Deadbeat? ‘Kovu’ actress threatens to sue gospel singer Mr Seed over child support

Gospel singer Moses Tarus Omondi, popularly known as Mr Seed.

Gospel singer Moses Tarus Omondi, popularly known as Mr Seed. Mombasa-based actress Elizabeth Sonia Michael has threatened to sue him over child support.

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Mombasa-based actress Elizabeth Sonia Michael has threatened to sue gospel singer Moses Tarus Omondi, popularly known as Mr Seed, over child support.

The two, who dated for three years, have a seven-year-old son named Prince Faiz, with Sonia claiming that Mr Seed hasn’t seen the boy since 2019.

Sonia, who has acted in Kovu and Maza TV series, on Tuesday took to her Instagram page, calling out the singer for not providing for the boy.

“For the last 7yrs I have written such paragraphs and deleted them but I am tired. I want you to help me raise Junior, not send me money like you are doing me a favour and that is when I ask or shout. The only upkeep I take from you is school fees and it’s never on time,” she posted on Instagram.

Mr Seed recently boasted that he is constructing an eight-bedroom mansion that will have a cinema hall and swimming pool.

With schools set to be opened on January 23, Sonia says she informed Mr Seed of the same, but he is yet to send the school fees.

“Junior opens school on 23rd but he has nothing. Mr Seed is aware but he hasn’t sent anything to enable him go back to school. His son’s fee is Sh20,000 for the new term. When I called him to find out what his plans are, he told me he is booking a flight to come to Mombasa. To do what? He has never seen his son in two years now. Why can’t he just send the money he intends [to use] for flight to sort out the fees?” she told Nation.Africa on Tuesday.

Sonia says the last amount Mr Seed sent her was Sh5,000 but he then requested that she returns Sh2,000.

“I have the receipts with me, he sent me Sh5,000 then the following day asked if I could assist him with Sh2,000 saying he and his wife Nimo (Gachuiri) had no food in the house.”

The 27-year-old, who also has a daughter who is barely a year old, has been out of work since last year.

“I’m currently out of work. I have been jobless since April last year when I gave birth because I could no longer be on set. I am honestly tired of trying to be this good understanding baby mama because Seed has taken advantage of that.

“The only option I am now left with is to go to court and have him compelled to provide child support for his son. If he is providing for his other kids, why can’t he do the same to Junior?” Sonia added.

Mr Seed, however, did not pick our calls when contacted for comment.

This development comes at a time Mr Seed has been accused of being a con and money launderer.

The post where he said he is building an eight-bedroom mansion made tongues wag, with some online users accusing him of laundering money, commonly referred to as ‘Wash-Wash’, which he vehemently denied.

“You know I don’t do such (wash-wash). I come from a very humble upbringing and the only thing I know is working hard—what I have been doing for all these years in the music industry. My earnings are from music and the sale of my brand merchandise and nothing else,” he told journalists in a recent interview.

During the interview, Mr Seed also seized the moment to take a swipe at fellow gospel singer Ringtone.

“Right now someone you should all pray for is Ringtone. He is badly broke; super broke to the point that he was recently forced to sell the gate to his home compound.”


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