‘Being born again doesn’t mean you have to be boring’ NTV’s Crossover host Susan Grace

Susan Grace is NTV’s Crossover host and brand influencer. Photo | Pool

What you need to know:

Susan Grace is NTV’s Crossover host and brand influencer

Apart from being the Crossover host, I’m also a radio presenter, corporate emcee and voice over artist.

Those who know me are very likely to describe me as loud, talkative and easy to be around. Trust me I am always high on life.

What I love about hosting Crossover shows is that I get to show people that Christianity doesn’t have to be boring.

I think Kenyans are hard on gospel celebrities. They are quick to judge them but not walk with them and pray for or with them.

My take on the LGBTQI debate is ‘to each their own but at the end of the day what's wrong in the eyes of God is wrong.’

Many don’t know that I am a mathematician. Actually, that’s what I thought my career would be but my late mother always said to me ‘I think you will end up on TV shows or doing commercials.’

Unfortunately, she never lived to see that. My mother was a vibe, a baller and loved the fine things in life. If she were alive she would be the queen of soft life.

My birthday was the other day and boy I’m still craving a Mercedes Benz; I'm trusting God for one.

There is nothing bad in loving the finer things in life. There is always this misconception that just because you are born again you have to be reserved. Life doesn’t have to be boring.

One of my worst experiences is body shaming. I used to be very skinny and people would say nasty things and it brought my self-esteem to zero. Now, look at me.

My house is my favourite chill spot. I'm an extrovert, yes but I enjoy my own company.

One thing that constantly irritates me is people who are poor at communicating. I mean what’s wrong with them?

Boring men are those who keep asking ladies ‘when are you free’ as opposed to ‘what are you doing this weekend?’  

Another turn-off for me is when a guy is trying to hit on me and the first thing he suggests is to invite me to his place. C’mon. That’s just creepy, you can do better bro! What happened to being a gentleman?

My current read is Atomic Habits, An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones, by James Clear. It touches on the habits that one needs to let go to realise self-growth.