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Ashok Sunny

Designer Ashok Sunny.

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Ashok Sunny Tailored Limited is a leading designer brand that deals with bespoke suits for women and men. Bespoke tailoring means that the garment has been customised for a particular individual based on their specific measurements, preferences and body type.

The brand is named after its founder and creative director, Ashok Sunny, who started by making garments at a stall in Umoja. He would sell the outfits to his college mates. Eventually, he relocated to Nairobi Central Business District (along Latema Road).

In 2018, he re-vamped the business into the exclusive high-standard company that it is today. Ashok’s clientele includes businessmen, diplomatic community and individuals looking for an executive appearance. His suits have been worn by President William Ruto.

Describe your brand in four words.

Made in Kenya, Luxurious, Quality and Personalised.

What does your typical day as a fashion designer look like?

On a normal day, I meet clients for one-on-one consultations.

In the morning, I meet my staff to discuss new fabrics and organise their production tasks for the day – drafting, cutting, pattern-making and then stitching. We mainly do fittings at the end of the week after all these steps are done.

Congratulations on launching your new showroom in the CBD. Why does this location work for you?

Our business is both experiential and bespoke production. When we put these two elements together, we found this location that works for both aspects. The location is central and easily accessible to our staff, giving them ample time to work and thus producing high quality products. Our clients are also familiar with CBD as this is where we have always been located. We aim to open other branches around Nairobi in the future.

 What experiences can customers expect to get when they come to your showroom?

A high-end experience. The showroom is designed with our clients in mind as a place where they can come to unwind and relax as they think about the designs they want with the help of our fashion experts.

Briefly explain key aspects of your Imperium Collection and why Kenyans need to tap into it

Imperium Collection is a whole wardrobe specifically designed for you – Bespoke. We plan with you a wardrobe that suits your work, weekend life, hobbies and family life. Basically, it is a Monday-to-Monday wardrobe customised for you with your style and even has your initials embroidered onto each outfit. Your accessories, from socks to hats, are also catered for and we have a comfortable payment plan as per the client’s budget.

What is your favourite part about being a bespoke menswear designer?

Meeting new people as well as receiving feedback from happy clients is the best part. Ninety per cent of our clientele are return clients or referrals, which shows they were happy with our services.

By Connie Aluoch Styling Management

Fashion Assistants: Sophie Kinya and Albert Kagguai

Featured brand:

Instagram: @ashok_sunny_

Models: Ashok Sunny, Allan Thee Tailor, Mwenesi Musalia, Sammy Kisilu

Photographer: Eric Saganda @iamfotogeric

Location: Deluxe Mall, Koinange Street