'Big mistake!' Emma Too reacts after Trevor Ombija storm over bars

Ms Emma Too

Ms Emma Too. 

Photo credit: File | Anthony Njoroge | Nation Media Group

Ex-model Emma Too has revealed that she is among residents at the centre of vocal complaints against a noisy establishment in Kileleshwa after popular Citizen TV news anchor, Mr Trevor Ombija, kicked up a social media storm with his take on the looming closure of 43 bars and entertainment joints in Nairobi. 

In a clip that has since gone viral, Mr Ombija is seen on tape singling out a resident that he said he had tried to placate amid noise complaints in the residential estate where the entertainment joint in question is located. 

He was speaking during a meeting between 43 bar owners whose establishments are earmarked for closure and the Nairobi County Deputy Governor Njoroge Muchiri. 

Hours after the clip went viral, an upset Ms Too took to Twitter to confirm that she is the resident in question, adding that an offer was made to sound proof part of her house. However, she vehemently denied some of the allegations that he made about the situation, including in a tweet that he posted on Wednesday morning. 

She also shared videos of her home, in which loud music can be heard coming from a nearby establishment.

She also expressed her disappointment with the comments made by the news anchor.

"I have been very consistent in my cry about the said establishment and I have never attacked them or even said the name here," she said. 

"I’m truly the wrong lady to intimidate! I’m not even shocked that’s how he thinks he can solve this! I have been very clear about what they should do!"

Trevor's proposals

Popular Citizen TV news anchor Trevor Ombija

News anchor Trevor Ombija. 

Photo credit: File

In the meeting with County officials, Mr Ombija had proposed that they institute a minimum threshold for the number of residents' complaints that necessitate action from authorities. He said he feels that loud entertainment joints should not be closed over a few complaints from neighbouring residents, noting that it should require at least half of the people living in the area complaining to warrant action. 

“When there is a complaint against a bar owner or a restaurant, let us have more than half of the people complaining. If the apartments are twenty, fifteen of them should show us their list, signed, and tell us this is the problem,” he is heard saying in the clip. 

He went on to state that he has been struggling to deal with noise pollution complaints due to his establishment, while citing an example of how he offered to sound proof an aggrieved resident's house. 

He also proposes that complaining residents in estates be required to produce home lease documents before further action is taken by city authorities. 

Other reactions

While reacting to Mr Ombija's take, former Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi criticised his opinion, saying that noise pollution should be contained.

“Trevor Ombija...you don’t offer to seal our ears. Noise pollution must be contained,” Mr Havi said.

Many other Kenyans also expressed their disappointment with his comments, leading the TV presenter to trend at number 1 on Twitter Wednesday morning.

Trevor responds

After the clip went viral, Mr Ombija took to Twitter to explain the context of his comments.

According to the Director of Liquor Licensing Hesbon M Angwena, complaints were raised by the residents and members of the general public regarding the noise from 43 clubs.

“The complaints have also been received by the County Environment Compliance and Enforcement officers and despite arrests and arraignment in court, the proprietors have refused to comply and continue to contravene the stipulated licensing condition,” Mr Angwena said in a statement.

The next move is expected to be issued by the county leadership after yesterday’s meeting.