Storm over paradise: Bruised Avril calls out baby daddy J Blessing, then forgives him

In a candid revelation on her Instagram stories, Avril, famed for her song "Chokoza" acknowledged that there had been struggles in her seven-year relationship with J Blessing.

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Singer Avril Nyambura shared photos on her Instagram stories showing a bruised face on Tuesday but swiftly deleted them.

Moments later, Avril pleaded with her fans to forgive her baby daddy, J Blessing.

In a candid revelation on her Instagram stories, Avril, famed for her song "Chokoza" acknowledged that there had been struggles in her seven-year relationship with J Blessing.

In the earlier posts, the disturbing images quickly went viral, eliciting a range of opinions and concerns from online communities.

In the now-deleted post, Avril explicitly called out J Blessing, a renowned music director, with a blunt message: “J Blessing unikome…” followed by explicit language.

Expressing her dismay over the public’s reaction to domestic violence, Avril lashed out at Kenyans, emphasising the severity of the issue and calling for greater sensitivity.

She criticised the online mockery of such serious matters and made her remarks on Nairobi Gossip’s Instagram page.

“Going through comments and I’m in utter shock… this is why people never report this s****, post this s****… ’cause y’all make people actually want to kill themselves after all they’ve been through… have a laugh… enjoy… bye.”

“Nation” contacted J Blessing, but he declined to discuss the matter.

He laughed it off, saying that if he chose to address the issue, he would do so through his social media platforms.

After hours of online backlash, J Blessing came out to 'clear' his name for the alleged assault. He confirmed that there was an altercation last night, but it was not a beating, as suggested.

"I am not an abuser, and I do not support violence. I am a human being who has made mistakes in my life. Avril and I have agreed that it is best for both of us to stay away from each other to prevent such incidents from happening again," he said.

Left both of them injured

However, he did confirm that there was a physical altercation about a year ago that left both of them injured.

"I take full responsibility for that moment of weakness. One of the pictures she posted is from that incident. I sincerely apologize for any harm I have caused Avril or any other person."

Avril’s phone number was unreachable at the time of going to press.

Instagram post later

In an Instagram post later, Avril noted that her heart was so heavy that she had to tell the world her business, but she is normally a private person who would not talk about anything she is going through, even if she was being tortured.

"I forgive you, J; please find it in your hearts to forgive him too. Everyone is deserving of forgiveness in this life," read part of her statement.

Additionally, Avril noted that she and her baby daddy recognised the need for change and are committed to seeking help and learning healthier ways to communicate and resolve issues.

"Our mutual goal is to create a more positive and supportive environment for each other, fostering understanding and growth."

She also dismissed claims that she was clout-chasing when she showed her bruised face on social media.

"No, it's not me looking for sympathy, it is just me being human and deeply understanding that everyone is deserving of humanity, especially in these times where we should all be kind to one another regardless of whether you receive kindness or not, you should strive to give it, and give it abundantly," she wrote.

Later, after her apology went viral and received online backlash, Avril quickly cautioned her fans against taking the wrong message out of her statement, saying that she does not condone nor justify a single thing.

Speaking out is the only way out

She wrote, "Speaking out is the only way out and no one should make you feel ashamed for it; for men or women. Matters are with the relevant authorities and I am doing okay. Just don't want my heart laden with an unforgiving weight on it."

Concerned Kenyans took to various online platforms to express their distress over the photos, with many condemning domestic violence and calling for accountability.

Abol Ger said: “Unfortunately, this is an open secret. Very sad. I hope she gets help!”

Craig Austin added: “I’ve never understood why you’d put your hands on someone. If it’s no longer working, walk away. And this goes for both genders because I’ve seen some serious GBV perpetrated by women too. Don’t tolerate abusive partners. Expose them!”

I Thriveinchaos said: “There is no justification for this; he must face the law.”

Avril and J Blessing have discreetly maintained their relationship and have never made a public declaration about being in a romantic involvement.