-time legislator.

The former radio personality, however, did not imagine he would be taken through the school of politics that fast.

Last Thursday, the ODM MP was reminded that learning in Kenya is currently more practical than theoretical since the country embraced the competency-based curriculum.

The MP had at the time also declared that his win was not about him but the people of Lang’ata and he was aware of the task ahead. However, he did not imagine the task ahead would also be defending himself from goons.

Welcoming him to the ugly side of politics, the lawmaker got a reality check of what it means when one’s loyalty and fidelity to the Raila Odinga-led party is under question.

Jalang’o: 'Raila's security threw me out of Azimio retreat'

The comedian-turned-politician may have cracked jokes about the infamous “men in black” fiasco but here he was at an arm’s length from the dreaded men. And they meant no jokes.

State House

The men were adamant that Jalas should not be allowed into Azimio la Umoja Parliamentary Group (PG) meeting in Machakos, insisting he should go to State House.

It took the intervention of Suna East MP Junet Mohamed and his Embakasi East counterpart Babu Owino to restore calm.

But as Waswahili would say, “punde si punde”, he was soon ejected out of the meeting and roughly shown the way to State House even though the MP’s facial expression read, “kwani hamjui jokes?”

Despite pleas from the Arena Media boss that his support for ODM and the party is unwavering and he is not a political traitor, the appeals fell on deaf ears as the men thought he was pulling one of his usual comedy skits.

Jalang'o and seven other ODM MPs have been in the eye of the storm since Monday after visiting President William Ruto at State House behind their party’s back.

In August, the MP made headlines after he claimed that he had been approached by a group of politicians from Kenya Kwanza and offered money to ditch Azimio.

Nonetheless, the lawmaker maintained that it is important for one to stand for their beliefs and the party that sponsored them to Parliament.

But as is the norm with politicians who quickly forget about their campaign promises as soon as they get into office, Mr Jalang’o may have forgotten about the statement.

Azimio MPs visit Ruto at State House

Facing criticism, he hit back, saying he had no apologies to make for meeting the Head of State as nothing will stop him from working with the government to benefit his constituents.

The legislator maintained that solutions to the problems facing his constituents can only be attended to by the President.

Azimio protest rallies

Ironically, the first-term MP has been part of Azimio protest rallies that have declared they do not recognise President Ruto and his government.

But the man from Homa Bay County has not been very far from controversies. If not making headlines for being part of the infamous Boys Club or recounting how he was a troublemaker in school leading to his expulsion, then he is being accused of running a money-laundering business – a claim he has vehemently denied.