CS in trouble for fleecing parastatal


A Cabinet Secretary is at the centre of attention after it emerged that he has been soliciting for funds from one of the parastatals to advance his own political interests.

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A Cabinet Secretary is at the centre of attention after it emerged that he has been soliciting for funds from one of the parastatals to advance his own political interests. The CS has been soliciting the funds under the guise of promoting a government campaign under his watch only to turn out that he has been using the monies to hold political meetings in a high-end hotel. So serious is the fact that at some point, the CEO of the parastatal complained that unless the CS stops demanding money from his agency, it will be difficult to balance the state agency’s books of account. Over to you, EACC.

Female MP is trouble over audio clip

A first-term MP from western Kenya is having a rough time in her bid for re-election after an unverified audio emerged on social media where she is overheard castigating the spouse of her party leader. In the audio, that has gone viral in her part of Kenya, the lady launches a tirade against the spouse whom she accuses of having messed up the party’s primaries in her region in the past. The lady has had a problem distancing herself from the recording that was apparently done by her opponents out to derail her career. Attempts to meet the spouse to clarify issues have been rebuffed and the MP has been expressing fear that she could pay heavily for it.

Tainted officer using Uhuru’s name

All is not well at a Nairobi County agency with staff complaining of a top official at the agency for always invoking the name of the President every time he is addressing his juniors. The official is reported to be condescending towards staff and boasts of having the ear of the Head of State. Moreover, the big man has also been accused of nepotism having employed his relative as one as his personal assistants and another to head laboratory services with an office at Nyayo House. The officer was once saved from the clutches of DCI sleuths in a previous scandal but another scandal is brewing involving diversion of supplies meant for his directorate to a political campaign.

Lawyer smiles to bank after BBI loss

While some were licking their wounds after this past week’s judgment on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), a senior lawyer was smiling all the way to the bank. Reason? The man had used the opportunity to represent the pro-BBI side to get the government approve all monies that were owed to him for his legal services in the past before he could take up the appeal at the Supreme Court. Some of the monies owed to him date back to services he provided in 2012 but whose payment had been frozen after the lawyer was involved in the 2013 presidential election petition. Sensing an opportunity, he took full advantage to squeeze the government to pay him all the monies he was owed which reportedly ran into hundreds of millions.

County Assembly clerk on EACC radar

A clerk in one of the county assemblies in western region is on the radar of the EACC over his complicity with payroll manager and payroll accountant to illegally boost his monthly payment from between Sh300,000 to Sh1.5 million, more than the governor’s and close to what Deputy President William Ruto earns. The man who has perfected brazen theft of public coffers has also opened a parallel assembly account where he colludes with the two officers to fleece funds. Even though some EACC officials in the region have been aware of the theft, they have either chosen to be part of the scheme or are pursuing it discreetly. There are reports the matter has now reached the headquarters.

Speaker hides from top state honcho

A Speaker of one of the county assemblies in northern Kenya was forced to duck from a high-scale hotel along Langata Road after a top government official unexpectedly showed up for some planned rendezvous. The county official, who has indicated his desire for a top county seat, was forced to run into the rest-room to avoid coming face-to-face with the government official out of fear that the meeting between them, and at the facility, could trigger ramification this time of heightened political activity. Once political allies, the two have veered into opposing political camps as a result of the emerging political realities.

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